Carbon fiber, folding e bike for more funds lets check it out the more funds. Eole s is a very nice lightweight e bike, but its a specialty bike and perhaps not for everyone. This is very much an urban bike and its meant for someone who wants a very lightweight electric bike that folds down small for an unobtrusive package at just 33 pounds or 15 kilos – theres, really not much extra bike to lug around here, and yet it still has Some great parts on it like hydraulic, disc brakes and, of course, that carbon fiber frame, but you dont, get such a lightweight e bike while hanging onto a big motor or a big battery. So in this case, youll find small versions of each the rear. Motor is just 250 watts, so its not particularly powerful, its fine, but the acceleration is modest, not peppy, and the top speed of the motor is fairly limited as well at just 25 kilometers per hour or 15 miles per hour, which is the eu limit. Itd be nice if the bikes that they sent to the us had a 20 mile an hour limit but thats what weve got for now, but when more funds taketh with one hand they giveth with the other in the form of a nice torque sensor based pedal, Assist that gives a responsive and intuitive feeling to the pedal assist, so it might not be a fast ebike, but it definitely feels good when you pedal it and theres even the option for a throttle, its a 29 add on accessory, but its definitely worth it.

If you like, the idea of throttling along without needing to pedal sometimes, but with that torque sensor based pedal, assist the bike just feels really good to pedal. So you might end up using pedal, assist more than you think. Now, when it comes to the battery, i mentioned that its small and it kind of has to be since its housed in the seat post of the bike, its just 36 volts and 6.4 amp hours for 230 watt hours of capacity, since the motor is both modestly Fast and modestly, powerful youll actually get decent range of likely around 30 miles or 50 kilometers. If you use a lower level of pedal assist, but if you keep it in level, 5 pedal assist or use the throttle a lot. Your range will suffer. The good news, though, is that you can actually double your range with a second battery that straps onto the frame like a water bottle instantly, giving you twice as much battery capacity if youre the kind of person that needs the extra range and for an extra 259 Bucks, you can have it speaking of add ons. The last up charge piece here is the rear rack, which is an extra 59 bucks. After that, everything else you see here is standard. You get the fenders included, you get the led lighting included. You get the hydraulic disc brakes, which i always love to see and you get a nice little minimalist, display, thats all standard and included in the 2199 dollar price or actually 1999, which is the current sale price.

Now, on the one hand, that certainly is not cheap for a bike that only goes 15 miles an hour, but, of course, the eola s, isnt, designed to compete merely on performance that carbon fiber frame is not cheap, but its part of what helps drop the weight Down to the ultra low 33 pounds and parts like the torque sensor and those hydraulic disc brakes of course, are going to add to the cost. So while i wouldnt say this is a great option for someone on a budget, i will say, the price is one of the best out there in the ultra lightweight folding e bike category. To put this into comparison, two thousand bucks is not cheap, but the last ultra lightweight carbon fiber folding e bike. I tested cost six thousand bucks so in perspective youre getting a lot for a much lower price. All things considered id say that for an urban dweller that needs a small and lightweight folding e bike, but that wants to retain the niceties of parts like torque, sensors and throttles. This could be a very good option and the fact that they even give you some of those cool parts like the option of a throttle which is a rarity on such lightweight low power bikes, is a very nice consideration. All told for the right type of urban rider, i think it makes sense, but as a sunday leisurely cruiser kind of e bike. This probably is not the ticket its all about the right tool for the right task.

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