com, which compared to some of the other drones in this price point I am a little skeptical of if it can deliver, because it does have a rather Impressive feature set a 4k camera and a obstacle avoidance system. This is my very first drone ever so do note that this review is coming from a noobs perspective. So with that noted lets talk about what you actually get in the box and the first thing youre going to slide out of this box. Is this carrying case, and I mean the carrying case is pretty cool its not just some gimmicky packaging that you get its actually something youre going to want to use to haul and move it around and theres extra little pockets and stuff for if you have extra Batteries you want to have your manual in there or whatever, actually opening it up. The first thing were going to pull out here is the remote control that were going to be using to fly the Drone, and there is a place to conveniently place. Our phone in this little box right here were gon na. Have some replacement blades as well as a USB, to go ahead and charge it up? It is a micro USB and then the smaller box here is going to be our obstacle avoidance sensor, its one of the more delicate items. So it is packaged pretty nice and I would definitely not throw away any of this packaging and then, of course, we have.

The Drone here has some plastic on the top protecting it lets go ahead and peel that off and then the Drone just kind of unfolds like this, its fairly easy to go ahead and unfold, but it does clip into place fairly secure. We have a Grille on the bottom, as well as some additional sensors and on the button here we have our battery, which you can easily remove. We can see its rated at 7.6 of volts or 3400 milliamp hours, and I will know early on that. Youre, probably going to want to get more than one battery if you do decide to purchase this fly time is anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes or so, and if you plan on using it more than that, they do take a while to charge so youre going To want a couple of them ready and then on the front here under this protective cover is going to be our camera and then, of course, we have the full color manual with pictures and all that with both English and Mandarin. Now this drone right here is just one of thousands of products available on Teemu. The sponsor of todays video Teemu is an online Marketplace, offering quality merchandise from the worlds top suppliers and Brands. Two consumers at wholesale prices, anytime anywhere and at any quantity, obviously depending on actual stock from Fashion to jewelry, from kitchenware to Tech. Teemu provides top quality products at super, affordable prices.

Timus application here has a rapidly risen in the ranks due to its ease of use, product availability and overall great prices. You can go ahead and browse specific stores or even browse a wide variety of categories. A vast majority of the product pages are detailed and complete helping Aiden. Finding the right item for you and to celebrate launch timu has organized a grand opening promotion for its customers. During this special promotion period, you could get up to 30 off of sale prices, which are already very steep to get this massive discount, use the link down below and enter the coupon code ready 652 at checkout. So again, big. Thank you to timu for making this video possible now, unfortunately, I dont have footage of this, but the very first time I tried to use this. I was uh inside something I would not recommend you do until you have some experience using the thing I didnt give. It enough clearance, so it clipped a light and nicked up some of the blades and took some of the paint off the wall with it. Now from there I decided to do the first proper flight, so I took it outside where I actually had some room to fly the thing around and it did work out a little bit better, but first we had to get this thing set up. The first step was to pop on the obstacle avoidance sensor, its technically optional, but I dont really trust myself.

As of yet so Im going to go ahead and use it, and then you go ahead and remove the protector thats on the gimbal camera here, then you turn on both the remote and the Drone theres a button back here to turn on the Drone turn on The remote right here here now before the first flight, you must do a gyroscope calibration, its actually a pretty easy process. You hold down one of the buttons and then you hold it about a meter above the ground and you just give it a spin. You give it a couple spins its gon na beep at you and from there you point the camera down. You make it vertical and you do the exact same thing its going to beep at you again and thats, how you know youre good to go and from there theres actually an application you need to grab. This is xil Max, but were going to get into that. More in a little bit when were actually flying the thing and then youre going to connect directly to the Drone via Wi Fi. So you can actually get a signal and be able to have a birds eye view of exactly what is going on in and use a lot of the various features that this thing offers you its at this point you can fly the Drone and it kind of Goes like this here to actually unlock the thing you get both of the joysticks and you go down and out or down and in the blades will spin for a second.

You have five seconds to go ahead and take off and for our first flight, everything was fairly smooth. I did initially forget to take the camera protector off. That is not recommended. You could actually damage the thing. If you do that, I brought it back down popped. It off took off again, and the controls were pretty easy to figure out. This joystick is to go up. This joystick here finds the Drone up or down. If you want to land it going side to side with, this will turn the Drone mid air like so, and then this joystick here actually controls the uh forward backward and side to side movements. There is a place to put an SD card right here on my first flight. I did not have one in there, but having an SD card in there allows you to record full 4K. If you dont have an SD card in there, you can still record using just the application, but it is at a slightly lower resolution now on my first flight. The main thing I noticed is how well this obstacle avoidance sensor works when it sees something it starts to slow you down, and if you get too close, it will stop the Drone altogether, preventing you from watching 200 to 300 break mid air thats kind of cool To watch because, for example, if you go this way, this will shift real quick over to the side and vice versa. It keeps a pretty good eye on itself.

Now, after my first very limited knowledge kind of fly around, I did get some moderately okay footage from this Safeway parking lot and on a little road trip. I actually did have an opportunity to quickly fly it out and check out a Dam from Skyview, so that was a fun little experiment, but its at this point. My knowledge was very limited to using the joysticks and this Auto Land button and thats really about it. So I decided to do some more research and replace those blades that I tore up earlier, which is a very easy process. All these blades do have labels, so you do put it on the right spot and there are two very small screws that you can unscrew with the pre included screwdriver. It does take a little bit of force to kind of Pop these off. I use the screwdriver and wedged it in there to kind of help it out. You have to apply some pressure to go ahead and force it on there, screw it down and youre good to go so with the blades repaired. In my research complete, I went out for another flight to go ahead and test out some of the additional feed features. Now for our second flight, I had the opportunity to experiment with a few of the additional features besides basic flight. First, something that is kind of cool is you can trigger timed images, and video recordings with hand signals if you dont want to have a giant controller in your hand, to do so.

One of my favorite features on this device was setting up GPS waypoints for designated flight paths. You just open up the map, set your waypoints and send it on its way. There are some movement specific features such as upaway, GPS, follow orbit camera flip and spiral. I tried out orbit and it was working great, but the Drone went a little further than I expected it to and was over a body of water and close the trees. So I got a little freaked out and had to come back home. It was super cold outside, so the battery started to get low, and when I tried to activate more of the movements and features it gave me a low power warning and asked me to bring it back to end off just for fun. I wanted to check out what was on top of the subway roof. It wasnt very exciting, but doing little things like this is by far one of my favorite use cases for actually having a drone and what youve been seeing on this second flight is downscaled. 4K. Footage directly from the SD card recordings are nice, but for a 4k camera it definitely isnt the most clear image, but for the price, the camera quality. Is it just what I expected? I do, however, wish it would have exceeded those expectations. So now, when it comes to my review of this thing, obviously its a drone, its fun youre gon na have a good time playing around with it.

For me, as somebody whos completely, a newbit is slightly of a steeper learning curve than I would have expected. I could tell reading the manual and trying to figure out some of the extra features it kind of seemed like they were. Assuming you already knew what you were doing watch me, but luckily there are some other, but luckily there are some other YouTube videos out there. That I did watch that went more in depth into some of the features to help me learn how to use them, and I will be linking to those down below so its not going to be as easy to use and as simple as some drone that youre Going to find in a Walmart case for 80 bucks and its definitely not going to be as advanced and precise as those 1200 drones, you see people flying around and whipping between tight spaces and things like that. But I still really do believe that this is a good starting ground. If youre looking to kind of get into this, you have slightly of a higher budget and you want some of those more advanced features such as the GPS, waypoints return to home. Some tracking features things like that. So, if you are interested in purchasing this drone again theres going to be a link to Teemu down below great place to go ahead and make that purchase and again now is a really good time.