This video is a little bit different in this video ill, be talking about a gift that i have received from roko before i start talking about the gift. I really want to. Thank you guys without you guys. I would never get an opportunity like this. Thank you thank you. So this is the gift i have received from ruko. It is a drone. This is what ill be talking about in this video. I was not paid anything. Instead, they sent mail me this drone and told me to try it and make a review video, so lets take a look at it. It comes with this case, and this is how the drone looks like after flying it a few times. I have some things to talk about it, but before i start talking about it, lets take a look at the footage that im feeling with this drawing Music Music. How was the footage yeah im, not the best pilot before i start talking about this drone. Let me briefly explain my experiences with drones. I have dji phantom and dji mini and i fly dji pro several times now. Lets talk about this drone ruko. F11 gym 2.. First of all, this is more foldable than most dji drones. Yet it got some amazing specifications. For example, its running time is 28 minutes per battery. Also it can fly as far as 9000 feet and shoot 4k videos and photos. There are two things that i particularly liked about this drone.

First, i like its remote controller. It got a cool screen. Also, i dont need to assemble this sticks. Every time i fly you can put it in the case like this. Also, when you connect your phone to the remote controller, you dont need a cable. So when you open the app on your phone, it connects wirelessly, which is really convenient. Also, its wind resistance is amazing. I often use a drone when i go fishing. My dji phantom is a little bit too big, so i usually carry my dji mavic mini when i go fishing. Sometimes i was not able to fly it when it was a bit windy. However, this drone is really steady. Its wind resistance is level seven for your comparison. Dji mavic air has level 5., so it shows that this is really steady, yeah, so heres my review its my first time making this kind of video. So i know i sound really awkward. Thank you so much for watching my video. If you are looking for an affordable drone, please give it a try, hello, so im just filming this part again, because i was able to get a better discount. So if you use my code or poli, you can get a 30 percent off from july 5th to 12th and for three months you can get a 20 off anyways. Thank you so much for watching my video ill leave the link to the website.