Obviously, dji plays into that picture too and there’s some other rumors out there. We don’t know how real they are, but i suspect this mini class of drones seems to be getting really popular and for good reason, so uh first, i want to just show you what’s going on with this guy now. If you don’t know, i dropped this drone. I was in a hurry to deploy it one evening getting ready to get some low light sunset shots and i dropped it from about a foot and a half broke this arm and then tore the ribbon cable inside the gimbal. So the gimbal is not working correctly. However, the arm i was able to epoxy it back on there and it looks like frankenstein’s monster, but it’s very, very strong. In fact i suspect, it’s – probably stronger than the original arm. So what i want to do today is just take this guy up and and fly it, and we know the gimbal we’re not going to get good video out of it, but i just want to see how the drone flies and and and and see how it Does so we’ll do that, but also there’s more developments with regard to the hubsan xeno mini pro trying to remember these names is just amazing and getting them all in order, but in any case the xeno mini pro. We now know what the remote control is going to look like looks just like the rc for the xeno2, with a led display on there, giving you all the telemetry etc, and i can tell you that i was impressed with the one on the xeno 2.

hubsan. Did a really good job of improving the sticks on it and the flight controls the original hubsan xeno that controller felt kind of toy grade the xeno 2. They really improved that and it and it’s a much better controller. So if that’s the controller that they’re going to use for their little mini, i see no problem with that that’s a good sign. It is a different color, it’s gray, as opposed to white on the xeno, 2. and we’ll, see what other other differences. They’Re advertising, sinclays 3. So no doubt there’s different electronics in there to accomplish that. The other thing is they’re showing for when you get multiple batteries, they’re showing a charge hub and it’s an interesting looking hub. What we don’t know yet is whether it charges all the batteries at once or whether it just charges them one at a time like dji does uh in any case it’s uh. It looks like a little good little uh situation and then also you can order what they call the portable package that includes a carrying bag. Now i have that with my xeno, 2 plus and obviously it’s going to be different because that’s a much bigger drone, but i can tell you hubsan built a really nice carrying case or bag uh for that drone, so uh, i suspect we would expect to see This something similar uh with the xeno mini pro so anyway, i’m excited. I ordered one. I ordered it directly from the hubsan worldwide website and it’s worth mentioning that there’s two hubsan labeled websites that you can order from there’s, hubsan, us and hubsan us is a reseller, but they typically price similar to what hubsan the the the hubsan worldwide website does, and They are based, i believe, in new york uh, but they are a reseller but it’s a legitimate place to to get your your drone for sure uh.

But i ordered from the hubsan official website and what we hope is that uh that they’ll ship that out sooner rather than later now we’ve heard from multiple sources now that the drone is going to be uh released on uh gen. Excuse me. I almost said january on june 15th, so june 15th. We should see that drone, so does that mean they’re going to ship it and we’ll have it in our hands by june 15th. You know what all we do. We don’t exactly know that, but you know if we get the drone in our hands a week or two after that. I’Ll be really happy and i’m obviously anxious to see that drone for everything that it brings to the table, and we won’t go into all that, because there’s been plenty of videos made about everything that hubsan’s doing with that drone. I do want to touch on one more subject, though, with regard to the xeno mini pro hubsan, what they, what they really need to do if they want to get on par with dji or be able to compete with dji almost as important as anything else is Service after the sale customer service – and i know in the past, they had a place in california that they could service your drones. I don’t think that, while that address is still there, i don’t believe they still operate. Repair services there and i’ve heard a lot of complaints from people about trying to get their hubs and drones serviced.

I don’t have any personal experience with it. I haven’t had to do that, but but but what they really have to have is like a website, a support page either on the web or on twitter or facebook, or something where you can get help with your drone and get it repaired and get repair parts. If necessary, that’s one of the things that i found out with this guy with femi, i think this is a pretty fine little drone i mean you saw my issues with the gimbal shake, i kind of have a feeling that my the cable, the ribbon cable on My gimbal might have been defective even before i dropped it, but that’s a whole other subject, but the fact is, i am unable to get a replacement ribbon cable for this talk to hubsan support. Basically they said they can’t sell parts. But if i wanted to mail it back to china, they would certainly repair it for me and and mail it back. Well, i paid 319 for this drone i mean you can imagine you would have that much or half that much probably in sending it off to get it repaired. So uh in the meantime and i’ve spoke about this before i’ve got another one. Another uh femi x8 mini coming. My friend jet martin uh decided he didn’t want his order, so he allowed me to to take that order over. He ordered from b h, so he just redirected it to get mailed to my house.

So hopefully, that will show up in the next few weeks and we can be flying a fully functional, femi, x8 mini again uh, but in the meantime uh i glued the leg back on here and yeah let’s just see how this guy flies we’ll just fly it Around here a little bit and the other thing is, you probably see it on my hat here: i’ve got i’m really it’s. The first time i’ve used this insta 360 uh go to so i’m, going to fire this little guy up and and uh. Of course, we’ll have the gopro that i’m recording this on right now i just want to see how well it works and just kind of a trial run, so to speak. So i guess the other couple of rumors that i’d like to talk about, is there’s. Of course – and i think these are just full on fantasy at this point – but there’s already rumors out there about a dji mini 3.. Of course – we’ll see a mini 3 from dji and of course it will be uh. No doubt they’ll throw every all of their engineering expertise at it and it should be something really cool. There’S there’s, really. I don’t think there’s anything uh concrete that we can report on that other than just rumors. So whatever dji puts out, we know it’s going to be cool, so that’ll be interesting, but the other rumor that i think is very interesting is that autel is working on a mini.

Now that’s been floating around for a long time, but you’re hearing it more and more now so i don’t know if there’s anything to it or not, but i hope it is. I would love to see again another competitor for for dji as much as i love dji. I really would like to see another legitimate competitor for them and i no doubt autel could do that. I’Ll tell already has a pretty good customer service department that we, you know, spoke about earlier so and we know they build good high quality products, so if they came out with a a mini that would be. That would be something i would for sure be interested in so that’s about it with all the mini news. Uh let’s take the femi, x8 mini and we’re just going to take off here. Put it up in the air, fly it around a little bit and obviously we’re not going to get any video off the drone. But what i’m also interested in doing is we will do a precision landing because it does have the downward facing camera and we’ll see. If it can hit the the landing pad, i i don’t think the front facing camera has anything to do with precision landing so i’m sure that we’ll probably be able to hit a precision landing with this guy anyway, let’s just take it up and let’s just fly. It around here a little bit it’ll just feel good to get this guy back in the air, so yeah let’s quit messing around let’s, get this bird in the air, hey! Okay, so i have the drone fired up and ready to go and you can see the gimbal’s just pointing at the sky, so we’re not going to get anything uh off that camera uh.

I don’t know i’m gon na i’m gon na go ahead and start recording. Anyway, just for the fun of it just just for the heck of it we’re at 65 battery. So this is going to be a pretty short flight uh, but it should be, it should be kind of fun. There was a firmware update and i went ahead and updated. It i’ll put a screenshot of that on the screen right now. Okay, i also started up this insta 360 go to so we should be able to see some video off of that uh heck uh. You know we can, we can check and see if it asks for any calibrations gimbal, not ready, of course we’re getting that uh and it said i’m returned to home. Our sd card is good. Uh i’m, trying to remember where the return to home height set to 50 meters, uh we’re not going to put it in sport mode, precise landing, is on yeah compass calibration it’s, not asking us to calibrate so i’m thinking, we’re good. There uh all right, let’s, just quit messing around and let’s get this bird in the air, so yeah. You can see it on the gopro there and hopefully on my insta 360. and look at that. There she goes, and these uh what’s typical for a phoebe drone. Is they go up about four meters in height four and a half meters in height? I see we’re at 4.3 4.

2, so so that’s typical uh, the drone. You know we’ve got a little bit of a breeze and it’s uh it’s hanging in there pretty good, so i’m gon na bring it back down here and we’ll. Bring it in front of the gopro let’s turn it around, and you can see that gimbal is in off it’s, not doing anything. We can well it’s kind of moving around uh on the on the the roll axis, but definitely that pitch axis it’s kind of just looking up in the sky and it’s kind of crooked. So so uh i don’t, know let’s bring it in here a little bit and maybe you can get a look at it and you can see that that wonderful repair job i did on that arm. Like i said, it looks like frankenstein but but i’m, confident that that arm is pretty strong, so uh we’re going to do a little bit of a manual dronie and uh not very far, because obviously we don’t have a camera, so uh we’re a camera on the Drone so let’s go reverse it up now reverse and up – and i can tell you uh, the drone is – is handling just fine, i mean it, it flies just like it used to let’s, bring it around here and hopefully uh. This is where we’re gon na try out the uh the camera on this uh this insta360 and see if that’s working all right, Music, bring it in again here again, let’s move it out here and just do a little fly around.

I thought i heard a little bit of a weird noise out of it there. So i brought it back. Music looks good yeah, i mean it it’s handling. Just fine, i mean you can see it breaking and and moving just like it should uh. I have uh i’m going to try that the the gimbal wheel, yeah so there’s there’s no control of that gimbal. I tried that on the controller let’s uh let’s see if we can get you a look at it here with the insta 360, just in a hover Music, yeah she’s. Looking good, i wonder if it will do uh like an orbit well, no because it uses yeah. It uses optical to do an orbit, so we wouldn’t be able to do that. Uh. I just was curious. I wonder yeah, i you know for a second there i was thinking. Maybe we’d try some of those uh automated features, but uh probably shouldn’t push our luck. Uh it’s just a cry and shame that that that ribbon cable is broken because, as you can see it’s you know it’s flying good Music, let’s, take it out and just go on a little fly around yeah i’m liking it okay, just for the fun of it. I’M, going to take it up to altitude we’re not going to be able to see anything on video. Maybe i can look up with the insta 360. push it back, just a little yeah there we are we’re up to 35 36 meters let’s bring her back down.

I, like the controls on this thing. It is a very responsive, drone, it’s uh it it handles really well and, and it uh ascends quickly drop it down, bring it in here. One of the things i’ve noticed about this guy is that it will uh they’re, saying that it will ascend at five meters per second, which is fast so we’re, just in we’re just in regular mode. Here, let’s uh let’s go full, stick up and and we’ll look on the app and we’ll see how fast it ascends. Let me bring it down some more and we’re going to go full stick up right now, full stick up and that’s. You know four meters per second yeah around four meters per second, so i wonder if that would uh change in uh and it’s coming down at about two meters per second, which is which is quick, which is good. I wonder if that would change. If we put it in sport mode, let’s try sport mode here, i’m, going to go into the menu and we’re going to flip sport mode on Music and uh. Let’S, go full stick up again straight up right now: Music, yeah and there’s – that full power look at that uh, almost 5 meters per second 4.9. Let me tell you that’s, quick let’s, see if it changes coming down. It does look at that coming down at three and a half meters per second and that gimbal is wobbling around.

Let me tell you that is quick, guys uh, that uh that’s, a quick descent, that’s, pretty cool okay, so we’re down to about ‘ battery i’m gon na. Take it out here a little bit and and we’re in sport mode, let’s, uh let’s! Take it across the uh park here, yeah there’s! Nobody in the park here that we’re gon na bother let’s go full stick forward boy that baby tilts and i was watching the drone as i should and was not uh watching how fast it was going on the app let’s. Try that one more time full stick forward. Let me tell you that’s fast man. This is a hot rod. Little mini drone, guys i’m telling you i think we got up to about 15 meters per second, i think before i’d had it up to like 18. Before i mean that’s fast for this little guy, this is a powerful little drone it’s a lot of fun to fly. Uh again, i i can’t wait till i get uh get another one in and have a working camera on it and we’ll do a lot more tests with it, but we definitely want to try that precision landing so let’s. Take it out here ways in fact: uh let’s, take it just let’s, take it out of sport mode and we are going to do reversing up right now and then we’ll. Take it out to the corner of the park out here and we’ll, put it into return to home and let’s, see how close it gets to uh to to its uh landing pad here, yeah, where you can see we’re getting pretty close there we’re into the yellow Uh so let’s hit return to home on the app right now or you know what i’m going to do it on the controller, push the button on the controller and it threw it into auto return and the drone is coming home.

Hopefully i know it’s going to be pretty tiny, but hopefully you’ll be able to see it on the insta 360 video it’s uh yeah it’s coming home slowly. I was just looking at the speed at which it’s coming home. It kind of slowed down there for a second and then it and then it took off yeah and it’s, giving us that low battery warning so down to 28. So hopefully you can see that on the insta 360. and of course we can’t see anything on the camera on the drone. So i can’t tell you exactly how close it is to the pad, but it looks pretty darn close just visually looking at it. Music and it’s kind of pausing it’s, looking looking for the uh landing pad not detected there there, it got it landing pad detected and it moved over. Hopefully, you guys saw that on the on the video and we should be seeing it on the gopro now it’s going to hit it. I think it’s going to be spot on the pad here. Look at that. Look at that right on the h, wow, yeah and it’s, given us that low battery warning good job hubsan with that precision, landing that’s really good, and i like the fact that it turns off video. Although, obviously the video that we got off the drone is going to be completely unusable in this case, but yeah give me just a second and let’s: get everything shut down and we’ll talk about what we saw: okay, guys, the femi x8 mini uh man.

I was well pleased with what we saw with this guy uh. You know other than the fact that the gimbal is broken. It is a great handling, it is a fun to fly little drone, it is it’s, responsive, it’s, sporty uh. The controls are really refined and and feel really good, it’s easy to control. I, like the uh controller. I just probably should have talked about that. The fact that you can access all the buttons on your phone while it’s in the controller it’s in the center of the controller, they did a really good job. With that uh the i just wish. I had the opportunity to do more testing with the camera and, of course, we will soon uh but uh just having a lot of fun with this guy and those of you that picked it up for 319. On that initial buy on aliexpress or on b h. I’M gon na say you probably got a pretty good deal uh, even if there is a little uh vignetting in the in the video uh. You know, honestly. I saw that it doesn’t bother me that much and i understand why it does bother people. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me. The problem that i had with it was the some of the jiggly video that i was getting with it and, of course, there’s been firmware updates since then, would that have corrected the problem i had? You know we’ll, never know uh but i’m, looking forward to getting that other one anyway, just a ton of fun just really had a lot of fun with this guy so uh, i guess that’s about it and we probably talked all you wanted to hear about any Further mini news, so i’m going to say, we’ll call this a video.

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