Today were going to be like reviewing and like flying. The dji mini s e, but we have the boost combo. So we have three batteries. We have the three way charging base. We get some, we get the carrier case and we get the drone anyway. So basically, this is how the carrier case looks like inside uh. So it opens up like this heres, your remote um heres, the spare parts heres your all spare cables and what so uh you have your freeway charging base. We have two batteries, but i have one inside of the drone right now: um theyre all fully charged um. So to take off the gimbal cover just flip it over press pass anyway, so these hot opens top ones. First, i let him do the bottom, because hes going to try hara Music and then just do this. One in fact, always make you do the bottom ones, because youre going to cry – and you run some money, you can sell that stuff, yeah all right and then basically thats it and to insert the battery just open up this hood and these trays you put in The phone yep um – and this is how you plug in the phone, so you have the cable over here. Heres, the cable, um and ive got to put it inside of the phone, so here ive got that breaker no im trying to get in straight first there. This camera is so nice, so then what we do now is the drain turn that, on okay to turn on the drone, you have to push once i taste it like how much battery you have and then you have to hold until it makes like a little Noise and the propeller starts to move and heres.

The app um dji fly already took me there, okay and thats, connecting to the drone that made it flying pad, but we just didnt bother because we werent in the mood to go back inside so heres the drone. It hovers pretty nice, so there it is um, it has different modes, so heres, p mode, um, sport mode and c mode. I like sport mode, the most it can go pretty fast. It doesnt have any sensors, so its all on you. So what do you mean? He does well youre only on the bottom, so if its going to land – or you could say, whenever Music youre going to kill it, maybe you should have shown them the sensors before you actually turned on the drone so anyway. So if you put your hand under it like this, it raises your drone. You see how it raises up to it. It doesnt hit anybody, but um whats. It called uh. Basically, it doesnt have any sensors on the side. So, if youre gon na all in the frontal box, so if youre gon na hit someone like this youre going to hit them so theyre going to get caught brutally, it can go 60 kilometers an hour which is very fast thats enough to hurt them hit. Someone enough it has a gimbal and everything. So this is a camera footage, its pretty good um, the remote. It can go up to four kilometers away from you, 500 meters high and yet so i need to come back home feature so right now, im just going to fly it somewhere away from me.

All right lets just fly a little bit away if the beds are attacking it all right, um, so yep, im flying away from you right now, im not going to bother looking at it um right now. We are im just gon na play, like 200 meters away from me and uh now, im going to do the come back home feature all right, guys now im doing the comeback home feature, so it is returned to home all right now its going to come back. Hopefully, all right, um, nice keeper is coming back first, the risers to this altitude, which we set it to like 100 meters, so it doesnt hit any trees and homes or towers or high buildings, or anything so yep thats, a big big one, all right. So now its coming back um, it comes back fairly fast at the speed of like 60 kilometers, so yeah its coming back its right now, 100 meters, high and 100 meters away from me. So its going to come back quickly. I can hear it, but i cant see it there. It is very high alright. So when it lands guys, i will show you something: really: cool um, Music, all right. The battery does last quite a while thirty percent im, including minutes. Okay, so heres the drone, and it has lots of features and all of that and its pretty smooth. It can go very far away from you, um and yeah the gimbal movers, so the camera can go up and down.

Camera goes up and down which is really cool here. Let me do something, but you can also do this. You can do lots of different modes as well. Okay. So if you go here, you click on that you can do quick shots and you can do like 30 meters, 35, 40 meters away. You can do rocker or droney droney. Look like that. So we can do well. Do drone right this one um, oh yeah, so just get out, stop all right, so ill add now we will trace me trace that and chase, oh just out of them. Okay, two one! Okay! So now im not touching anything! The drone now will just be going high and away, but just remember to always keep an eye out, because you can hit save anything. Just click the x, if its, not if you feel like its going to hit something im, saying no okay, its almost done all right, it finished it so now i should come back here now its returning and then it will. It wont it once it comes back. It would just hover where it started from if it comes back pretty fast and it stops Music yep all right, so thats that mode um. It has many other modes, um and yeah. So i think were gon na end. The video here guys um im just going to show you how it lands. This is the landing its very smooth.