I got my helmet on today, so I don't get mud in my eyes. An advisor will protect me and away. We go with the 2.2 mud slingers woohoo, oh nice it's like baby poo, just slaw pig slop, one of the commenters in my last mud, videos, I've been doing quite a few of them. Of course, during the spring melt said, get into some really soupy thick stuff, and this is about as soupy as this stuff can get, even if you kind of mix it up it's more like a concrete like a sand and gravel and clay mixture, man. What an amazing day, Music, Music, yeah that's, getting down there, one of the things I always say in my mud, videos is, I love seeing our seas go backwards through the mud, because just powering through that stuff – oh, my god, there's a ton of power in this I'Ve got a seven thousand milliamp, so a long runtime on a 3s lipo in there. So basically twelve volts told me at half throttle let's see if I can do this for you guys here: Music, Music, Music, Music, ah the garden the one place. I know it's been turned up and burned up and used a ton, ha ha whoa what's going on what's going on. Oh, I got smoke. Look at this smokin! Something must be shortened here, whoo, so good, she's smokin, I better unplug her. Oh yeah, the connections, hot doesn't smell, burned out, but definitely look at I'm cooking it a little bit in there.

Well still still smoking, not a good sign. This is the kind of mud it is in. Here. Look at this. I just think my foot in there it's quicksand, no wonder that ESC is working hard, oh great, slow, mo shots; okay, it weighs about three times more than it should are kind of sand. Slash clay, slash dirt. You know it all turns into like this heavy cement. Compound hey, you can see it and if I didn't rinse all this off immediately, it would just become caked on so let's blast it. You can see why I wore my visor Music Music and to leave the video off to answer your guys's question. Yes, this is the bottom of a shower which we made into a wash table which washes the earth back to the earth. What came from the earth goes back and now what I'm going to do is I'm, going to take a compressor, basically gon na dry off. All the components that I can see open it up take the battery out, make sure I don't see any grass in the hungry, axial areas or anything wrapped around and if you missed the previous video I'll link it up in the info bubble. So you guys can check out how I assembled. Basically, these axles just pack them full of grease, so there's not a lot of chance for the dirt and mud to get on the inside. And if you look close because many of you know the Black Widow, you will see this wasn't, the first fire it had had.

No, no. This has been through many many many ESDS and mud bogs and a lot of people say. Is it worth it to go through that and wreck it and you know, have to go through all the work, and I say you know what that's why I build them? It'S part of the fun I get to go outside enjoy the Sun guys. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the film today. You'Ve left me a light click. Maybe you've commented on how badass Black Widow is, and we will see you in the next episode of rcadventures. Now, if you're able get outside and enjoy some RC or build one make sure to do your maintenance.