I am in the shop where i spend most of my time. Um well see some of these projects in other videos, theres a bunch of projects laying around in here right now. What i wanted to do was show you guys. This is my very first drone now its not an expensive one, its pretty cheap looking only cost about 100 bucks. It is a dear c whatever that means off amazon um, but i kind of do a unboxing video of it here right now, like i said this is my first drone i am thinking about getting into the drone business. I have started my part 107 licensing through the faa and i used to fly rc stuff when i was a kid so see if this is any different um. So this is what comes in the box. This is the actual drone itself. It is. I know nothing about drones, so very first one youre learning just like i am. I guess these little uh things unfold just like this, and it has propellers and all that stuff. One thing about it: its flimsy its light and uh i dont know, looks like it. Ought to fly okay, it has a high def camera in it that slightly moves up and down. Ive already read the instructions on this and it doesnt say anything about how you can manipulate the camera with the remote control. But you see well put that right there, and this is the controller that you get with it.

I thought that these were antennas, but apparently theyre, not apparently its just like a stand that you can stand up. It does have this cool little feature on the bottom that pulls out where you can stick your cell phone and all the video goes through an app which is a drc app and go right on your cell phone. So has all your controls, your up down, has some pretty cool little features to it. So i guess you can take a picture with this. One. Take a video with this one. This little guy right here is an automatic lift off. So itll go up to five feet and hover so were going to try that out power button and im not exactly sure what that little button does and im, not exactly sure what that little button does. But this stop button right here. If it ever gets into trouble, you can just push the stop button and apparently it falls out of the air theres, no landing. It just stops all the motors and propellers from spinning, so that is in there lets see what else we got in here. Its got a nifty little uh carrying case to it, but all that stuff fits in it is hard, so you should be able to throw this stuff thing around the back of a car or a truck and not damage anything in the center. These are the batteries. So it comes with two of these little batteries, and you get about 10 minutes run time per battery.

On this thing, these are just little rechargeable batteries that i put in, because the remote control takes three double a batteries and its got chargers in there. Its got these cool little things that i will probably use since im, just learning how to fly these things. These are little protectors that go on to the um pods. I guess you would call them um so yeah they just snap on just like that and protect the propellers. So if it flies in and it hits anything it wont um, i guess not. Unless its upside down, it wont damage and damage your props, and it comes with four of those little guys and its got some uh recharging cables here for your battery comes with extra props even comes with a little screwdriver to change the props out, which is kind Of cool and more of your little pod protectors and it comes with a um, a pretty detailed instruction manual that has all of your uh flight controls and dos and donts, and all that stuff in it. So anyhow, were just gon na put this thing together and then were gon na go, fly it and see how badly i can crash it for a hundred bucks. The uh, if i crash it ill, just go, buy another one, so the one that i ordered. If i decide to get into the drone business and uh, i ordered a dji. Phantom 3 is what i ordered. Everybody tells me its more drone than anybody could possibly need, but and its expensive um make you like 2 800 for the ready to fly kit.

That has everything in it for the dji, not this one, but then i was told that the dji too, i could get away with just fine um and im still exploring some of the uh business opportunities for drones. So if any of you guys out there are drone pilots have businesses established around this, let me know be interesting to see what you guys are doing and how youre making money with it – and i dont know i said – im im a contractor so thats. How i make my money, i fix houses so um, but im getting a little older and i want to do something else: a little bored with the housing market right now, im looking for something a little more exciting drones get into aviation, ive, always loved aviation. So anyway, i want to get all this fired up. Um all these batteries. I guess they just pop right into the back, just like this snap right in there, and that thing is ready to fly so im gon na set. All this up were gon na reset. The camera up were gon na go outside and well see. If i can crash this thing, sound good all right lets go push the button to turn it on push the button to turn this on. First of all, we have to calibrate it and lets see if we can start the uh app on it. Oh, you got ta turn wi fi on on your phone.

I forgot about that. So this drone puts out its own wi fi signal that your phone picks up on. Then you can go in and start it. Pollen is horrible out here today. Okay, so i have a picture and were calibrated and off. It goes so its a little windy out here today well see what this little guy see. If it comes back around all right, come back. Yeah, wind is really pushing this thing around ah see if we can trim it out here, all right, a little tricky its not that awful, stable Music. I think you get about 10 minutes Music. It has a slow medium and a fast setting on it. I dont know if it has a Music. I dont know what that did, but put it into a spin back. So what im trying to say here is that wind is really grabbing it and whoa the wind just took it and threw it all the way up. The driveway in the front of my shop and i have to go, get it and bring it back and heres me bringing it back around trying to get it behind the building. The wind is still swirling around behind this building, which is making it very unstable and difficult to fly this little thing, but i did manage to get it out behind this building and uh. You can see im having quite some difficulty trying to keep this thing in front of the camera.

It just wants to go so um anyway, its fun its its tricky tricky to fly another note with these smaller drones is. You can really tell what the wind is doing so, the wind it has thermals and theres updrafts and downdrafts, and the wind speeds up when it hits a building and causes updrafts or trees or anything for that matter, and on the other side it can cause downdrafts Off of sudden slopes, so a little drone like this that has no gps and no flight systems on it to help control any of that stuff or combat against any of those things. It really is a good drone to learn on, because if you had one that had all those flight aids, you would think he was a good pilot when in actuality it was the electronics in the drone that was doing all the work. So i like this little thing, its a its definitely a good little learning tool, okay, the flight controls on this once it gets into the wind. So what i just said is the flight controls on this little bird once it gets in the wind is very non existent, almost um theres, a pretty good stream of wind coming down that run or the driveway in front of the shop there, and when the drone Gets into the wind, it makes zero forward motion. You can have the control stick, all the way forward and itll just stand there, and if the wind picks up it just blows it wherever it wants to go like here straight into the camera crash and were going to hit the stop button, told just told yeah.

I was gon na crash it Music. So apparently, when you crash these things, you always have to recalibrate it so itll do that automatically and were back okay. So some of this is me a lot of this is the wind swirling behind this shot, but some of this is me being heavy handed on the controls there. After all, this is my first time flying this thing, uh first time flying a drone ever really so. Im trying to brush off the rust on my knowledge of flying rc aircraft and use some of that knowledge to fly this, but it is small. It is very twitchy in the wind and now i believe the batteries are starting to get low. Oh right, through the bush um starting to get low and the batteries are pretty much dead, so yep there it is done there. It was first flight drc not too awful bad. Only racked it up a couple of times and uh pretty fun. Now i got it on video on the phone too, so you can put the phone up and i dont know if you can see that you can kind of see what the camera sees so yeah kinda cool, okay, so the wind just caught the drone and whipped It behind me over the fence into the woods so were gon na see im gon na see. If i can fish it out: fishing Music – oh my god, uh okay! So there you have it the uh, very first flight of the deer sea um and my first flight of a drone ever so.

How do you think that i did flying the thing? I think i got some videos of it flying and some videos of me flying it through this thing so ill see. If i can work all that into the editing on this thing, but i lost a um. I lost a protector out in the woods somewhere when the wind caught it and threw it into the trees over that fence. So maybe i can find some replacements for that somewhere. So overall thoughts on it um its twitchy. It is definitely a hundred dollar drone, um its very susceptible to wind, and it does work good with the phone, though the camera seems to work. Okay, the wi fi seems to work. Okay, the um Music. There is a way that you can control it with your phone. I havent played with that feature yet, but you can do every everything you can do on the controls with the phone, while youre watching it and theres a virtual reality. Setting with the goggles, which i dont have um on it also, but we went through two batteries. We seem to get a flight time of around 10 minutes per battery um, even in this wind trying to keep it controlled. The trim on it is not that effective. At all um, i couldnt get it trimmed out to where it would stay still to save its life, kept blowing around kept wanting to go backwards forwards, all that, but anyway, for a cheap drone and my first flight, and i only crashed it twice.

I would call that a success so anyway, i will continue to play with this thing and when i get the dji when that finally comes in because its kind of on back order right now, um well do an unboxing on that ill fly it and show you Guys – and i will almost guarantee just by the specs on both of them – that that dji is going to fly so much better than this, because it does have the gps. It does have the flight control, better flight control systems and all that stuff in it and a much much better camera so anyway, thats it for now, thanks for stopping in and checking out, briggss world ill see you later Music, Music, Music man its right about here. When the battery started to get weakened, they are about to give up.