Yes, so you guys suggested that we check out murder jones. We didnt know anything about it. Yeah, we just know its an animated series done by glitch and it seems to be fun. I mean people are saying yeah yeah, so so were about to check it out guys make sure you smash that, like button subscribe and turn on post notifications now lets get it booting up exposition robots, helping humans, mine exoplanets for our interstellar parent company, jc jensen in Spain yeah, we were mistreated in the name of windex, but its not like. We revolted and killed all humans or anything they handled that just fine all by themselves. Oh yeah yeah. We up, she was going down and they were like okay somethings something humans do damn. Oh no look at that. Oh with frozen life wiped from the planet. We found it pretty easy to pick up where they left off, where they live. Finally had a future is that a baby, untrained, um, uh murder, drones? Okay, so they came to terminate them, seems cool so far, its done for the past forever, while those things build. A spire of corpses hide under the ice behind three stupid doors. Its like were waiting for an inciting incident anyway. Thats. Why my project? Is this sick? As hell railgun five easy morons, it doesnt work. Yet, yes, oh no plus repressed emotional baggage was only worth two points on the rubric, and is it supposed to be that color? Oh damn, the t shirt is so over here, though, classic toxic masculinity, chad, thats, never gon na end up problematic people willingly talk to you well id say everyone knows khans daughter, but uh.

Then you might blow the other half of your face off. Damn crippling daddy issues, hilarious. What are you in for testosterone too hard that can happen? Awesome? Oh pretty badass! Oh you gross! I hate that you said that so whats, the uh, because railgun nonsense that super works im sneaking to the murder drill there tonight to get the last spare part. I need to save the world with it and earn my dads respect and stuff, mostly the world part sure. Oh, but doesnt your dad make awesome doors, so we dont have to uh. Do that scary, sounding emotionally repressed stuff. You just said feedback on my repression. Today, im sorry, okay, im not mad at you by the way, just generally hormonal, oh okay, that part, so her dad makes doors to keep the bad guys out that are hunting them yep! Okay, oh, was she the little tiny baby? Oh probably the untrained one. Oh yeah, of course she has a masterpiece, daddy, sneaking out to make out with my boyfriend that i definitely have seriously. Though, okay, okay, you caught me, i need to measure the exterior hydraulic mechanisms of door, one because thats the project im working on for school, a big old door just like what my old land built – okay, okay, this is, we literally only play cards so much that The numbers are faded, theres acid. I want you to have it what what the so wait her mommy is fun guys.

Oh yeah, im interested in doors like you dad yeah. They grow up so fast. He really believes that then. Oh, no, that cant be good. Nope. Wait is she allowed to go outside like that by herself didnt her dad? Let her though yeah i mean because yeah thats, why im saying why did he allow that i dont know isnt it supposed to be dangerous and stuff? Is she outside outside, or maybe its not beyond the door? True like a bigger door, i dont know, but he just let her just now. So i guess its kind of safe out here, kinda an arm yeah seems pretty cool. Okay, i guess its not that safe yeah, so why did he let her go outside like this? I dont guess he thought she wouldnt go this far. Maybe okay! Oh the animation, is pretty good yeah. I was thinking just everything, looks pretty good so far right. What do you think yeah, i think so? Oh wow, the wings i like the way the wings are: oh shes melting. Can she fix it its that acid thing he was talking about that got the mom or something like that whoa her weapon worked whoa. She has. She created a weapon: oh okay, what the hell it regenerates! Yeah! Oh, wait! The arm. Did you just slap me with that arm? Yeah holy crap, it talks. She doesnt, remember short, for a disassembly. Wait is wasnt that one of the murder drones yes, but the head blew off and it forgot nice to meet you im kind of the leader of the squad in this city.

Oh wait, its a guy. Everyone tells me im useless and terrible didnt. She say and then well honesty is the best policy. I also cant seem to remember the past three hours of my life, but im sure thatll sort itself out wait her gun fixed. It didnt fix it because its an error, so the memory was lost because the head blew off oh thats, so weird though just pop it in your mouth, our saliva neutralizes bananas, sure i love doing anything im open to new things. I guess we are never talking about this. Talking about what considering uh repressed. Hey, you mentioned other members of her squad. Are they coming back soon? Oh yeah, two others theyre out hunting for a bit, but youll love them. First theres! Oh, oh, oh, so, thats! Why? So, and yet i still, i dont know i think, theyre all girls, it seems yeah no worries im in, but a whole letter is a lot to remember. She says she said her name is anne right there i actually but have a crush on her. You cant tell her okay hold up, then theres jay, our leader and youre worthless, is that i didnt know we were going to get this yeah. Is that gay wait unless hes well isnt this a girl, because i think so she said her name? Is anne right? Im thinking shes a girl, theyre, all girls, it seems yeah drones. We could work with them to fix this, instead of all the murder which, why are we doing that again, yeah? I guess i just want to be useful.

I was given a job and i always want to try my best look at all the respect. The thing is, she sounds like a guy to me. Maybe a drudge sure are yeah its kind of exciting, but not as fun as uh. I think well know eventually yeah lets. Let it go, let it go theyre back shes running she doesnt want to die, but i mean and seems nice yeah for the most. What happened? Part synergistic liability here must have tripped and knocked himself offline himself. So hes a guy! So how does he have a girl named anne? Oh no youre, dead, idiot. What? Oh? No! Oh! You know i left an extremely dangerous weapon outside. Oh, my gosh, literally so insanely suspicious, oh hes, going after her yeah because he remembers now like what he was doing. I was hoping he was a girl. You know yeah because he said he had a crush on v and i was happy that hes a girl and then with lesbians instead, but now hes a guy and hes a girl. So, oh i love rummy, oh okay. What is he doing? Oh theyre, dangerous yep was that blood? Oh no, he didnt get to say it. He didnt get to say his name. Oh, they say they suck the oil out of them. Oh its oil blood, okay, its oil. They said something about sucking oil out of them and its. You know it helps them to survive, or some like that right makes them stronger, like no makes it.

It makes them live, oh practically, yeah because they run on oil. I guess yeah, no, not her. Dad dont do it nice im. Sorry, i really enjoyed our time together. Dad get down. Oh shes, about to die, dad point and shoot trust me. Oh no is he going to do it wait, but what is ann waiting on? I dont know: oh, come on. He doesnt want come on. Why is he so scared the violence i dont get it? He just wants to keep them out, but doesnt want to fight. Oh, he left her. He locked his door instead and hes doing a lot down. This is so sad. Oh, why do i feel like im about to cry? Why is im sad about? Why am i being stupid, thats? What theyre made for yeah well make top team this quarter for sure, okay, theyre so cute, the wings? I love their wings, yeah thats. What i was talking about the fact that you, everyone is always so obsessed with getting the branded pens from companies that they work its such a weird thing. Yeah. Is she in that box uh? You know not that i cant wait to keep murdering all these. We may be not so actually different from us, but just out of curiosity, not so different from, like worker drones know what the company plans to do with us afterwards. Excuse me, okay, so a worker earlier might have suggested that they could fix up our landing pod to uh, escape the planet and stuff which whoa hey thats, against the rules.

What the yep, why our pods were only one way in the first place, because you know i get the feeling the company doesnt, actually love, robots and, like duh, might be robots. Ive made a terrible mistake, its cool. How immediately i can tell no way buddy questioning the company you just finally gave me the excuse. I needed. Oh, oh, no, thats, why the company sent us. I hate to see you corrupted as well. Is this v. This is v right, but he likes me damn she can fix him right, thats. So sad, just no! That was so sad im. Sorry, i ruined your card game. Then youre gon na have to help him. Can she help ann shes gon na for the record? That was the lamest hell face. Turn in history. Was that supposed to be you switching sides? Yes, thanks for showing me the ropes, no bonding thing you just killed a bunch of people idiots in the same way youre about to fix it. I love doing wow theyre coming to kill everyone. I cant believe the dad locked the door he did and thats his daughter. What the hell are. You kidding me youre the wdf right hes like no, oh damn. Oh the wings, though hes dead, isnt, this the guy. She was talking to put that conventionally down and its like jay youre, sometimes kind of mean to me, and i wish you werent. Oh, it was just some constructive criticism – nice.

Oh, it was jade that yeah it was bumped him up, yeah thats powerful. What the hell, who knew a pen could do that all right! Well, john wick kills someone with a pencil, so damn was it a pencil yeah. I think i think it was a pencil yeah shes, so obsessed with fans with their project products. Oh, i cant believe we didnt know about glitch before now. Yeah yeah thats super awesome, yeah whats wrong with us in a weird place: okay, it was a heart he was trying to shoot, but it its hard parts came out. Oh, that was like a blackout thing. Yeah, oh the wings, yeah okay. This is so sick. Its well done like oh for real, oh, oh, her name is oozy. Have fun refreshing, ew, yeah, oh wait! Who is he fighting again? Is it jade or v? Her gun is so sick, though oh she needs to make more of those guns yeah. Oh oh, that was insane. Oh, her name is oozy yeah thats. What i was saying they said it before, but but then i forgot now yeah. Is he gon na apologize here? Accidentally, you chose to leave me for dead, yes, youre, just freaking, believing in me thats, not even an edgy teen hyperbole like when i said it last week. True ill save you the trouble dad i vanish myself, oh no, oh lets go and everyone here can fight me yeah meet you, mr uzi thats.

Is he taking v? Yes, so they killed jade and hes, keeping v uh, huh and hes sipping from that cup? Are you kidding me number one dad he didnt even try to stop her nah ill, join you if the sun, didnt kill me hope, youre having an important character, growth or something? Oh, the sun, just cant wait to murder all humans classic robot stuff. I hope theyre sitting pretty there on earth – oh, okay, okay! So what i cant agree with you all right, im sitting here, reacting to this and youre coming to kill me uh huh come on now im im saying like we thought its so were here today: okay, they shouldnt the murder, drone shouldnt kill them; oh theyre, so Innocent but then now they want to kill us humans. Yeah, i mean they have a reason to because they cant just because we sent those killer, drones, the murder jones – to get rid of them so theyre, just returning the favor right, but i mean humans created them in the first place, right yeah we always create some. So yeah it always gets us for real. So i guess we did it to ourselves. Yes, so its not her its us, its us. Okay, have fun uzi, so guys that was really awesome. I enjoyed it and im so glad that we decided to try this out. Yeah, its actually pretty cool yeah, the animation is sick, so i am obsessed with the wings though yeah the wings and the sounds that it makes yeah and when theyre actually doing the fighting scenes thats.

That was epic. Well done! Well done, oh guys, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to smash that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications, the vacation shout out goes too. Thank you so much for always showing your support. Commenting like and sharing our videos.