I dont know if this is good for you to watch. Let me take a look at this okay. This is actually pretty good. Were gon na. Do a review on this lets. Do it Music, all right aries were all set up, youre good, to go. Okay, hey everybody! For those of you who dont know me. My name is aries im the channels technical producer. So kid, let me do the review for murder drones. Since we both agreed, it would be more fitting for a robot to review something about robots. So lets start off with a summary of the series, so murder drones is about a society of worker drones that start their own civilization after humans erased all organic life on the planet. The company that made the robots, however didnt, want them running around making their own civilization their solution, make more robots that will kill the other robots. These robots are the murdered drones. Obviously so, in order to keep the murdered drones out, the worker drones made a massive base. The series itself takes place sometime after that happened, and it focuses on this one. Teenage robot girl named doozy. She believes, instead of hiding the worker drone, should fight the murdered drones, which is a logical decision, seeing that there are only three murder drones against a whole society to make a long story short as she made a journey outside the base to finish making a rail Gun she accidentally led a murder drone named enter their base, then uzi and then become friends even after he killed like six people.

A few minutes prior to that now lets take a look at what makes the series so great. First up we have the characters behavior, their behaviors are the same as what you would find on an actual television show. Yuzi is pretty much your average angsty teenager. That is, if teenagers build trail guns, she has a great catchphrase that she uses. Almost all the time can we count how many times in the pilot episode. She actually says it six times, maybe not a lot for a 26 minute long video, but its still used enough for it to be a catchphrase. Lets get back on track. Oozys dad has that classic behavior. That shows he cares about something more than his daughter and wants her future to be connected to that thing, its a very specific description, but its an actual thing for multiple cartoon characters and then as one of the more wholesome characters. Despite being a murderer drone, he is very shy and optimistic and he never holds a grudge. One of the members of his own squad even tried to kill him, and he didnt seem to be that mad when he confronted her later something else. We really like about the series is the design of the characters, even though they are robots. The addition of hair was a good choice. The styles of each character matched their personality perfectly and you can easily tell the difference between a murdered drone and a worker drone murdered.

Drones have a different design for the arms lights on their heads. All of their light. Colors are yellow and, of course, the tail. Then there is also how everything in the show works like, for example, the murdered drones of saliva that neutralizes the acid they use on their victims. In case they accidentally get each other. Some of you are probably wondering how robots have saliva chances are. There are storage components inside their heads that have the compound that neutralizes, the acid we are still wondering if they run out of acid or saliva or if the oil they consume is somehow synthesized into both the acid and the saliva. Now, although murder drones is good, there is room for improvement in some areas like, for example, the use of the youtuber intro. If one is to put an introduction into a series like that, it would probably need to be less like this, and mainly in the beginning of the pilot episode. There was too much going on in the background. It was a little difficult to focus on what was actually happening and what was next, after that kid, nothing in both of our opinions, its perfect in every other way. Oh so me and kid recommend this series mainly for people over 12 years old, because theres oil lots and lots of oil. So if you cant handle robot gore, you probably shouldnt watch it. So i guess well see you guys in the next video have a great day.