We are going to go over all the likes, the dislikes and whether you should get this helmet lets, go kickstands up and lets get started, hey look! If this is your first time here like say, welcome on this channel, we are a traveling motovlogging channel uh. We do bike reviews and product reviews and we dabble into cinematic films and sequences for your viewing pleasure. So, if youre into any of that type of stuff go ahead and consider hitting subscribe down below and if you like any part of this production, go ahead and hit that like button, it helps spread this video on to others, as we can share information. So full disclosure ilm actually provided me with this helmet so that i could test it out and do review. But but i will tell you this im very, very impressed with ilm as a company and they basically said we want a honest, full blown review. You dont have to check with us on what youre going to say just go ahead and make your review throw it out there, because they just want to create a better product so kudos to ilm, and thank you for allowing me to test out this helmet ive. Had it for about six months, so here is going to be the real world review, so the ilm 920 pro is a full modular system. This is my first modular setup that ive tested out uh and – and you know what its its interesting its a different concept, because i do like rocking a full face, but i also like wearing my half shell, this kind of gives us the in between and the Happiness of what we get from both so the ilm 920 pro does have the bluetooth system already built into it were going to get into that in just a minute, and the helmet weighs approximately 5.

5 pounds. It does have the quick release, fastening system uh for your chin, strap and things like that. As i mentioned, ive had this for six months, i was able to put some miles on it to be able to provide you with an honest review. Uh so lets take a look at the ilm 920 pro Music, okay. So the absolute first thing that we want to address is kind of the elephant in the room when it comes to helmets, and that is their safety rating. For the most part here in the united states, every helmet by law has to have a d.o.t rating on it. I wouldnt put too much weight when it comes down to the safety rating of d.o.t. It is almost. I actually think it is the lowest form of safety rating uh for a helmet uh, so were not going to compare this to a snell rated helmet, and things like that im going to tell you right now. My simpson, ghost bandit, is also just a d.o.t rating. Thats, an internal kind of thing, where we just kind of take their word for it that the safety rating is what they tell us and its not a snell rating. So getting that out of the way going into this, as i told you ilm, you know basically said i can do whatever i want with this helmet and give it whatever type of review. I want without any pushback from them, which was quite awesome, so were going to go into this one step at a time.

Well, go over the goods first lets lets go over all the positives, then were going to go over some things that i dont like about this helmet well touch base on those, so one this is actually a very, very comfortable helmet. It is spacious inside one thing of note: this is the ilm 902 pro which has the comms unit on it. So that means that its got built in speakers. That means that uh its got a built in bluetooth to connect to your phone. This helmet, like i said, theres, really good, ear pockets in here to the point where ill tell you that i run wireless earbuds in them, and that allows me to listen to music and things like that through, while wearing this helmet with no comfort issues. Its very very comfortable um, even at long distances, i will tell you the design and look of this helmet to me. I dont know you guys can let me know down in the comments, but to me this is a pretty sharp looking helmet. It does look nice. It is you know that modular build so uh. Its functionality is really easy to move about on the road, and i havent really had any problems with the functionality. There are some reviews online that talk about uh some of the screws coming loose. Basically, when i got this helmet, i removed the screws put some loctite on them put them back in. I havent had any issues, but the functionality of this, whether youre at a stop, light or cruising down the road to lift it up and and use the modular activity is really simplistic easy to use air vents pretty easy to access all these air vents.

Here you have one down by the chin. You have two up by the helmet with that the field of view is decent. It is something that i can manage. Uh down the road i dont feel like its too confined, i would say the number one thing i love about. This helmet is gon na, be the comfortability uh going into the bluetooth stuff and were going to touch base. Now, on some of the things that i do not like about this helmet and some areas that i i believe could use some improvement uh one is this com system is a. I think this is their first model of this com system. It is unusable. You you cant use it its uh, its very high tingy sounding you barely can hear anybody uh, you cant hear music at any type of freeway speed. Hence, while i told you that i use the wireless earbuds in my ear when im using this helmet and so that com system for me, if i was purchasing this helmet, i would not get one with the com system at this time, not to say that they Might not have something in the in the future that is better suited, maybe with some updated technology, but for right now, im not gon na say to go with the comm system. The other thing is going to be the helmet placement in the chin area, uh. Typically, what i do with a helmet is: i will make sure that that helmet is seated on my face and then im going to apply pressure in different spots and kind of see with a light tap what it would be like if my face hit the pavement.

Hopefully it never does but uh with this, i can tell you theres almost direct contact with my chin. I do run a size large helmet on my simpson, ghost bandit and all other helmets that ive tried on and with this one, the chin area just is a little too close, and it kind of makes me wonder if i was in an impact with any relative Speed or force, i have a feeling that my jaw would be would be broken, so it is a little tighter there while driving down the road. I will tell you with this particular setup. I do hear a little bit of a squeak if im not listening to music im, not really sure what thats caused from it could be something to do with the plastic and the rubber and ill have to kind of maybe see. If i can file some areas down or lightly sand it down to see, if i can get that squeaking go away, i mean its not overly obnoxious but its there and it is present. One of the other things to note is it does have this quick release. Chin strap, i dont know im not a fan for a couple reasons when i have my helmet. They have d rings and i use the lid lock system in order to secure my helmet. So without that i cant properly secure this helmet to the bike. So im not a fan of that and if you dont have sunglasses, it does have this visor kind of system and it works pretty well, but the helmet in itself.

In the comfortability i mean it is comfortable. I mean having that modular setup and the ability to on long road trips be able to get a drink, take a drink of water uh, maybe a coffee or whatever it is that youre doing um. I think that thats pretty awesome the ear pockets, as i mentioned very big and youd, be able to set up like a sena system in here no problem whatsoever. So ive had this helmet now going on six months, i have been able to put several miles on this helmet and kind of see how its going to feel for the most part, the comfortability has not changed from start to finish. It stayed the same other than those things that i mentioned to you. I mean i wouldnt get one right now with this, this free com system or free con system that they have on here, but the modular system, depending on your face shape, you might have a little bit more room in that chin area and when i say its Close to the chin im not saying when the modular system is down in the full face mode that its actually pressing up against your chin im. Just basically saying that if there is significant pressure or a bump, you can feel it touch your chin and thats uh. Thats a little bit concerning, so i believe that ilm right now is on the right track of building something maybe trying to create a name for themselves.

But with that being said, i dont use this as my primary helmet and right now i would not use it as my primary helmet, but if im running down on a quick trip – and i dont need my sena system – and i want to take advantage of having That modular setup, i will still grab it and go, but i do tend to go back to my full face if im gon na use a full face, helmet uh, but you know i like to rock the half shell as well, so i dont know you guys Tell me what is it that youre looking for when youre purchasing a helmet uh have you ever heard of ilm and i will have all the links down in the description below so you can go and check them out. It is a cost efficient, helmet right now, but again were talking about your brain and your head and the most valuable asset of your body. So you probably want to make sure you have the safest equipment to an extent i dont rock a snell helmet. I know some people do. I know some countries mandate a snell approved helmet, but im not necessarily worried about the dot rating, because dot is just such a low standard. Those are my thoughts right now on this ilm helmet. What do you guys think? Let me know and guys thats going to do it for today and until next time you guys ride safe.