We won’t put them into highways but into small waves and see our real situation when the battery goes off so let’s start Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, uh, so Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music. Today, unfortunately, the test didn’t go well. You saw the drone went upside down and uh. I tried to turn it on while it was wet and it’s not synchronizing with the remote control. Last time the drone got wet, i didn’t even start it and just went to home to dry this time. I just tried to launch it after it got wet and it doesn’t it doesn’t synchronize, with the remote control. Also the water is salty. It affected the drone quickly. I think maybe let’s see if it will survive now. I can’t do anything. Unfortunately, couldn’t even land on water today is unlike a day, but i see that this floating foam is not good for landing on hard surfaces because it bumps off and turns upside down so i’m back home and trying to see what happened to the drone. And i see that salty water is really bad. The arms are not unfolding easily. Now i mean you need to force a little bit to unfold them. You can even see that the blades on the propellers are not moving easily. Now some of them are stuck normally. They should be freely moving like this, because, when the electrical motor rotates they need to align according to the airflow correctly.

And if your blade stuck like this, it will not fly correctly. So the salt got into the smallest spaces, between the blade between the blades and the mount of the electrical motor and it’s not easily moved now, it’s, not moving it’s stuck. What else happened now looks like soul got everywhere, and the button is not working. When i put into the battery it starts working, but i can’t turn it off. It’S still working see it’s turning on by itself, and i still can fly it actually and the motor is now turned on. But when i got into the salty water, the motors did not work and i couldn’t synchronize the remote control with the drone. Now you can see that i can still synchronize it and the motors turn on Music and because of the sole some of the motors don’t. Actually turn off turn i’ll need to clean it all. Now you see it’s working let’s see if it can fly or not. Yes, it can fly so i’ll clean it with a contact cleaner and see what can happen and the idea with three foams did not work. It wasn’t stable enough. I had to use three of them because the weight of the phone was too high for drone to fly up and i’ll try to try to get it working with four of them. Maybe make them lighter like take out something from inside keeping the volume of the foam. We’Ll see how it works.

Don’T mess up the salt. I will try to continue messing up with salty water it’s fun for me, but if you want to keep your drone safe, don’t even get close to salty water, take care of your drone.