Um that we got the other day we have been out with the drone at least a few times and we’ve crashed it a few times. So if you really want to see more drone videos like this make sure you like and subscribe, and also the suggestions in the comment section um because that’ll be great so enjoy this. Video and i’ll see you in the next one. So this is going to be the main part of the video, and this might be at least um a two minute review, um so make sure you like and subscribe um. This is the drone that we actually got the other day um, because we wanted to go and figure out if we could fly one on here. It says simrex, which is the guy um who built the drone and that’s the company on here. We have like the wings – and it says a right here, so this wing is a a2, so that’s. What that wing is. This swing right over here is b, b, b2, so that’s. What this is over here this is these are the white propellers. Obviously, as you can see – and this is a1 so that’s what this is – and this one is b1 um, so that’s what the blades of the letters and numbers are, these black things obviously you’re wondering what’s all these black things. So these black things here are the um are the gliders for the drone, um so that’s.

What that is um this button right here actually turns on the drone um, if you didn’t know, and then it just comes up with blue and a red thing and that’s. What that is um in here um, if you didn’t know at the back of this – is a battery. Obviously it’s already been plugged in so that’s. What that is, i know, i’m going really quick, because i don’t want to use so much memory on the phone, and this is actually a camera that you can capture everything when it flies in the air um. So and then this here is the remote um. So yeah, hopefully you really enjoyed this video. I know it was very quick. Unfortunately, the other one was a six minute video and we couldn’t do it for that long, so make sure you like and subscribe to this review peace. So, yes, guys um hope you actually really enjoyed that review of this actual drone um. Hopefully you really enjoyed it um. We will be doing a lot more reviews on drones in maybe in the future um, which will be good, um. Ah, and also shout outs, shout out goes to uh chloe vickery uh for the subscribing button. That actually really does mean a lot um. Another shout out goes to ryan prescott me cousin, um, absolutely 100 appreciate that um and um that’s it for now um.