Do it indoor fly all right lets get this thing in the air, as you can see, were using the same controller. You didnt have to reprogram anything. They operate off the same protocol and they work exactly the same. So well go ahead and set this guy up here and we will go up Music. When i did plug this in off camera, i will tell you throttling up. This thing has a bit of punch, especially on this controller theres whoa theres, your left were gon na try not to crash um. I know on the last video we crashed a considerable amount here and hopefully the light that is coming in through the windows isnt affecting this too much its raining so thats. Why we didnt go outside, but Music, really nice drone hexicopters are cool. If you can follow the drone hes gon na go over to where a white hexacopter from mjx is boom, his uh blue leds were shining on it. Now they are were gon na go back uh. This is ideal to fly inside, especially with those guards on them. I never took them off. This is a direct feed, hexacopter uh. It is not geared to gear or it might be. No. I dont think it is im almost positive. This is a direct feed. Uh hexacopter yaw rates not extremely fast. Pitching, however, is and again especially on this controller, we havent crashed yet, which is awesome, but we are getting faster.

Boom spoke too soon spoke too soon. All the blades are on just go ahead and give these blades a light. Touchdown light, touchdown light, touchdown light touchdown. Just in case they got loose, were gon na go ahead and throw this back up in the air for a couple more seconds and thatll. Be this video guys, if you have any request, videos theres a lot of stuff in this room, im more than happy to retouch on stuff and on that note, were gon na end it more than happy to retouch on stuff uh. So if you see something in the room, you dont know what it is you have it. You havent seen a video on it by all means. Let me know im j drone. If you havent subscribed to my subscribe button. This was again a mjxrc brushed. Drone were used to the mjx series, which is all brushless. They made king, brushed drones and again that one over there, which ill try to show you give me two seconds here: thats the other one that also came in black. The white, however glows uh at night.