So i opened this before, but im guys going to show you how it looks like alright, so im going to be opening this up, all right, ready for the thing three, two one yeah so heres the drone. You can see the drone right here. It said it was supposed to have 4k, i kind of flew it, but it wasnt really good connection, so im gon na open it up fully for you guys to look see this its kind of like this big, but you guys like its so small, and it Is its basically the size of my hand, so heres the thing, so you can put your phone. I have the phone screwdriver open up the control batteries that i did user manual. Let me just uh. I need something to make this. My ipad stand like this, because this is mine because thats the most, this is my highest quality camera. I ever have on my ipad im just gon na get this thing that i have here all right. Okay, i cant show my face. So hopefully you guys could see that, because i cant see what im looking at so heres a user manual heres a drone itself remote and the standard im gon na plug the thing here. Im not gon na put my phone because i dont have a nearby. I was, i was recording a video for you guys today lets just say: theres a few issues so um the user manual in spanish and english propeller for uh for the protectors yeah.

So you can put them like that last one i got was kind of like bigger, um, so heres. The thing this is kind of like a scan here is for the app i actually do not have the app installed on my ipad. So i got ta show you it during the video ill put this right here, more stuff and screws new propellers, just in case you lose some and the protectors. So this is going to sound pretty loud, but i have it turned on im, not gon na fly. So lets install the app so well stop recording on the thing and then ill screen sure. So i can show you the app and everything while its done so so yeah im gon na stop recording three two one so im back here. So this is how we do it so im gon na put start so, oh yeah, i need to connect to the internet, so ill, see you so i can relate some private information. Ill see you in a little bit. Okay! So now i have it connected to the wi fi yeah. Okay, so lets restart yeah. So you can guys see this thing its facing my the wall construction miles. It said it was supposed to be uh boy. What happens if you do this? Oh yeah, yeah, im! Not gon na do that, so it said that it is 4k on my the new ipad that just got released. What do you guys think is it 4k? It looks like its like, but like the company who made this thing, no offense, but you guys have to really upgrade your cameras because i bought this because of the camera, because my last one that i had had a really poor camera quality but ill say what Can i not do i have to be grateful, so i kind of like it so im not gon na take it for a drive im, just showing you this around how im gon na be recording and stuff like that im facing it towards my face, but i Dont want to try my face, so there might be a visit in my channel, so im gon na turn.

It off all right turned it off Music. Does this look like its from the future, but its really bad okay, say in the comments which camera quality is better. My ipads or the drones because looks like my ipads winning and it supports 4k resolution like and so forth, like 64k, but like yeah, it supports marbling. This thing i thought you were 4k, but it looks like you werent. The camera also moves. Let me get this right here. This is a throttle. Stick. I believe that i read right now throttle this is for left right up and down. I believe so, and this is back to return these are for like up and down. I still dont know what these are focus camera i i dont know what these are, but this is definitely for the power button, so im gon na put these back so and this oh yeah, i forgot this is for the 360.. It doesnt go like it just flips like a black flip, but it takes like a lot of power, so yeah, im, gon na put these back how it used to be so uh put it up a little a little closer, a little closer all right, oh Music. It a mirror, you guys would have seen it ill just rather stick to this all right. So im gon na put everything back in this basket. First, starting from the controller by then the drone you can fold it back and then put it here.

Theres gon na be probably a new video like pretty soon hopefully, because i got signed up for a program that i didnt mean to do this weekend unless i have a lot of homework. So please give me luck. Oh, is it manual whats up ill just be here, for you guys and this right here, Music and then were done cut? I didnt mean that to happen, and can you guys please and subscribe and like because these take a lot to edit, especially probably this one? Probably a lot of cuts and edits and stuff like that, and here you have it – it arrived like yesterday, but i didnt see it in my door, so there you got it guys. My instagram review instead of my face, reveal, which happened like its getting my face, reveal is gon na happen one i am im going to end with the proper ending, so i did a drone review so subscribe.