So, first of all, if you're new to the channel, I hope you'll consider subscribing, we talk about a lot of different kinds of drones, especially DJI drones and, second of all, I want to tell you that DJI is not sponsoring this in any way. As a matter of fact, when I send in my drones, I don't send them in with any sort of Ready Set, drone email address, or anything like that. I just do with my personal name and unless they have me in a database or something I don't think I'm treated any differently than anybody else. So getting that aside, I wanted to let you know my experience in sending in my Mavic mini well. First of all, I crashed it. I crashed it while flying it indoors at my office into a wall pretty hard boom and while the drone still worked, the gimbal was pretty messed up. I tried to use it in a couple of videos, afterward and it just wasn't doing the job, so I ended up actually ordering a separate one, a second one and then setting this one aside, my first one aside for a little while, while it was damaged well After a little while I decided well, I should probably get it sent in and then I started hearing rumors that because of kovat DJI did not have the support infrastructure in North America that they once had and couldn't do quick repairs like they used to do so.

I was kind of curious about that, so I decided to go through the process and see what would happen so on April 12th, I actually went to the DJI support site and filled out all the information you basically log into your account you put in the serial Number of the drone, if you have it you put in where you bought it, ideally they want to see a receipt for it. I don't know if that's a game changer or a must have, but I had the receipt, so I uploaded it so once all that information is in, I sent it off to DJI and via email or via their online form. Actually – and I immediately got back this response, which was a note saying that the Cova 19 was preventing them from having the support, just like I had heard in North America, and that I should hold on to my drone until further notice. And so I was like well, I guess the rumors are true. You know it. Didn'T cost me anything to fill out that form, so I decided to just hold on to it. So I got this note back on April 12th. Well, two days later, in my inbox in my email, I received a UPS shipping label and that's. The way it works is once you fill out the form they send you a shipping label, you pack it up and take it, and the shipping label is prepaid by the way.

So you don't have to pay for shipping right and then so I was like cool. So this was two days later. I initially filled out my information for the repair on the 12th got the notice that they were not doing repairs and then two days later, on the 14th, I got the shipping label, so I sent it in so six days later. On the 20th, I received a case number that allowed me to track progress and basically told me that drone had been received by them after six days and that they were going to process it and give me an estimate. So that same day, I received a notification via email saying that they had put together an estimate what the damage was and how much it was going to cost to get it repaired. I could I could pay that immediately via PayPal and then they would start the process, so I did I paid it via PayPal. So, two days later, on April 22nd, after I have paid the invoice on April 20th, I received a notice saying that the repair was in process and then the next day I got a notice from quality assurance saying that the process was done, the repairs were done And that it had been inspected and would be shipped out within two days and then later that same day, I received another notice saying that the drone had been shipped and they include the tracking number for UPS.

So that was on the 23rd. I guess 11 days after I had initially filled out the form and nine days after they had sent me the shipping label, and then yesterday the drone arrived yesterday was the 24th. It was only coming from Grapevine Texas, so it didn't take very long to get here. I in Austin – and I have the box right here – I thought I'd go ahead and open it up. I have my handy dandy, drone box opener right here. Thank you Chris hope, and go there and there and go there and now, when I sent this thing in, I sent it in without a battery without the remote, without any accessories and without any props, and they, oh goodness, sent me a brand new Mavic mini. It looks like needs to be Wow. Okay, I actually wasn't expecting that. I was expecting to see a maverick mini wrapped in bubble wrap, but not in the original box, and certainly not with the remote control, because I still have my remote control. So basically, from this I'm it looks like I'm gon na get the Mavic mini a new remote. A new gimbal cover four new props, because I didn't send them the props. I actually sent it without the props the whole the whole thing, wow that's, actually pretty impressive. So this basically cost me a hundred and six dollars to get a brand new land after crashing the old one and sending it in and now I have a spare battery from the old one and a spare remote control and four spare props and a spare gimbal Cover so if anybody's missing their remote control, let me know Wow, okay.

Well, that was great. I guess what I wanted to say was a yes. They are still responding to repair requests during kovat and B I've sent in three drones now for repair over the last year and a half two years and had a great experience every time. This one is actually blowing me away because I honestly didn't realize that there was a whole new drone in that box. That is a total surprise to me, but hey this is fantastic, so I'm really glad. I opened this drone on camera because it was a good surprise, and hopefully you can tell that I'm surprised. I wasn't expecting a whole new setup with the remote control and all the parts that come with it, but that's great and because I wasn't expecting it and because I already have a Matic mini that works perfectly well with all the parts and such I'm gon na Give this one away so the way you can find out how to win. This is to watch first Friday, which will be on May 1st next Friday, and I will reveal how you can enter to win this and then what I'll do is I'll. Give it away the following livestream, which will be the 1st of June or first week of June. So if you want to learn how to win this thing, watch first Friday May 1st and all put together some rules and let everybody enter and then I'll pick a winner.

First, we could June. I hope you liked this video again I'm kind of shocked and surprised, but I'm happy about it. If you are thinking about getting your drone fixed right now, maybe this is their way of dealing with. It is just to send out new ones because it's easier than keeping a big repair staff, but I have to say they were super responsive, very communicative. They gave me lots of information about where my drone was in the process and I feel like getting it back within. Like I said, I sent it out on the 12th and I got it back yesterday, which was a 24th. That was pretty quick turnaround. In my opinion, especially for a Cove it and everything that's going on, if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up. Please comment below with your experience with DJI repair. Maybe you've had some good experiences. Maybe you've had some not so good ones. I'D.