I have a four year old, named kylie, and i also have a two year old named mia. Now lets take a moment to just be honest for a second okay. Parenting can be really difficult at times and, while doing montessori at home with your children can go a long way to making things a lot easier and also a lot more joyful. It also comes along with a great responsibility as a montessori parent of having a true understanding of just how critical the first couple of years of your childs life really are, especially between the ages of birth and three years old. That is when your child goes through. An explosive period of growth where 85 of their brain is formed, and so i am super excited to be partnering with monty kids. The sponsor of todays video, as they are a brand dedicated to helping families, support their baby during the most critical years of development. So from one busy parent to another today, i would like to share with you exactly who monty kids is what they have to offer and also give you an insiders look into four brand new products that they just launched to help you as a montessori parent. During some of the most key moments on your parenting journey, okay, so not only is 85 of a childs brain formed by the time theyre three years old research also shows that that brain development is cumulative. That means that it literally lays the foundation for all of a childs future learning and yet children, typically dont start school until theyre three years old.

So there is effectively this educational void in the most formative years of a childs life, and that is where monty kids comes in monty kids helps to fill that gap with the award winning monty kids program, which delivers a box of developmentally appropriate toys every three months. The monty kids program also provides support for parents with personalized coaching from child development experts, parent learning courses and access to an exclusive online community of monty kids families and, as you may have already guessed from their name. Monty kids is grounded in the montessori method, which has been proven in schools around the world for over 100 years. The monty kids products bring this curriculum into your home and make it super easy for you, as a parent, to give your child the best start. Now the monty kids program is comprised of eight different levels that correspond to different age ranges between birth and three years old, and each level includes a carefully selected variety of montessori toys that are designed to support your childs specific stage of brain development. Every three months, monty kids, materials are designed by montessori educators, so you can be confident that youre providing your child with the best developmental products during their formative years. Alongside their flagship program, monty kids also recently launched a brand new line of products that can be used in conjunction with the original program or completely on their own as well, and they were specifically designed to help support parents during four key moments on their parenting journey, Namely bonding with a new baby, as well as the often anxiety inducing task of potty training, which we also call toilet learning in the montessori community, as well as creating healthy eating habits and enjoyable family meal times and establishing positive daily routines.

So i was given the opportunity to preview all four of these kits over the last couple of weeks test them out, for you guys – and i am super excited to share them with you today. So the very first one is the montessori newborn kit. This kit offers thoughtfully designed developmentally appropriate toys and support for parents in those early days right after baby is born inside the kit. Youll find a welcome guide that shares information on how to access your six week online course. The parent learning center and the monty kids community, as well as information on exactly what is included in your kit and how and when to introduce the materials to your baby and, at the end of the guide, youll, find some more ideas for how to use the Toys in new ways as your child grows now, as for the toys that youll receive in the montessori newborn kit, the first one is a wooden book because, as youve probably heard me say a thousand times already, it is never too early to begin reading with your Child also included, is a mirror and card set. The mirror is acrylic and 100 baby safe. It comes with a little stand that you can put it on, so that you can prop it up right in front of your baby during tummy time and then, if you flip it around, it doubles as a holder for the black and white cards. The cards are a set of high contrast, black and white images that are double sided, so theres, a lot of variety for your baby and the material that theyre made from is really thick and sturdy, and finally, youll also receive a cotton rope basket and three different Grasping toys, a wooden rattle, a silicone teether and a crochet ball.

Not only do each of the grasping toys provide different opportunities for exploration for your baby, but they also offer different sensorial experiences, because theyre made of different materials and theyre all also shaped slightly differently from each other. So it gives your child an opportunity to work on different kinds of fine motor skills, not to mention the fact that balls are a fan, favorite toy for children of all ages. So this is something your child can definitely continue to use even well. After their newborn days, the next kit is the montessori toilet learning kit, which is recommended for 18 months and up. This kit is designed to help you as you guide your child in the transition from diapers to toilet independence in the montessori way included in the kit. Is a parent guide that not only gives information on how to access some of those really valuable extras like the online support program and the parent learning center, but also tips for how to actually get started on your childs toilet learning journey theres? Also, a quick start guide that goes over all of the materials that are included in the box and instructions for how to install the faucet extender. So inside the box, youll find a book called my toilet learning journey, which is a board book just for toddlers. It includes in typical montessori fashion, very realistic, illustrations of globally diverse children. All learning how to use the toilet from the montessori perspective also included, is a low potty.

That is perfectly sized for your toddler so that they can get on and off of it all by themselves, and i can personally attest to the fact that, yes, it is super easy to clean youll, also get a set of routine cards to help your child. Learn about daily and hygiene routines that you can either display for your child on the wall or you can put them together to create a language basket for your child. To explore. Also included is a really nice blue and white cotton rope basket to help hold all of your childs toilet learning essentials and a really nifty silicone faucet extender that fits a variety of different sinks, so ive been using this kit at home for the last couple of Weeks with my toddler – and i can definitely say at this point – that this setup is by far her favorite, especially the toilet learning journey book, i was also really excited about the faucet extender that was included in this kit, because the sink in our downstairs bathroom is Just not exactly well suited for a child to use. It was really easy to use because its made of silicone, so it stretched right over the faucet and fit nice and snug, and now that its there, my girls can use this sink without a problem. The next product is the montessori self care station, which is also recommended for 18 months and up, and this station gives children the perfect place to practice developing their daily routines with a convenient all in one design, featuring a child sized mirror shelf and peg hooks.

The very natural and simple design of the mirror makes it really flexible for installing anywhere in your home that you feel it might be useful for your child, for example, in your front entryway as a place where your child can look at themselves and check to make Sure that theyre ready to go before they leave the home or in your bathroom or even in your childs bedroom for our family. We chose to install it in our preschoolers bedroom because she has gotten a lot taller since we initially installed the old mirror. That was in her room and we were looking at other mirror options as it was so we installed this one at her height, where she can see herself. She is also very into using her self care station as she gets ready for school each morning, so it was a perfect fit for her, and the last kit is the montessori cooking together kit recommended for 18 months and up this kit was designed to encourage little Ones to build skills and confidence in the kitchen as they develop healthy habits inside the kit, youll find a parent guide that gives a little bit of information on the. Why of inviting your child to cook in the kitchen with you, as well as information on how to access some of those extras again like the parent learning center and the monty kids community, as well as tips for getting started a quick start guide that goes over? All of the materials included in the kit and tips for you as the parent on exactly how to introduce each of the materials to your child, so heres.

What youll find in the box a set of 10 different recipe cards and the wooden recipe card holder. Each of which includes instructions to help support you as the adult in preparing your childs kitchen work area and also visual instructions for your child in helping to assemble the recipe. A set of three stainless steel bowls, a stainless steel pitcher and a silicone cutting board, as well as a mixing spoon, a whisk, a masher melon, baller, spreader, tongs egg slicer and wooden crinkle cutter. As many of you are already aware, my girls love to help prepare food in the kitchen. It is hands down one of their favorite practical life activities, and so they were very excited to be able to try out all of these new tools for themselves. As a side note, one thing that i would like to point out is that sometimes tools that are marketed for children tend to be of lesser quality, but monty kids has clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the design of their products, because these tools Are very sturdy theyre made of thick metal, stainless steel, solid wood, and i have every bit of confidence that these are going to last for many years to come: Music, Music. So, overall, i am super impressed with these kits. I do think that they are a worthwhile investment, not only for your own home, but if you have any friends or family with little ones at home, they would make incredibly amazing gifts.

A big thank you again to monty kids for sponsoring todays video. If you want to learn more about the monty kids program or any of the kits that i shared with you in todays, video definitely be sure to check out the link in the description box down below and if youre interested in learning more about doing. Montessori at home or positive, disciplined parenting. I also offer a couple of e courses that walk you through it step by step, so ill be sure to leave a link to that in the description box down below as well and just in case you are new to my channel. I also wanted to let you know that this video is part of a much larger series on this youtube channel called montessori at home, which is aimed at providing practical tips and advice for busy parents like you, and i for implementing montessori at home with our children. So if that sounds like something that youre interested in watching more of, then you might consider subscribing to my channel this way. You dont miss a new video, because i do upload a new one, just like this one every single week. Thank you so much for watching today and ill see you next time.