Okay, lets open this thing: Music: this is a parcel from shopping shopping, Music, thats shop, express delivery, so our seller is very good. You send me a picture before sending this thing. The store name is best mall, and this place are good shop express Music next day delivery inside bubble wrap Music. Here you can see the drone dont bug only no drawing it Music lets remove this. The quality of the bug is good, so opening the sleeper there you go there, you go thats. The drone looks like a mavic mini, but i think this one is just a clone e88 pro is a china made drone thats why its its very cheap Music? So the price around 35 dollars or 30 dollars – i think okay, 30 dollars the philippine money – thats 1000, almost 1500, so thats our replace with battery spare battery and theres a classic of accessories. Here, lets open this thing: Music. There you can see the blade protector, which should be four one: two: three four Music that protects our blades from getting damaged, charging, cable and then theres, Music, four spare blades and a phillips screwdriver in case. We need to replace one of our ground blades. So this is the auction manual lets open this screw. So you can see how oh theres a qr code. You need to download search for wi fi come in apple store and google play store. I will get my phone and scan this qr code.

Okay, lets. Do the scan okay thats it, so we need to download this thing: downloading it Music and there you go wi fi cam, so lets open it and start Music. Oh, i think uh you have to connect this thing. First to the wi fi apart zone need to pair this, so it will and lets repress the wi fi. So we have to take a look at Music, the wi fi control. You see it theres wi, fi, working okay connecting connected or were connected, so we should see the cameras of the drone working. The drone has two cameras, which is 4k. The bottom camera is 720p pixels Music and oh, oh, thats, the bottom camera Music, its working nice. So lets switch to our front camera Music, see much better image, so thats our front camera there see how clear is that the c source and the remote and protector blades so lets go outside and try.