I already made the video so let’s just get to watching it straight away. If you guys want to check the drone, now, i’ll put the link in the description on amazon, okay, so my name is john came it’s the udi drone it’s, like a mini drone that basically fits in your pocket, it’s, really cool. This is the controller and i’m gon na start it on right now. So first, you got ta turn this one. On this little button. It makes the beep sound after you put the batteries in obviously um yeah, and then you take this and you turn that on and it’s like flashing a lot just like the – and this also is flashing. So then you push this downwards all the way down. As much as you could and it makes that sound then this like like this and the corner and then beeps and then collapse. That means it’s collaborated and i could fly it so yeah so now that’s there, and so basically, if you press this button, it automatically goes upwards and then you could start controlling it. This button, and if you press it again, while you’re flying it, you could land down your hand or anywhere auto lens and yeah that’s, like upward, if you’ve put it up, it’s gon na fly up, put it down it’s gon na fly down. If you put it right where it’s gon na turn right, left, it’s gon na turn left and this one, if you push it upward, it’s gon na fly forwards, push it backwards.

It’S gon na fly backwards. Left is gon na fly, left right, it’s gon na flatter. So yeah and the batteries are just regular old um aaa batteries they’re like um, the small ones, the skinny ones. Okay, now let’s have the flight test. It’S in my room don’t mind the mess, though, please to move these a little bit. Okay, i’m gon na see the little flight test. Oh, you guys can’t even see it if it goes up down left right, zoom goes backwards, frontwards, Music backwards, and if i press the button again until you insert it like the perfect makes a lot of noise, though not that much like the bedrooms but it’s like Decent amount of flight time i’m, like i wan na land, it it’s pretty easy. I just press the button and it runs on my hand like that and you shouldn’t be scared, because the right one, the like right on the bottom right when the bottom touches your hand, just the propellers just stop. So you could just slide down your hand perfectly and that’s, like my review on the udi drum, it was really good. It was fun to play with, and i forgot to show you this is the charger just plug it into like any adapter or like if you’re, using like a laptop or something you could just plug it in then this little piece you got ta carefully plug it Into the drone, so it doesn’t work like this as careful as possible.

You plug it in right. Inside there, the back portion of it, you got ta check like the open side on the thing side, and it comes with extra propellers too, and yeah that’s it and just to turn it off. You just turn that up first and then trim this off the off switches here right there and then the flashing stops and spectrum easy to fly fun to play with seven minute play time. I mean 10 minutes. You could play with it for like 10 minutes and then you got to charge it for 30 minutes and yeah it’s fully charged and it’ll fly for 10 minutes, 10 minutes sound short, but like actually it’s really long when you’re actually playing with it and yeah. Then you could do something else, while you’re waiting for the 30 minutes to charge and yeah that’s the review on the udi john it’s, pretty good bye. Thank you so much for watching and if you guys could just like and subscribe to support my channel.