I had seen that they discontinued it, so I don't think it's available, but you can find some. These are giant 2.8. I believe size, J concept, fling King mega monster truck tires. These were like 4 mega mud trucks. Right. I put dual suspension on the front and back this is powered by a home's hobby 540 brushless Censored motor with a 3500 kV rating 3 cell lipo battery on a teak in our x4 ESC let's lap, the body on top. I don't have the max D body on here, because it just isn't practical to have all those spikes sticking out all over the truck now. Yes, I do have a sound kit in here. It is an S dual sound kit. Some of you guys will love it. Some of you guys will hate it it's just the way of the road. I think it sounds awesome for a monster truck let's rip yeah. So I locked up the back differential and I kept the front diff unlocked because for a faster moving monster truck. You definitely want to make sure your discs are unlocked, or else you have undue wear on those gears away. She goes so not overly fast, but a very capable crawler Music Music. Those fling Kings having no problem with traction Music, nothing better than getting out with an RC to enjoy a little bit of nature and get some exercise. Take a quicker RC you'll get quicker exercise; Music Applause, Music, cutting its own trail.

Just amazing here today in the snow, it's, beautiful, Yeah right straight up and all ice that's all it is, it looks slushy, but it is all ice and the flame Kings pull it off with no chains. Oh, I wish I had. Four locks tires Music. I don't even know if that would help me right now, Music got it kicked around over. I go haha that is a serious denial this time voluntarily coming back down the ice so much better than being denied Music, all that and still working fine, beautiful, oh yeah, sheer power all the way, even with an unlock tip, come on normally rocking. It will give me a little traction today backing it up such a great looking rig those fling Kings, just cut right in perfect tire for snow, although they are giant Wow with that sound kit shut off, is it ever serene outside, except for this lit at those Tires performing so well today in the snow, there's, almost no other tire out there that I know of that would do this well in the snow, without chains and, of course, the quarter scale, which is really an eighth scale body. This was for the killer, crawler 2, that I ended up donating years ago, but I found a purpose for its body. It looks fantastic on this ride. Guys drop a light click if you're still watching at this point in the video. Maybe you can even leave me a comment and we will see you in the next episode of our sea adventures now get outside and have fun with our sea.

You know if it's this beautiful you just got to do it see you guys bye now to go all the way back up the hill so worth it, though, if you can find a good trail right, I put the effort into going that's for sure I'm glad You guys are here to watch. Thank you still.