We’Ve been here before you guys have seen it before and i’m on my way out to the end of the pier here to review this mjx, what a name for a drone eh! So stick around and enjoy a review Music Applause, Music. Okay guys! I know i said i wasn’t going to do this, but a super quick unboxing for you guys, because i i did miss a few things to tell you guys so there’s a sleeve, slides off. We open up the box and inside we have this actually had another uh another piece of cardboard. It was the complete size of the opening in this box, and it had this in it and the instruction manual. So you get a full extra set of props. All of your centers to put them on and your screws and such so. You have the dual charger type c cable, which uh they gave a micro usb. You guys can see that that’s, a micro usb, not a type c, so somebody in the factory made a terrible mistake. Now inside we have the drone, which i already showed you guys at the beach which you’ll see after this following this. So on the drone guys, you fold them open. We have a micro sd card slot here now: i’m, not sure what the maximum size is. I’M guessing a 64, but i’ve tried a 64 on this and it would not record. But all i had was a cheap walmart brand and i did end up having a sandisk which is what’s in it right now and um, not sure if it’s extreme or just a sandisk it’s a little hard to get it so it’s uh, sandisk, ultra 32 gigabytes And that works fine, so possibly try a 64 gig of a sandisk ultra.

You know, i know that records to us perfect, so your battery slides in the back on the bottom. We have our optical flow sensor and our led light, which is pretty bright. So those are you to do nice flying and there’s your night light. So your 180 degree camera cycles down all the way up, that’s our sticker kit that came with it, but they’re sort of peeling off on the front on me. I may have to put some other type of stickiness on us now. What i didn’t mention to you guys is about this transmitter so to bind the drone um. I had to actually look it up in the book because i could not fit like me figurative. You have to hold down that unlock button and then turn it on, and you will get your both bars running up. Then you have to push up and down to keep it balanced so other than that button. We have a takeoff landing automatic takeoff and landing button. We have our gps and optical flow. You switch between both with that button and we have a return to home. Now up top, we have a scroll wheel for cycling, your camera up and down. We have our speed, switch and our light all in one. So i believe, it’s tap it to turn light off and on and hold it in to change speeds. Now the other side is your camera and your video camera so tap it to take a picture fold it in to take a video and that’s about it.

Guys and it takes three aaa batteries in the back, and i believe i mentioned everything else about the quad. If i missed anything, please forgive me, you can find anything about this squad and bangalore or any other site that sells it. So that being said, i’ll catch. You guys at the beach okay guys i am ready here. I just calibrated the drone. We will unlock the motors and start recording so we’re now recording them. We will take off so uh. I would have uploaded this yesterday, but i had a sinking issue start recording on this one. I had a sinking issue. I couldn’t get the drone to sync up uh. Sorry i couldn’t get the video from this drone to sync up with the gopro footage, not sure why, but i had an issue. Just didn’t want to sink right, so there you go guys it. It flies really well it’s a great flyer, but it will not fight uh much wind and we only have like three four miles an hour wind right here today: i’m, getting rock steady footage here like you, you may see a tiny little shake in it, but it’s Really good from what i’m seeing on the screen really good, so i just flew down the beach a little, and i just lost wifi, but i’ve got it coming back to me here should gain it back here any second. I can only make it about a hundred meters before losing wi fi, so yeah.

It was just roughly a hundred meters away and lost wifi. So the cool thing about this drone is, you can cycle the camera all the way down and all the way up, it’s kind of like a pair of nanafi, but no gimbal. What am i in here? I am in high mode too. So if i hook any stronger type of wind i’m going to end up losing it, but it’s not bad here today, you just can’t fly this in any type of wind, guys it won’t handle us. I don’t want to go too far over there because there are cars parked over there and a few people down that way. To give you guys a view of marine atlantic and i’ll show you guys the features because they do work so we’ll do the uh the circle me and it’s starting its rotation. I have it set to five meters, so it’s not going to go far there. You go it’s it’s, pulling that circle in a five meter. I’Ll put the camera down a little there. You go. You see me and that’s it guys it’ll keep pulling that rotation until i stop it, which i’m going to do right now and the follow me i’ll. Do the follow me but i’m going to have to walk away from this camera. But luckily i still have this one on my head, so let’s bring it over here. Let’S get it behind me here so yeah i’m, not sure who came up with the name of this drone guys, but it has the craziest name, the mjx, so we’ll set the follow me and i’ll walk away so it’s following that’s uh, pretty cool that these features.

Actually, work on a budget drone you’ve got ta like that guys, especially for the price that i paid for this drone, which was a hundred and nineteen dollars. So i’ll stop that i must say it. It works amazing um. I know captain drone said he had a issue with it recording to the sd card, but i never had that problem. He must have got a dud because every time i push record on this, this is my third flight. With this drone it has recorded every time. So i’m not going to stop and show you guys pictures until i’m actually finished, because i don’t want to have a sinking issue again and i think that’s why i had a sinking issue: wow it’s, fighting that little breeze and i have to come down lower it’s. Really fighting that breeze to get back to shore here so do not fly this in any type of wind, like i say, it’s it’s, four, maybe five mile an hour winds here today and that just had a little bit of a hard time to get back it To me so i’m gon na have to fly out this way. So it’ll always come back here. Oh we’ll gain some altitude, so it has a 2.7 k, camera that’s. What you’re looking at i don’t know if i’m gon na even show you guys the unboxing i’ll. Just tell you guys, right now: it comes with a dual charger, so you can get two batteries and stick to both of them in the charger let’s get that camera up uh.

The one issue that you are going to have guys is: they do not give you the right, uh cable, for the for the batteries. They give you a micro micro usb and it requires a type c. So some kind of f up there, the company made but uh just pick yourself up a type c. Usb cable and you’ve got her made so depending on which type of phone you have the better. The wi fi on your phone, the further you’re going to get with this drone, but i can only seem to make it roughly 100 meters. I’M. 80. 91. Right now. 101. 107. I still have fpv 117, 129. Okay, i just lost it at 141.. So now try and bring it back. It’S now coming back and i just got fpv back guys so that’s the furthest i’ve made it yet with us. The last two attempts i’ve tried. I made it exactly 100 meters. Now sorry, i’m gon na have to read off a cue card, there’s just uh a little too much for me to remember here so it’s, a 22 minute flight time. I already told you guys a 2.7 k camera. It will cycle 180 degrees up or down 500 meter distance uh, supposedly fpv distance, but you guys just seen what i got: 15 20 kilovolt brushless motors, gps and optical flow. The battery is a 7.6 3 400 milliamp hour and the two features which i already showed you guys to follow me and the point of interest, but you can’t go wrong with this drone.

If, if you don’t mind that you can only get a couple hundred meters, awesome drone to buy guys awesome drone, so take it out here a little bit more before i uh lose life in the battery, like i say, it’s only 22 minute flight time, but uh You will get pretty close to that that’s about as high as i want to go with this over here. I’M. Almost 70 meters up, you guys, can see our local ferries there. We have two in port right now. I think i’m going to come back because i don’t want to get stuck too far away there and have the battery die on me. I flew it last night and i had it up 400 feet and the battery started beeping because that’s another thing it has a beeper on it to tell you when your battery is running low. So when that happens, it’s time to get that drone back and get it to the ground beautiful sunset here today tonight guys beautiful check that out absolutely amazing sunset but uh you get the props and the view a bit i’ll leave it hover there get you guys, A nice view transmitter takes three aaa batteries and i just bought cheap dollar store ones. So they’re they’re half gone on me already from three flights, so pick yourself up a good set of rechargeables or something and uh. This quad is not on sale at this moment anymore. I ended up getting the very last one uh price now guys is 220 something so before i end here, i am going to stop recording and we’re gon na get a picture of this beautiful sunset.

With this drone there’s a photograph, so you guys will see what type of camera this has it’s half decent the same as a mavic mini a 2.7 k. So turn this way a bit we’ll get a picture. Let’S go a little higher see. If we can guess there, we go the ferries and the sunset so there’s another photo guys and with that being said, i think i’m gon na bring it in for a landing here. So for what the drone is it’s really well built. I haven’t mentioned that to you guys, it’s a nice, solid, sturdy plastic it’s not cheaply cheaply made. So i would highly recommend this for a nice beginner budget drone and to uh to calibrate the compass and stuff there are no buttons on here to do it. You just turn that drone on and pick it up and spin. It stand it up vertically and spin it again and uh. Once you see solid, green lights, you’re ready to fly so just give a little walk around it’s nice sturdy, steady, drone, guys really steady. A gps works really good. Foldable props folding drone and it comes with a sticker kit which i put on us and i’ll show you guys that in a second here once i get this thing down and shut off so she’s off snap, one more picture there and power everything off sorry guys. So there you have it there’s your mjx so i’m, not sure who it was.

That said it, but one of the reviewers i’m guessing it was captain drone. Every time i hear the name of this drone, i think of what he said and what he said was when they were coming up with the name of this. He pictures a big board room of people and one of them standing up going. So i i think of that. Every time i hear the name of this drone and but it’s a cool drone, guys there’s your battery mine seems a little puffy, but uh could be just the way the way it was. But you never know this could have sat on a shelf for a year or two before uh actually a year, because this just came out last year but yeah i could have sat on a shelf ever since then and until i bought it. So that being said, guys, i highly recommend it. There will be links in the description to purchase it well slipped on the crack and uh purchasing it through our links. Guys will surely help us out. It helps us purchase more drones for the channel and more drones to give away to you guys. Now we only get a small percentage of the sale, but every little bit counts guys i’ve been just letting it build up in my banggood account. I believe i have 50 or 60 us dollars in that account right now and i’ll. Let it build up until i get enough for a drone, then i’ll purchase it and that’ll be the drone.

I give away next to you guys. So now with that being said, if you’re new to our channel – and you find anything of interest here – please subscribe, leave us a like leave us a comment.