Yes, i bought a drone and im so freaking excited and pumped to use this. I want a drone for a long time. I just never pulled the trigger until now. So, yes, we have a drone im gon na give you lots of cool shots around the city today and going forward in my future. Videos ill probably get some drone shots in every single video because i dont see why not – because this thing is – is pretty damn cool, so im gon na give you a lot more shots today. Lets get in the video. No more talk lets go Music. If you have not seen or used a drone before it comes in this compact package and then what you do, is you fold out the wings first pull the front out like that, and then you fold the back out like that. So this is what it looks like when its all set and done, and then, of course it also comes with a controller, and this connection is via bluetooth. Of course, you pull these antennas up and then on the bottom. You attach your phone because on your phone, when you download the app that this is associated with, you see the map, your flight trajectory, how high you are, how far youve gone and also how strong or how weak the connection is, and if the connection becomes too Weak, the drone will automatically come back to where it started, aka its home.

So lets get this thing out a little bit more and get some more shots. Music. All right guys were about to do something. Ive, never done before, actually wait. Last year in texas, i did it im about to get a haircut from someone not in my family. My whole life growing up. My mom has cut my hair and when she hasnt been available, someone else in my family has cut my hair. They know exactly. I do my hair, i dont even really need to tell them what i want. They already know, im taking a risk im taking a chance. I guess it really is stepping out of my comfort zone, because i know how my hair is supposed to look. So hopefully he does too. This place is recommended to me by this dude. I met on youtube sean when you watch this shout out to you. Hopefully, this place is good. Actually, im coloring midtown so lets get this haircut and uh see how it turns out, and there we go there. We have it not bad huh. I think it looks pretty good. I think the size and the back are perfect. The sideburns are sharp and pointed like. I like him, he did a nice 0.5 to one fade. I say the top is a little bit shorter than i normally would get it, but thats. Okay, because i think my hair was just like too long for my standards, its just becoming hassle to deal with.

So start out shorter, again, thats all good. You blend it in the back here like that too, so, overall, very solid haircut. I will give this a 8.4 out of 10. Music Music. So let me give you guys a review of this drone and then ill. Give you guys some more sweet shots uh at nighttime, so this is the dji mini se and of the dji lineup its considered, the beginner drone. It was only 300 bucks which i think is a fantastic deal for everything you get out of this ive never flown a drone before so. I wanted something very easy to learn. This thing took 10 15 minutes if that to get the hang of it. After that short period, its really a breeze, its super easy to use and operate what ive seen research ive been told by people who are good with drones. This is the very best beginner drone on the market. Of course, you can get drones under 300, but those are probably very unreliable. They probably break pretty easily if it were to hit a tree branch or anything it could snap. This one seems pretty stable, pretty sturdy and overall, very good quality for the money it shoots in 2.7 k, so its not quite 4k, but honestly ive compared the two and its very hard to tell the difference. Also. What i like about this one is that if you can see right here, it weighs 249 grams and thats on purpose, because anything over 250 grams you must get registered so im, not registering this with anyone for my first 24 48 hours of use.

I found two negatives with it and i dont know if its all drones in general, but the battery life on this seems to be less than what i thought it would be or what i expected, i would say, flying footage i can get maybe 25 or 30 Minutes out of full charge, and also it takes a while to charge up fully, so i would highly recommend getting more batteries, im definitely going to do that and secondly, if youre shooting around lots of tall buildings like i am downtown, the connection seems to go or Weaken pretty quickly because of all the interference going on with all the buildings, so the drone isnt up in the air very long before i got ta, take it down and return it to its home. Its a few minutes so, instead of shooting like one long scene of 20 minutes to get all the footage i need, i usually got ta shoot it for two or three minutes, take it down, because the connection went and set it up again. Do a few more minutes and then take it down when the connection goes and then repeat repeat repeat until i get all of my footage. Do i mind not really but its just something to keep in mind if you dont want to deal with that extra hassle? Alright check out these shots of downtown atlanta at night Music. What a relaxing night you know, im im, so glad that summers starting to end because its been so freaking hot down here, especially the community.

The community is the worst part you step outside and youre immediately sweating now in the middle of september, well get into the fall season eventually, which i think is the best season of the whole year. You know whats crazy were like what three and a half months from 2022 most people are still trying to process what happened in 2020, like 2020 was like by far the worst year. You could ever imagine three and a half months from 2022, its like what even happened in 2021. Does that make sense? Hopefully it does time flies. Time flies like crazy and as cliche as that sounds its true, so ive been here for about two months now, just over two months and ive been so busy with everything my work, my youtube, my workout routine. I think the most underrated aspect of it is im still learning how to live. On my own, like, for example, the other day i got my my auto insurance quote from state farm and the premium was more than double what it was when i was at home. Living with my parents, literally more than double because im in the middle of the city, where theres more traffic crime, car accidents, stuff like that plus im under the age of 25, which the state farm makes me an at risk driver or something like that. I think im a fine driver, but apparently they dont so anyways that cranks up my ring. That was not part of the budgeting i did before i moved down here so thats just one example.

These cars out here allowed all the freaking time, thats just one example of one way: im learning to live on my own plus my work has been taking up about 75 percent of the total time. Im awake portrait right now were past the september 15 deadline. So, thank god i can finally breathe and relax and try a little bit because before that i was not having any free time whatsoever. Im gon na use all this extra time to make even better content, make even higher quality videos and come up with new ideas to put a smile on your face and impact your lives weve made it all the way to the end. I appreciate you so much make sure you follow my instagram and reach out to me because im always done to meet new people, as i say in every single video with all that being said, please look forward to more drone shots and all my videos going forward. So if you enjoyed this one make sure you drop me a thumbs up.