Another drone come on today: im reviewing the sink 251 fpv drone. Quite a nice one. You know quite a nice one come on. I love the look of it and theres a remote control for it. Yeah. Quite nice, quiet, nice so ill be doing a review on this drone today and ill also be flying. It make you guys, see yeah so just stay true, yep its back again. Yeah lets give it a little more detail about the drone. This drone comes on in one battery and the battery fits inside this compartment. Here we have to connect these two wires together to power it okay, this drone doesnt come with a camera and it also can do flips and all of that upload it once and it flies real nice real nice, real nice, really nice, real, nice and agile. Its a very nice drone – and i like it – i will not still so just check me out right now – power it up im, going to give it a little bit farther. Thank you guys see all right, yeah yeah, so the drone is all powered up known battery and its on now, with most of these drones, the sink into the remote is now molly the same thing, with more sedan by turning on the remote. It was in the left, stick up and down with this rope with this controller now you also have to put the board right elastic down to the left, and a drone would be sink and ready to fly so its just about it.

Still. A very simple drone comes with no camera, but fly is real nice. Okay. Yes, i forgot to say it also has a sense at the back here for altitude hole. So when you fly it, it stays in one position very nice to fly. Where is the fly and im going to show yall think of it when its flying and when it flies nice and its steady and its day, one please just stay tuned once again, all right come on like share and subscribe wise child channel, really appreciate it. Yeah guys before i show you the drone flying, i wanted to give it a solid rundown of this remote control. So you have the age for endless mode. Endless moon means that you can use a controller and can go in any direction, so it takes a like. A practice but, as i said normally for beginners, i wouldnt advise the way into that mode right now, so these bonds, nor for like trimming whether youre drifting to the left far to the right, you can trim the trim, the drone to keep it in one place. Im not drifting, i know youre here, you know i have your up and down, and your chatter sticks so left and right and also it might have video on this button here. But this drone didnt call me that camera and you have the motors on and take off and land button and that other button over there now you cant do the flip.

You might have a picture on it also, but, as i said it doesnt come with that camera, so thats right work with um three triple a batteries yeah, but quite nice and feasible come on so youll be seeing the drone take off here. Peeps ill be now taking the sink 251 for a small flight. You know lets make you guys so when it flies. I know the altitude always work and all of that so check it out so thats altitude, all working for you right here flies real nice, real nice, real nice. Well, so this is the thing 251 Music avoid works. I know it flies once again.