I have another drone to show you today, uh i have the uh mjx uh mg1 uh, that the folks at mjx were kind enough to send me. I dont know if theyre still using the bugs name, its just called mg1, so i suppose its the bugs mg1 uh, but this is an interesting little drone. So lets pull it out of the box and take a look at it. Okay, so mjx in their typical style gives us a nice little carrying case. I always appreciate that uh. It really. You know, ive said it repeatedly. It helps keep everything organized and you do have a nice double zipper on the on the case and there it is theres the uh mjx mg1 or the bugs mg1. I suppose you could call it as well uh. They sent me the two battery version here. Uh lets get started with the drone itself, so so heres the little drone uh its uh, its a brushless motor gps, uh drone, and that has optical flow as well lets open up the legs here, so you can see it in all its glory. Let me hold it by the legs here, so you can see it a little better uh anyway brushless motors here and yeah on the bottom here, youre going to see uh well, thats a little pinhole camera, so thats optical flow. Now those two little guys right. There uh – i i didnt, say it in the specs, but they sure look like time of flight sensors, so i dont know for certain, but lets go ahead and peel this off and we can.

We can take that gimbal cover off. Okay, i had to look at how to remove this. It looks like you got to kind of just press down there and pull that out and and theres the gimbal. So you know what they are right, so it does have a roll axis, uh on the gimbal and uh and then up and down as well on the camera uh the pitch axis. So it is a two axis gimbal, so thats good to know what it doesnt have is the uh, the yaw axis, but thats, okay and theyre also advertising electronic image stabilization, so thats great. In fact, if you look on this leg right here, it says eis. 120 degree field of view uh one over three lands. F, two point: four two point: nine millimeter, so uh yeah, so that im very encouraged here now, knowing that that is a full two axis, gimbal and youll be able to also adjust that camera up and down too, which is really important, uh and then uh sd Card slot right here, i have, as youll see ive already inserted an sd card in there and theyre asking for a class 10 sd card and then its a rear loader on the battery. So let me pull the battery out and i didnt look at the specs on the battery, so it looks like 2 950 milliamp battery theyre saying a uh flight time of 25 minutes so uh. You know as typical, with virtually every drone manufacturer youre likely not to get 25 minutes, but you know, possibly, if you get uh 15 to 18 minutes, youll probably be doing pretty good, which is plenty by the way and then range theyre, saying 600 meter, control range And i think 400 meter fpv, so there again im going to tell you its probably more like 150 or 200 meters, which is plenty uh on a drone like this youre not looking to uh to fly long distances.

So thats going to be thats going to be more than enough, i would say uh and then also it does this little camera shoots in 4k, video and also uh 1080 video uh, and it also uh takes uh 4k pictures as well, so uh yeah thats about It for the drone here lets take a good look at the controller, so this is kind of a standard, mjx controller that weve seen many times before pay attention to this switch on the side, its gps on or off my what i would tell you is always Leave gps on you know, maybe, if youre shooting inside the house, you could turn it off, but for the most part, leave gps on. This is the on off switch for the controller, and i guess i should also show you theres a couple of handles here on the bottom of the controller and they look like that might be where you would mount your phone, but they are not theyre just handles To hang on to this button right here is to unlock the motors when youre starting it up youve got a good uh. Let me pull this off. Youve got a nice uh lcd screen here or excuse me led screen, not lcd uh and in fact let me uh. Let me turn it on here: real, quick yeah. You can take a look at that, so theres the uh. There is the led screen, uh and uh. You know gives you uh all the telemetry that youre gon na need uh and then this button right here is to take a picture, and i think you double press it uh for video, and this is the return to home button over here uh.

Then you got high and low speed right here, uh and then this is to land and take off. In other words, when youre getting ready to take off, you would unlock the motors with this button. You would hit this button and, and the drone will take off uh and i cant remember which one of these scroll wheels is. Yes, this one right here on on the right side of the the controller this scroll wheel is for adjusting the camera up and down this scroll wheel on on the left. Side is just locked, it doesnt do anything so lets unfold the antenna here. So what im going to show you about the antenna? Is this one? On the right hand, side is, has nothing in it, so its just there for show. There is a wire going into the one on the left here, so that one is actually useful. Let me show you how you mount your mobile device yeah you pull this out and uh then uh. This lifts up. You got ta, pull it all the way out. This lifts up and your mobile device goes right there and you can tip it down like this. For better viewing, if you want so a couple of ways to move it there, so then i like the way it just goes clear down into the controller and gets out of the way so thats kind of a handy little deal. So then, in the top of the bag, here uh you get the usual excellent uh manual that bugs provides and im not gon na, take it out of the bag, its just its an owners manual, but they always give you some bugs decals.

But what i like is they give you a large manual thats, easy to read and its usually, in fact, its always very well written and easy to understand and again im not going to pull all this stuff out of the bag here. But you get a screwdriver for the props and a uh, a usba to usbc, cable and some extra props, so that kind of rounds out the kit and again this one is the double battery kit. So i saw the single battery version of this drone on banggood. For about 229 dollars again ive got the double battery version and i would recommend that thats going to cost you a little bit more uh, i probably more like around 250 dollars, so theres only one thing left to do. We need to get the mjx mg1 uh out in the field and uh yeah lets get this bird in the air: hey everybody! Okay, we are out in the field with the mjx mg1 and im pretty excited about this little drone, and i need to correct something that i said earlier. I had some bad information on the frame rates here. This actually does shoot in 4k 30 frames per second uh. I was looking in the specifications in the manual. The the specifications sheet that i found out found online evidently was incorrect, so it is 4k 30 frames per second, i think i said 16 frames per second in the introduction, so i want to correct that.

Hopefully i corrected it on screen and im, not seeing anything in the manual about any lower resolutions or frame rates, so uh well uh, well mess around with that here when we get the thing fired up and take a look, but i am ive got high hopes That well get some pretty good, uh quality video out of this guy, with this two axis skin gimbal, that in combination with electronic image stabilization, it looks like a pretty good package, so uh lets quit messing around lets. Get this bird in the air. Okay. The first thing that we need to do here and you do that on any mjx drone is you need to pair the controller uh to the drone itself, so uh? The first thing you do is while youre holding down the lock button. You turn the controller on, and that puts it in pairing mode and you can tell that youre not going to be able to see it. I dont think, but both of the little on the sides of the led screen here, uh the segmented lines there are strobing. So so now we need to turn on the drone itself and thats by holding the power button down for three seconds and hopefully well get uh connection here i see that it quit strobing, yeah and so im gon na need to try that again. I think we must have something must happen so im going to turn the controller off hold down that lock, button again turn it on and its in pairing mode, and i may have to turn on the drone again uh that was kind of odd okay.

I got it to take that time. I think what i was doing wrong is you need to do that in pretty quick succession, so in other words, once you get put the controller in pairing pairing mode immediately, go over to the drone and and get it turned on, and then itll lock right up And you can tell because both of those bars quit strobing and theyre fully lit up, and i can see the uh the battery uh percentage uh on the uh led screen as well. So now we need to hook up the the drone to uh our mobile device. So im going into wi fi here on my mobile device and im gon na look for the drone and there you see it. It says drone 4g, so click on that theres no password needed and it should connect. The landscapers are doing a lot of work here today, so im, sorry for all that noise and anyway, okay. So now what we can do is we can fire up the app? So the app is the x drone app so lets click on that and were going to say, okay to everything, about the local network, etc, etc and uh, and the drone is already asking for a compass calibration. So well do that so thats gon na be uh and ill set the controller down thats going to be uh, turning it horizontally and we should get a beep. I didnt hear anything but well turn it vertically and i didnt hear any beeps.

We got a blinking green light on the back. That was not a successful calibration because i still have my uh my light blinking here. So uh lets. Try that one more time, okay, there we got it uh. Evidently i just didnt turn it uh enough uh, because i i finally got the beeps on the controller and the little and on the uh lcd screen or the led screen. Excuse me, the little blinking drone has gone away. Lets go ahead and enter device and allow, while using app that wants to know our location and look weve got a good fpv feed already lets go into the and its in sport mode and but well, thats, okay! Well! Leave it in sport mode lets, go into the uh menu here and see what we can see so uh im going to. I could choose the british system or the metric system. I typically use metric uh and uh. Beginner mode is off and thats what we want for our orbit. You could thats, where you have to preset when you go into the orbit mode, you have to preset it here so well, set it up. Well, weve got it at uh, 15 meters im going to bring that down a little bit, see if i can get it down to 10. theres 10 yeah, 10 meters, uh and then distance, uh, thats kind of interesting uh, im not sure were going to set the Return to home height up a little, maybe you have to set the other distances.

First, were going to set maximum distance and were going to set maximum height and then return to home altitude here, well put it at 25 meters. That should be plenty for what were doing and thats everything there, and that is security, and i dont see anything else in that menu. So i think were updating here. Yeah setting is okay, so camera menu lets click on those three bars there we go and oh and you can set brightness and saturation thats good to know. Uh were going to not do any effects. We are going to leave iso on auto. I dont see any place here where we can uh. Well. Maybe lets try this button down here. Cache frame – oh yeah, okay, so there it is video size, okay. So this is good to know. So we can go 1080p 60 frames per second, which is awesome, but were going to go. 4K 30. lets get the best video we can and we may even try something else and uh lets go ahead and format the card, its always a good idea to let the drone format the sd card, how it likes. So we should be good to go here. Lets quit wasting battery im going to start recording now and it looks like the lights. The tf light is blinking, so it should be recording. So, in order to take off on all mgx drones, you hit this unlock button and that unlocks the props and maybe yeah it doesnt like something lets, do a short press, maybe a long press.

There we go a little bit longer of a press, then the take off button on the back here so were going to click that and there it is in typical, mjx fashion. Weve got a nice uh, steady hover here, lets uh, oh boy and really uh the the uh, the controls that yaw control its as you saw, the drone turned around pretty quickly and im parked right. Next to my truck so im i dont want to. I dont want to fly it into my truck here. So im going to be a little extra careful but lets uh lets bring it in here. A little bit drop it down see if we can bring it in there. We go so theres the drone Music. I was holding my hand under the drone to see how uh see, if that uh the time of flight sensors or what looks like time of flight sensors on the bottom would make the drone rise up. But i didnt see that but theres definitely a little optical flow sensor under there lets rock it back and forth here, and you can see how that two gimbal works and im hearing a little kind of a whistling noise out of the drone uh. So i dont know if thats normal or not, but i i guess well, take it on a flight here and find out a little breeze came up and im watching the drone drop just a little thats, probably the barometer okay im going to drop the gimbal down Here, just a little, maybe we go.

I was turning it the wrong way and were gon na. Do a uh uh, a manual dronie right now, so hang on, we got a car coming here, were gon na wait for that car to get out of the way and were going to do our manual droney, reversing up now reverse and up and there we are, And boy, oh boy did the drone. The drone is moving around, like oh, its toilet bowling like crazy, okay, im not liking that were gon na bring it down thats, not a good sign. It was moving in circles, uncommanded circles, which usually that means that it needs a calibration lets see if it settles down here and it is settling down. So i dont know what that was about, but that uh was not something that you want to see. Uh. Typically, you hope that uh, you get you dont get that kind of a movement with the drone, but but we did so uh so lets lets bring it back in here. Just a little bit, i kind of want to see what we got going and im going to put it in low speed mode, its in high speed mode right now so im going to hold that button. Maybe you have to hold it yeah that put it in low speed mode, so that should help us a little bit and lets bring the lets, bring it back to us and the controls im watching the drone yeah its really uh moving around after i let off The controls and its going in a circle here again were gon na bring in its moving around up.

There were going to bring the drone back in and and see if i can land it here. I am not liking what im seeing as far as boy ill tell you what and i have uh its just really uh its r. The controls are just so vague, its really tough for me to control here and, in fact, im going to move it over here. On the other side of my uh well, maybe we can bring it down its kind of calming down here, a little okay, its its settled down a lot now, but let me tell you: it was moving around like crazy up there. Let me uh yeah, you can see it there right now moving over. Let me pick that camera back up, yeah, im gon na im, gon na land it here and were gon na, do another compass calibration Music and you saw it bouncing as i landed it there. Okay, im going to stop recording and uh and well do a quick calibration here and i should be able to calibrate it. I believe it is both sticks down into the left to do the compass calibration, but we are going to find out or maybe its to the right. I cant remember lets go down into the right first down and to the right yeah and then put it in geomagnetic calibration. Okay, lets go down into the left and see if we can get a uh, a gyro calibration and im, not so not sure whats going on there uh were gon na try this again, we got a good uh calibration.

The other thing i noticed is when i set the controller down earlier it folded up the antenna. This one is the only antenna that works, but were gon na pull that back out and and give that a shot here so lets see if we can take off again again were going to press the uh, the lock button on the controller here and that fires Up the the motors and lets do a manual takeoff and thats, looking pretty steady and im going to start recording again and uh lets uh lets head back out over the field here and see what we can see lets uh see how this guy does see if Its any steadier, so i just let off the throttle there, its holding nice and steady up there, so thats much better. So maybe we just needed a uh. Maybe we just needed a magnetic calibration here there i am going to uh drop whoops thats too much its pretty touchy on that uh that gimbal setting uh – and you know i kind of like what i see here in the uh on the fpv feed and again Were in low speed mode im heading out towards the other corner of the park here, lets grab some altitude thats not going to hurt anything to get some altitude as we go, and you know the drone looks okay. Now i was like i said i was a little concerned before when i saw those circular movements yeah, so i got out there 170 feet and its telling me tx no signal so were not even going to get out to the corner of the park, and i Was kind of suspicious of that with this drone theyre saying 600 meters yeah, look yeah! Okay, i got a little control back here, so uh so were going to keep it a lot closer in.

This is going to be im just telling you. This is going to be 150 meter, yeah youre, just not going to get very far out with this drone uh and i have yeah. Please pay attention to the wind speed. Well, we dont have much wind looks like its in auto return here so im looking at yeah, i got the fpv feedback, so i am going to see if i can cancel that and i did. I was able to cancel that auto return and uh lets see. If i can yell the drone around yeah and again im that now im only 68 meters away – and i lost a little bit of signal so uh lets, bring it down and bring it in a little here, bring it back to us yeah. We got some folks running around here, so were going to want to be a little a little more careful here. Lets drop that gimbal down just a little, so you can see whats going on bring the drone back to us a little bit here. Let me uh wow that i can tell you. The controls are very, very sensitive on this guy uh, although whatever issues i had with as far as the drone moving around seems to seem to have abated so thats a good thing lets see if we can maybe do a little bit of a circle around the Flag here im going to try and do that again, you know not the most yeah see im trying to control that yaw, not the most precise uh controls on this guy, although were kind of doing it here and were not gon na were gon na wait for Those people to get out of the way before we do much of anything else lets go ahead and back up.

The drone again were in tripod mode gives us a pretty good look at the flag there uh and there you know im, seeing it wander around a little as i as i get off the controls. I just you know. I dont expect uh a drone in this price category to have really precision super precision, controls but boy, this guys uh this ones kind of tough theyre making it really tough. Okay lets see if we can go. The other way lets try its just. You know either the drone is either its either yawning really fast. I mean its hard to get. You know those steady type movements with it im watching the drone. Above me, right now i mean were doing okay, i guess. Okay, let me uh pick up that gimbal and boy. The the the gimbal wheel is the opposite direction of what im used to with uh most other drones, so thats. Why i keep pushing it the wrong way and lets see battery power here were down to about three quarters on the drone. According to this im moving out over the field and im looking on here, if anywhere, it tells us our speed, i dont see that anywhere. I dont see our horizontal speed. It just tells us our distance and our height yeah. We got the big youre going to hear a bunch of noise. We got the big blower going in front of me here. Never fails. Lets see how far out here we can get this guy uh its funny guy just came out with a vacuum to vacuum, up the leaves and now theyre blowing theyre blowing whats left of them around yeah, so were about 225 feet and we lost signal.

So lets see if it comes back to us, it should put it into return to home and now so we got signal back again. Let me see if i can yaw around here. No, i got no ive lost that control, so hopefully im holding the controller up the flat part of that antenna pointed towards it and uh. The drone uh, hopefully well going to return to home im looking for it and not seeing it holding the controller backwards, maybe see if i can get it to come back to us. I wonder if i can get a return to home signal to it. Lets try that press that button yeah this is interesting, so the drone is not going into uh into automated return to home. So im gon na walk out there uh into the field, see if i can get closer to the drone and and see if we can. Maybe get it to take that command yeah with no connection, it should be on its way back already, but its not oh yeah. It is okay, its above us its coming down its landing. It came back. We just dont have any fpv. I couldnt see it so lets. Watch it come down here and its slowing down yeah, you can see it on the gopro. Now let me drop that camera just a little pretty accurate gps, wise, look its right next to the controller uh and it says gps off. Although is what it says, and – and i still have a frozen fpv screen so ah thats not good – hopefully you get a a signal back and lets see what id really like is to stop recording lets see.

If i can oh yeah, look there we go. We got fpv back so im going to stop recording that way. We know we dont ruin a file. We still should have plenty of batteries, so lets take off again and lets try some of the flight modes and see what we can do. So we know that emergency return to home did finally kick into place there. So lets go ahead and hit the unlock again and im going to do an auto takeoff and im going to pick the drone up and get it pointed towards us get see. If i can look down here, i i keep pushing that scroll wheel. Yeah, i dont know i dont have any control over the uh. Oh there we go now. I got some gimbal control. Its weird. I didnt have any gimbal control there for a second. Let me back it up just a little. I want to get some more height and back it up. I want to get it up above everything here see if i can center it on me and uh yeah. We should be high enough for anything here. So im gon na im gon na click on those i dont know four little rectangles there that are above the return to home icon on the left side and thats gon na put us in point of interest. Uh, which should itll do itll, do a circle now, where it does the circle if it starts where its at or moves off.

I i dont know, but i swipe yeah, okay, so its starting it right here, so thats, perfect thats. What you want and its doing a its doing a nice little orbit here, and i think we, where did we set that at originally we set it at and its not exactly centered on me, but its doing a good orbit. I think we set that on 10 meters or 15 meters i dont remember, which uh but its doing a perfect circle, so thats exactly what you want it to do. I like that, that is exactly right, so were going to go back into that and click on it again and itll stop and the drone took that command perfectly uh. And then we do have a follow me mode, which uh im gon na see. If i can get it to work here and it it and what it should be, is uh gps follow me and it should follow the gps signal from my phone and the controller. So uh lets go into follow me and hopefully the uh. I always get a little nervous on some of these drones because sometimes they kind of it kind of freaks them out a little bit, but this guy seems to be doing okay yeah. It seems to be following me: just fine yeah, its working, its working well, huh. Nice job on that one mjx. So if youre looking for a gps, follow me now, as you can see what happens with gps, follow me as opposed to like an active track where its an optical, a optical, follow.

Is it doesnt, keep you exactly in center of frame, so im kind of vaguely in the frame im going to see if i can push the drone backwards walking towards it, and i can so yeah thats perfect. That is exactly uh exactly what you would hope. It would do so uh, so those work perfect. So i get nothing but good to say there. So uh lets get out of that and were back into regular mode and uh and were still filming. I believe that is, this does not have any kind of a well it may. It may have a waypoint mode here. Lets click on the map yeah. So i can i get on maps. I can do a a waypoint, so lets do a a small waypoint mission here, im going to click on that little finger at the bottom and im going to do points and im going to do im going to just have it right, hopefully do a square! Well, a square right around this parking lot that were in and then have it move right back to the middle. So we are going to submit that to the drone and were going to start it, and it should now go to its first position and it is and now its going to its second position and now its moving to its third position and its not messed around. Trust me on this: hopefully you guys are seeing that on video, it is its all in the mail and thats working perfectly.

You know im watching the drone right above me, and this map is seems to be pretty darn accurate. So now its going to go to the last position here, number five, so yeah exactly right! So now the the battery is low enough that its reducing the range. Although what im going to tell you, is this? Just not a drone youre going to fly much further than 100 meters anyway, so so that shouldnt be a problem. Okay, so i want to go back to im clicking on my screen to get my fpv feedback and and well bring it back down and uh and lets. Take it out there a ways. Let me just back it up here: im gon na grab some altitude back. It up lets see how well that hundred meter limit uh works here and again, im in low speed mode, but the drone is is moves along pretty quickly, even in low speed modes. So let me pick that camera back up talk on it and back it up here lets see if we can get to that hundred meter limit its moving farther than 100 meters isnt it so im moving it towards us lets. Uh lets go ahead and uh and put it in return to home and thats sorry. So its telling me no signal at 117 meters so lets try return to home on the controller yeah and it took that command and yeah so im, seeing it rise to its uh return to home height and its coming back to us so again.

Well, take another look at uh and boy: it doesnt mess around once when it finally gets into return to home. Let me tell you what the drone moves right along. This is a powerful drone and let me uh, let me see if i can kick the camera down. I dont think this yeah, this camera doesnt go all the way 90 degrees down. It will only go 70 degrees and yeah its going to be pretty darn close here, youre going to be able to see it on the gopro here. Let me get out my shadow out of the way so yeah i mean thats, pretty darn good. This drone does not have uh precision landing, so you know thats within a foot of the pad or so thats pretty darn good. Okay ive got another battery, so not being one to waste a battery. I think we ought to take off again and see what we can do with this guy. We got 15 satellites enter device, looks like were ready to go here. Lets start recording again and lets just fly around. What we didnt try out earlier was zoom, and then i want to be able to get some landings to be able to show them to you. Guys too so were again were going to start up those motors by pushing that to unlock button and uh, and then im going to just do a manual take off here and boy that stick moving.

It moved it didnt, take it long, so uh so im going to go up and out into the field here, and you know the drone is uh is operating better. I had some issues there at first with it doing a circular motion and stuff uh, but uh, but it really has calmed down here. So let me uh drop that camera down get. It pointed towards us a little bit more and were only 35 meters away, and i had no signal there for a second, but were gon na were gon na. Try the zoom here so im moving up whoop, no thats moving the camera. Okay, i thought that was zoom, so uh maybe do we have a zoom. I thought it said we had zoom on here. So ive got a ive got a little scroll. You can see on the right side of the screen that little uh scroll uh little. You got a blue and a green line and a little tab in the middle yeah so that just moves the uh, the gimbal, which you know thats kind of honestly. I like that, a little bit better than i do, of uh using the scroll wheel on the back of the of the camera here or of the controller so uh. What i want to do here is i: i really would like to uh to get a little more range out of this guy, so im going to try and pick that camera up a little there we go.

I turned the wheel the right way that time lets just go out here in the field a little bit and see if we can get some decent uh range out of this guy and ive got the ive got the uh in fact lets pick up some altitude. So that thats not an issue, get the drone up there. A ways in fact lets go even higher than that lets, get it up about 50 meters, high and and that way uh. There should be no obstructions with the signal here and the drone, so im going to see boy im, a little reticent here were 150 meters away yeah and we lost signal immediately so range wise, youre, just not going to get much okay. Let me yawn around again and bring it back to us get closer so that we can keep a good, solid, steady control signal there and im going to take a picture here so were going to stop recording, and this should be a 4k picture. So, im just going to click on that white button on the right hand, side of the screen – and it says it took a photo so lets start recording again and bring it back to us here. You know a little bit of lag in the controls im going to tell you so im going to bring it back towards us, and you saw that you know we. We was popping in and out of range there, so im going to hit full speed forward here and again.

This is in low speed mode and hopefully kind of give you an idea of how fast this drone is. It moves along pretty good. I mean im watching it up there up above me and its its cruising right along okay, so lets turn around lets, put it in high speed mode again. So maybe i need to hold it down a little longer yep sport mode. Now it says thats high speed mode and lets see how the gimbal operates in high speed mode, see if it kicks the gimbal around at all. Lets go lets, go straight out this direction and were already 58 meters out. So we dont want to go too far or excuse me, 30. Some meters out boy ill tell you what the that yaw control is is touchy, so were 100 meters im not going to go any further than that and lets turn around and im seeing a little tilted horizon, oh boy. So so i had so much lag on the fpv screen there that i couldnt really control that uh, that yaw so im gon na stop, recording and were going to take a picture in this direction, and the reason i did that is because i typically take pictures In both those directions on different drones, so im going to try recording again yeah the device has not connected so its uh. It will not yeah, it wont start recording lets try to try to take another picture. Yeah took a picture, but why wont it record? Okay, im going to bring it back to us here, see if i can and get closer to us and the drone is moving right along.

Let me tell you its just about above me. Now there we got to start recording again and again. You know im seeing a fairly crooked horizon there a lot. You know i dont, i dont a drone in this price category. I dont get too worried about that lets. Uh lets go forward speeds. I kind of want to give you an idea of how fast this drone will fly. So you know the only way to do that is to bring it down here. A little ways so lets drop some altitude here, im, bringing it down and again were in were in sport mode and theres a fair amount of lag in these controls, so its its really difficult for me to uh. To really give you uh, you know, i i mean you struggle to when you let go of the sticks and when to start on the sticks, just because of the lag anyway. Im full stick forward now, and this will give you an idea of speed and i let off long before i got close to that tree just simply because i didnt i, i didnt trust the lag and the controls so were gon na do the same thing. Coming straight back towards us here, you can see me standing there so full speed forward here and were in sport mode and im gon na let off now yeah, and you see the drone moving around there when i let off a little bit, uh and again thats In sport mode – and i kind of wanted to give you an idea of of uh how the drone fly, you know the speed so that getting it lower helps you do that, so im going to go full reverse here and boy im watching the drone, its moving Right along and yeah, i dont want to go uh boy im, seeing it move around there.

A little bit lets go forward and let me raise altitude yeah im watching the drone. It im telling you this things fast, uh, but it but whats nerve. Wracking, for me, is the uh is the lag and the controls, and particularly in sport, mode uh. It. You know you by the time you change a control interface. The drone is already way past, where you thought it would be. So what im going to tell you is be careful in sport mode, youre, probably going to want to be pretty high off the ground, so lets go back into low speed mode. Maybe up its telling me at 124 meters, no signal so im. I can see the drone im staring right at the drone. Now there we got it back so lets bring it back to us a little get a little closer. Maybe we can get a little better signal and what and what i wanted to do was bring it down, and i want to put yeah and its in tripod mode now i see so. I want to give you an idea of the speed and tripod mode, so lets get it down. Were six meters off the ground here and were heading straight well. I was trying to head straight for that tree. Oh, and no signal thats, not good uh. At less than 100 meters away, you know thats, not anything. You want to see so again. Okay, im full stick forward here again, so its not too bad in that mode, and you know kind of gives you an idea.

Let me see if i can move it around here, move it sideways around and you know, listen were 42 meters away and i got ta admit were not very high off the ground, but you saw that no signal again and im watching the drone kind of drift Around a little bit uh in front of me there, so i think weve done about uh about all that we well i dont know maybe lets see, lets see if i can just fly it in here to us and go get around this sign and maybe get Some low speed uh low altitude, like i said, though the thing is i my problem is: i do not trust the lag and the controls here to do this kind of uh flying. You know im trying to direct it towards me and it aint easy. You know you you as soon as you hit that yaw button it it it moves. You know a little bit too quickly, yeah im, just telling you its its tough moving sideways here, uh again, theres, just a certain amount of lag in the control. So my recommendation is: this: is going to be a drone that youre going to want to fly uh higher up and turn it around here. Bring it back to me, and even when i stop, i mean it. It moves around. So you just dont have the kind of precision that you would hope to have so im going to see if i can bring it back over the top of us again here so thats a little bit better im going to move it out in the field here.

Lets uh put her back in high speed mode, see if it took that nope says still says: low speed hold it down a little bit there. We got the two beeps thats high speed mode and uh lets go full forward here and fly it around here. A little ways – and you guys are gon na – see me uh youre, going to see some pretty quick, yaws here and so forth, but thatll thatll kind of tell us uh how well that uh uh that gimbal operates im going to get up higher im telling you You just what i dont want to do is run into something boy. Look at that yaw when youre in sport mode holy cow. I didnt mean to do that. Okay, so i think weve about seen about all we uh can see on this guy lets. Uh lets go ahead and put it in return to home and im gon na. Do it lets, try it on the uh on the app this time so im going to hit that return to home button on the app right below yep, confirm return to home were going to slide that slider and lets see how long it takes it yeah its Not messing around im watching the drone its coming right back. Let me see if i can uh oh thats, the wrong way on that scroll wheel, trying to bring that gimbal down. So you can see it here and again.

The gimbal on this guy only comes down to about 70 degrees, so we cant look straight down with it, but uh, but lets see yeah its coming down. You know one thing ill say is uh as far as gps accuracy, this guy does pretty good lets, see if youre going to be able to see that on the gopro and you are and its been consistent. You know its been uh a foot or two off the pad uh on every landing so and i should have picked that camera back up. Let me get everything shut down and well do a quick conclusion: hey. I did a conclusion out in the field with the mjx mg1 and i got home and i looked at the video that i got off of the drone, so i decided to come back and redo my conclusion and thats a good thing. The video quality off of this little bargain drone the mjx again model number mg 1, was quite good, often off of drones in this price category uh, even if you get a stabilized picture, sometimes the video quality isnt that good and then sometimes the other way around. You might have fairly reasonable looking video quality, but then its either a not stape, not a stabilized camera or its just a gimbal that doesnt work very well. But in this case this thing worked quite well and and kept the camera very stable, no jello, no jiggles, etc. I mean a couple of times.

I saw a little bit of an unstable horizon. The drone also did quite well on its intelligent flight modes. In other words, automated flight modes, it has an orbit mode that it did executed perfectly, and then we also did a gps. Follow me test with it, and it did that great. It was really good. In fact, i was even able to push the drone backwards as i was walking towards it, and then it has way points. I made a little waypoint mission and man, it just went for it and executed it perfectly thats, all the good stuff, and by the way that camera is a big deal. Having good video on that camera is a huge deal on a drone in this price category. Uh now the downside is this: controls fair amount of lag in the controls, tough to do really precision maneuvers with this drone and in fact, if youre flying it and i got nervous anytime, i had it closer to the ground. I was, you know it was moving around a little bit and there was enough lag in the controls. I just didnt feel real comfortable uh and then the other uh issue that i had, and this depends on how far you want to fly, but connectivity theyre, claiming 600 meters control, and i think they said 400 meters fpv. I didnt get even close to that. If i was out much more than 100 meters, i started having control problems, in other words, losing connection with the drone, and in fact i even had it a couple times even closer than that, and certainly if you got out over 150 meters, you just are not Youre going to lose connection with the drone, at least in the area i was in, i was in a public park that is probably a fairly busy wi fi environment, a lot of urban area.

You know a lot of houses and stuff around, so maybe some more wi fi interference. If you took it out in the country, would you do better? You probably would and in fact ill probably do that ill. Probably take this guy out someplace and just see what it will do connection wise, because the reason im willing to do that is because i was so impressed with the with the video quality at the price point that this drone is at so uh yeah. I mean i guess i can say that i can recommend this guy, the mjx mg 1. I saw it on banggood for like 229. uh. Perhaps you can get it at a little better price elsewhere. I dont know well look around a little bit so anyway. I guess thats about it: the mjx mg 1 pretty decent little product uh. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel and of course well see on the next one uh, the mjx mg 1, not a bad little drone.