First, let me get another shot, no and keep a zipped guys welcome back. We have the dji mini 2 to present to you guys today, i’m here with none other than my niece alisa, hey ben yeah, so let’s get to unboxing this beautiful thing. It has some accessories that come with it i’m, not sure exactly what they are, but we’ll get to it in just a moment, and we’ll figure them out we’re not going to do a crazy long unboxing, as i do want to take this outside and play with It a bit take it on its maiden voyage and show you guys so let’s get to unboxing. Yes, whatever she said all right guys. We are going to unbox it right now. Elise is going to help me unwrap it, so let’s get inside and see what’s in there all right. So we got plastic off. Go ahead, elisa keep going in there with your beautiful looking nails, it’s actually a nail: oh one nail all right! So what do we have? We have a case. We have a case that looks like it’s, black okay black case. It actually looks like a nice kind of it’s like leather, another nice leather case, very good leather, very cool it’s, actually, a little bit heavy isn’t. It yeah no, no, not well a bit. Yes, it has weight to it. So in front of the box is what the accessories or whatever the things it comes with cool, so let’s get to unboxings baby wow getting right in there.

So let’s see okay. So this is it, it looks very you know, so this is the first item wow right for the drone eh that’s, the drone yeah dang. That is the drone. As you can see, it fits in my hand and it’s barely even fitting, really very small and very light, and it feels very sturdy. It feels like a solid um, solid piece. It does not feel flimsy or cheap in any way, and the camera is right here and it’s protected by this plastic piece. The camera itself is protected, and this is super cool drone man and also remember in this video. The next video we’re gon na fly it, but right now, we’re, just gon na do a little unboxing video we’re, not actually gon na fly it on the next video we’re gon na play with it and all that stuff. Yes, what she said: we’re not gon na – be flying this today, we’re just unboxing it today, so okay, next bag next thing is the same kind of design. I think i could get this one that’s all i could do. Okay. Of course, you know how the youngins are they want to rip into everything? Okay, oh! So this is the charger, so we’re just gon na open here. That is probably another charging cradle. So it looks like it’s. The charging thing do you think that’s the charging station? Yes, i think it’s a little portable charger like i think yes, it is oh.

This looks to me like hold on. Let me get elisa to record me hang on, so this looks like to me extra batteries right here, so these are two extra batteries that i think it comes with. Of course, i’m not really yeah. Here we go see that’s one battery and that’s another battery and i’m guessing the one that’s in the unit is the third battery, so it comes with three batteries. You could charge three at a time which is pretty cool, that’s, actually pretty awesome. You could charge all three batteries at a time with this bad boy, of course, i’m, not 100 sure, because i am still brand new to the dji drones, but that’s what i’m, assuming all right, let’s get back to the drone really quickly. This is cool. It has like a thing here that mounts uh, the drone together, nice and and tightly and convenient. The whole thing is like really compact and really convenient and cool to carry around. If you shoot videos like mine, where you’re out in nature and you need to kind of like get from one place to another, and you need something that’s really light and portable, this is the drone to go with guys. If you want, like those you know, if you want to get down into hikes and get those beautiful shots, this is what you want to go with. So i mean it. Doesn’T really come with anything too much just comes with the oh.

We missed one thing here all right. Let me open this. Oh, this is the remote control for the drone. Okay, let me open that really quickly to show you guys. These are all the controls that, like help, you move the drone. Yes, this helps you control the drone and, let me tell you: this is freaking high tech, guys look at all this it’s like so much stuff to do here. It’S like a nintendo switch but smaller, yes, it’s, like a nintendo switch. It really is super high tech. This is so awesome and i can’t wait to fly this thing by the way: i’ve, never flown a drone before so yeah yeah, so tomorrow, we’re going to take it out for its maiden voyage for the first flight ever as elisa mentioned before. So this is all it really comes with. Is the remote which is really cool, nice, girthy, thick remote, then there’s, this drone which to me it’s really nice quality, but of course i don’t know too much about it. Just yet, and then it has the charger for three batteries at a time which is really cool to me. It comes with some wires and this and that’s it that’s. Really all that comes in it. So, stick with us tomorrow, we’re going to fly the drone and see how it works, and hopefully we don’t crash it and burn our investment let’s go till tomorrow. Guys all right guys welcome back we’re here to do the initial flight test on the dji mini drone.

We’Re at our new beautiful cottage here so that’s gon na be for another video. I will give you the tour, but yeah we moved into this new beautiful paradise place that we have here so enjoy the video let’s get this little drone up in the air right guys so it’s actually very simple: to connect the dji mini. What you have to do? Well, you need a smartphone whether it’s a ios or samsung device. You take it like this. You connect it really quickly. It takes really fast to connect so pop it in right here right into the remote, as you can see the wires here put them in beautiful, and there see it connected automatically to the app already that i pre downloaded earlier. So you don’t have to do anything. Music let’s do this Music, so Music? Oh no guys should i do it. Should i let this little eight year old girl land, the drone by herself, Music, Music, elise is going to land the drone on her own, so scary, Music. Okay, as we can hear, the battery is dying, which is completely fine. It still has a good five minute battery life even after it gives you a warning signal that the battery’s dying. So we sell lots of time not to rush or panic. If that alarm does go on so at least it’s bringing it in nice and smoothly right now, as we speak good job all right guys, so we landed, we did a little test flight.

I hope you guys like that little dji mini drone right there and so yeah that’s the whole video – and this is our lovely backyard, where we’re going to be playing a lot in this summer. So i hope you guys enjoy we’ll. Do a little review on the next video, so there’s going to be some new like upcoming videos.