0 or 2.0. This drone was a really great drone to me because its portable uh, you can uh, carry it around, but flight time is only eight minutes and its not stable. So when you go outside it kind of like moves around, but its still a good drone. If you want those kids like the bass drone around crashed into like a tree or something uh, then this is the great drone for you. I bought at costco for like around 50 to 60. Overall. This was my first drone, so it was a great drone to me. Uh yeah, i uh bashed it around quite a bit because it was a lot of fun but yeah um it folds. Just like any other drone. Would you can see it right here fold those arms out right there and right here and right there, as you can see right there, its pretty portable, you want to carry it around its a camera, 720p camera and uh, two lights in front and one in the Rear and your power button, it says propel right there and flex 2.0, so thats, pretty cool uh. So yeah im going to move this many out of the way so because im going to review that drunk last so yeah that jumps very special but anyways heres. The battery you can see and lets see how many of this one check, so you unlock it and you can slide the battery right out all right.

It doesnt even say to put it back in just slide it back in push up this one in the battery box, so that is the flex 2.0 on to the next room. So my second drone that i got was this little guy right here, oh and by the way, if youre warning for the the other drone, the flex 2.0 heres the controller yeah there it is, but anyways lets go back to this. There is the capture gps. Two drone: this thing was also 720p, but this thing has way longer barrier battery life and it gives you two batteries compared to one battery like the power. Did this one cost 160 dollars at walmart, yeah 160 uh its stable outside, but its not stable inside. So you know for propellers, it comes with actual propellers just casing. The chain power button is right under there to see that white button right here and no sensors around it and a sd card slot yep and to pull out the battery theres. These usually a little too far. Excuse me these little two two prongs you push it in and the battery can pull right out. So the battery is 7.4 volts, 700 milliamps an hour, yep and 5.18 watts. All right, oh try to make it focus yeah. I dont think you can see it, but there it is, but the camera wont focus on whatever all right lets put it back in heres. Put it back in here here: click there you go thats, really not a bad reason.

This thing was: i really like this drone, because the the battery life is so long, its 13 minutes, but it came with two batteries so yeah that is very, very cool but yeah, so heres the controller for that drum see for a pretty basic controller of photos. Videos and return to home and take off and landing power button, pretty simple phone clamp, so you can clip your phone on. That is pretty cool. So moving on to the third drone i got, which was this thing right here: the uh levitar skyhawk and it folds for the back for the front. So there you go this jonas im, probably saying more than 249 grams. To be honest, i think its more than the mini the dji mini, but yeah uh theres a power button. I dont know its kind of moves around the united stand right, yeah theres, the the light in the back and two in the front, and also two more on the there you propeller and uh. This thing is theres these two landing pages. As you can see, the camera doesnt touch the ground, so camera moves up and down. I like the propel and the capture gps, but you have to do it manually, so yeah, thats. Okay, though no sensors. Also, this drone is pretty basic, but um cost me 150 dollars, for this thing were great. The flight time is way more than the capture at 16, uh 16 minutes and also shoots 1080p, which is good.

So i recommend the flex if youre gon na like bash it around, and i recommend the capture if youre gon na want a longer flight time, so yeah this one thats longer so its time to both the others but yeah uh, but still theyre, both still good Job so anyways uh to take the battery out its kind of difficult, but you just push this down and just slide out like that. But dont grab up here because you cant take it out its blocking me. But yeah. This battery is its also 7.4 volt, but its at higher milliamps, an hour 500 million amps or 1500 milliamps an hour now more watts to 11.1 watts. This camera cannot focus whatever slide again. You slide back in, like i said, but the battery seems a lot heavier than the fox 2.0 and the capture, but i can you slide back in like to hear a click there you go so you hear a click there. You go thats all about the drone. Now to the controller, this thing looks like the just dji spark in the middle regular mini like that so yeah to close it, you can just put it back on pull this back on there, you go thats all about the controller. You put three triple a batteries in there, and uh should be good to go so yeah thats all about the skyhawk thingy. So here is the drill thats. My favorite drone of all time is the dji mini 2.

. It is such a compact drone comes with a carrying case, which is right here. I reviewed it if you want to go check out that uh go ahead to my channel and channel and make sure to hit that like and subscribe button and uh. My channel name by the way is daniel nguyen, like i said, you know well, anyways yeah go check, go check that out. Anyways lets get back to the drill review and here we go theres the mini when you fold out your front first, as you can see and fold out the back, and this thing is really really light. Its 249 grams. As you can see, it says on the side right, there literally check the gimbal off. It comes with a gimbal protector up to the side and you can see the four 4k 4k camera and it does have like its like, like cooling fans or something, and it has like a little light in the front. So you can like change color of it. In the settings, thats pretty cool, as you can see, the three axis uh gimbal moves around so for that stability, quality or video has a dji logo in the top right there and has these orange propeller tips and theres a micro sd card slot and a usb Type c, cable, so the so better than the Music usb the regular one like the old mini has. That is something that dji has changed, which really makes me happy and at the bottom theres a power button.

You turn on drone. You click once click and hold to turn on the drone, and there are these bottom sensors so when it gets close to the ground, it just slows down it tracks. The ground depends on what youre landing on so thats, pretty cool heres the battery compartment. You left up and take the battery out, push it down and uh slide the battery out easy easier than the regular mini theres the battery see when you put it back in you. Just put it back in until you hear this click there, you go, you shut and youre good to go and by the way you wonder how many voltage it is. Let me read it 7.7 volt, 2, 250 million amps an hour. That is a lot thats. Why? It has 31 minutes of flight time, so yeah so theres, the camera. The camera looks very cool. That 4k camera shoots good quality, but let me put this gimbal protector back on just in case somebody. You know what im saying: try to breaks the camera or something well: theres, nobodys gon na break my drone just myself, but im not gon na im, not gon na, be crazy and break my own drum so anyway. Lets move on to the controller so heres. The controller it is super huge, as you can see, the joysticks are placed down here and you can just take them out and you can see lets zoom on you lets go.

Let me take it off put it back in. I love that it has this option. So you wont, lose your joystick very easy and stays there pretty stable, so yeah, and this is a switcher camera, and i have no idea what this fn is for right here. The joystick, when you control the drone return home as ill pause or even like a quick shot or a circle. You want to hit like a tree. You can click pause quickly. You could normal normal sport and sign sport. Also, like kind of chews up your battery. Pretty well because its going at a fast, a fast rate of speed, you know so yeah so uh pop this up and have your little spring phone spring, and it has these two cables. This is for ios these two cables ios. It also includes other cables that youre using like android but yeah thats these little two slots. When you slide your phone in this, it doesnt like rest on the plastics, so it doesnt break your phone theres, a gimbal. You move when you you press to the left. It goes down you press to the right. It goes up and yeah record button, and this that is these two grips, are really really comfortable, but there are these little air vents, thats all about the controller and thats all about my drone review.