This thing is tiny. This thing is fast and this thing is really fun to fly so stay tuned. So, as you all know, or maybe you don't uh emax – is the leader in small whoop style drones, and this is a really interesting one, because the nanohawk is even smaller than their tiny hawk series nano, i guess, is smaller than tiny and it is something that You can fly in really really tight spaces, it's extremely lightweight. It flies very similar to a tiny, hawk and i've already been flying it a bit, but it is something that um, i think, is going to bring this hobby to a lot of people who maybe were intimidated by something bigger. Look at the size of that thing. That'S just tiny – this has 0802 1900 kv brushless motors, as well as a runcam 3 on it, which is just a tiny little thing in there. It gives you about three minutes of flight time, depending on plus or minus, depending on how you're flying – and it has this little tiny, uh 300 milliamp hour, similar in style to the other emax batteries – 1s battery. Okay. So one thing real, quick that i noticed that i was doing wrong before there's a little pigtail, cam, cable, that comes in the kit and this little guy actually converts the. I have it here on the charger it converts the end of the battery, which is this black one. Here to this white connector, i was trying to shove the batteries connector straight into this charging port and that didn't work.

So what you want to do is connect the battery to this little cable, this little breakout, cable and then put it directly into the charging port. There is a notch, so you can tell which way it goes. Then you plug the charger into a usb port and you'll. Get these green lights blinking and the one that is solid is the one you're charging and as soon as it stops as soon as it's, not solid anymore. The battery is charged, so i didn't actually have a great charge on the battery until now, since i discovered that now, i should be able to go ahead and do a little flight around the studio here with the fpv goggles, as well as through the office a Bit now it's telling me that i have low voltage, which is not actually true. I need to change that setting when that low voltage warning comes on, because i don't think that's accurate, but let's go ahead and just take off and see what we can do here. So it's pretty dark in the studio so i'm going to come out here and cruise around our office a little bit so that's through a couple of walls and again thanks to doc murdock for these antennas, i feel like they're doing great compared to the regular regular Ones i use through here around the back: oh it's, really dark back here. Oh now, it's lighter oh yeah, whoa, whoa, whoa, yep that's, the nice thing about the ducted propellers or the uh prop guards is.

You can definitely bump into stuff Music there's noah working hard and we're coming back through. I got to see what this is transmitting at if it's, 25 or 25 milliwatts or, if it's, something stronger but it's, definitely uh giving me quite a bit of penetration through a lot of a lot of uh walls and stuff all right fly under the table. Here. Oh, did you see that that's, not something i could have done with a tiny hawk, took a nanohawk to do that? Wow. I'M. All the way on the other end of the office i'm in the i'm in the reception area, still getting a good signal. We'Re gon na fly over our plants through the fireplace back down the hall, come zipping in at light speed, whoa sudden turn around now i'm doing all this in stabilized mode. I will try it in acro mode later, but i just wanted to have a good flight and since flying indoors, is a little bit more challenging. Oh, as i said a little more challenging. Oh, i see thomas's hand whoa. Oh, my goodness, all right, you ready yeah, hold it right there ready. Here we go. Oh, that was the ceiling yeah i'm down i'm down to 2.6 volts on the battery, see, if i can get it back in here before it completely dies there we go let's see how much time was that that was two minutes and 33 seconds of flight. That was pretty good, so i'm gon na fly this more, but i do have to say that the initial impression of the form factor is awesome because you really can get through some tight spots.

That might be a little more challenging with a bigger quad than this one and the durability so far seems pretty good. I have had a little bit of an issue with the connection point here on the battery, where it where, if you push it in too far, it actually disconnects. So you want to actually push it in far enough to hear it beep and then once it beeps don't push it any further else. It will disconnect i'm going to see if i can figure out a solution for that.