Both were first to say first in one of my recent videos and both when the shout out so congratulations good morning, quite copter 101 here and I have a review of a neat new drone that just came, and this is the mjx bug 7b7. So what is the b7 well you're, looking at it it's a little brushless motor folding drone, as you see here, what's special about it, though folks, is that this is under 250 grams that's. The big thing about. Let me turn back off again that's. The big thing about this is and it's under 250 grams, and what that means folks is that this does not require registration for flying it in most countries. Ok, this is one of the you know this year. I think we're gon na be seeing a lot of these coming out under 250 gram drones, trying to avoid that registration problems that most countries have placed on people who have drones that if you go over 250 grams, you have to register the drum this one. You do not okay let's talk about it. Other special thing about it is: it has a very high resolution – camera that's 4k HD video, that district courts. However, that 4k HD video is recording it's 16 frames per second, so keep in mind there's going to be. You know it's not really smooth 4k. However, you can also record in 2.5 k at 20 frames per second a little bit better.

Okay, I would recommend that most people – you actually do that with flying this at what's, the 2.5 k, because it produces almost as good a picture as the 4k, but a lot smoother. But with that in mind, this does record to an SD card and you are going to need to use a good SD card here. I recommend folks, ok, they in the manual it says, use class 10 or higher. I tried class 10 and it was not fast enough to keep up with recording from these this high resolution camera. I recommend going to the U class I'm using a 32 gigabyte u3 card. I would recommend something like that and you can't go above 32 gigabyte. Do not 64 gigabyte or 128. It will not work with this card reader you're going to need to be used. 32 gigabyte. I recommend you three, you three class okay, not class 10 it's, just not fast enough! Other special thing about this camera. It is GPS. Okay, that makes us able to return to home on command, on lots of signal from the transmitter or on low battery it'll come back actually you'll come back within 30 meters and then we'll. Let you fly around within 30 meters. Until the batteries deplete it then it'll land itself, other things this has is optical flow, since your if case your GPS signal is not strong, you can still have stable flight using the optical flow system that can be turned on or off, and one other thing.

This has that I'm, not sure. Quite what what it's for is this LED light on the bottom? It does not light up, at least that I can see, which is telling me it might be an IR LED light doesn't mention much in the camera other than that. This is a light, but I think it might be an IR aid to the optical flow sensor. In effect, you know sending down a light to the ground, an infrared light, so that the optical flow sensor in in low light level conditions might be able to work. I think I think that's what that is. I can't confirm it since I can't see a visible light. That'S telling me it's IR light. Okay, we mentioned the brushless motors on this. These are 30 no 620 750 kV motors, with four MPs seized to power them other. Also is the battery let's talk about the battery that comes with us? This is available in one two or three battery versions. If you want extra batteries or are contemplating getting extra batteries, get them at the time of purchase, otherwise you're gon na have, you might have a hard time getting spare batteries at a later date. I recommend getting with time to purchase and more about these batteries. These are seven point: six volt 1500 milli ampere hour batteries, it's supposed to give this drone 15 minutes of flight time. That would be in hover. I got a feeling: we're gon na probably get a lot less flight.

Seventh, we actually go out into the field. What happened I mentioned yet the controller. This is the controller for this drone. Now, if you look at this controller, these antennas, one of them, is not a fake and trying to see which one is this one here. You can actually see a wire coming up in the center there, so this one is a real antenna for once. However, this one is a fake and it with that we got this little phone holder for your phone. You got forward up all the way so that this bottom comes out, so you can flip your phone in other things. On this controller, is we have automatic? Take off an automatic landing button right there on this right side. Here we have rates, we can select different rates by holding the button down for three seconds and it'll switch from low to high rate. If you want to fly without the GPS or with the GPS, you can fly a little bit faster if you'll just button down now. It also shows a little like fixture here, but what this does folks is, if you are an optical flow mode and you go into optical flow mode by turning the GPS system off, you can turn the optical flow, also on or off by quick press to this Button when the GPS system is off quick press, this button will turn off the Jeep the optical flow, so that you can do sport flying in effect, okay, that's.

The idea of why you would want to turn optical flow off now. One other big thing always make sure if you're just going to be flying this and GPS mode makes your GPS is on, or else you may have a bad day. The first time you take off with this drone – and it starts to drift away from you, especially if you're a beginner it might have been because you had not had GPS system on so make sure the GPS is on by pushing this button all the way up. Others, which is on this here, we have a camera switch here, this camera button, you hold it down for three seconds that starts and then you hold it down again after the flight to stop the video recording and if you want to take a photo, you do A quick press of this button here and we'll take a photo. This button here is for automatic return to home and landing quick press, and the drone will start to fly back. This unlock button arms, the motors you do a quick press of this button and the motors will start to spin and then you can press the automatic takeoff button and the drone will lift off or you can give a throttle and the drone liftoff. And if you want to need to do an emergency, stop you hold this button down for three seconds, and the motors will stop. Do not do that in flight folks, or else the aircraft will drop from the sky.

This is only in case. You end up in the in a tree and it's stuck up there. The motors are still trying to run turn them off by pressing this button and hold it down for three seconds, and those motors will stop and you have the onoff switch here. Let'S, look at the it has a real nice LCD screen let's see if you can see that there I'm bringing it up to the camera. It shows signal strength from the drone signal strength that the drone is receiving from the controller battery power of the drum, which is zero right now, because I don't have the drone on battery power of the controller. It shows distance and height of the drone, along with whether the GPS is on or off right. Now I go off. No, I got turned on the number of satellites that are being received and right, low or high rate. Again, you can change that by holding this button down for three seconds and it switches to high rate and then older down for three seconds switches to low rate and the mode mug to UM God. It'S default is mode 2. You can actually set that to mode 1 by holding this button down and pressing this, but actually you got to do that while turning it on hold this button down turning it on the controller on, and these will be going up up, it's waiting for a signal. Then you press this button here and now we're in mode 1, and then we press it again back to bow to, because I wanted mode 2 and we come out of that by pressing that there.

So also one other thing. If your drone is not connected to the controller, you can put this into connection mode by holding this unlock button down, while turning on the transmitter and then turn on the drone and the drone will automatically connect – and you won't need to do that again, you you Only need to do that, maybe the first time you take this out of the box, because I needed to do that that's how all mgx drones, by the way, if you have an MDX drone and it's not connecting to the drone, you put the controller into connection Mode by holding that unlock button down, while turning on the controller let's see yeah, I didn't mention the. I happen the MRC Pro app that this uses requires you to have a phone with 802.11 AC Wi Fi. Now not everybody has a phone with 802.11 AC Wi Fi before you purchased this drone. I strongly recommend – and I say it again strongly recommend that you check that your phone is indeed capable of using 802.11 AC Wi Fi or you will be very disappointed when you get this drone. Okay, it's just a heads up folks, but with that app it enables you to view FP real time. Fpv video from the drone on your phone out to a distance of about 300 meters that's. The predicted range of this strum we'll, see if that's actually true out. If I get 300 meters range when I go flying today, but with that also that app also gives you the capability of follow me circle me, and it also even has Waypoint mode control on in the settings of that app other thing about it.

You can, it also has drone and camera settings that you can modify like for the drone settings it. It has geofence settings for altitude and distance along with orbit diameter for circle me mode, along with return to home altitude settings for return to home mode along with compass and gyro calibration. It also has itself check status indications for the gyro, the barometer, the compass and the GPS, that's also available in the app along with a flight log summary, and additionally, you can change the camera settings of the drone from 4k to 2.5 k video. It also has brightness contrast, saturation sharpness and exposure settings along with special effects, settings for grayscale brightness, and I forgot the other one is, but I have a picture up here showing you it along with fbv quality settings. You can change that to an additional there's. Some additional settings in up to him missing but I'm, going to put a little screenshots of each of those settings up here and in during the discussion of this now let's talk about what you get in the Box. You get in the box, your user manual and there's also a Quick Start manual for those of you a little more experienced that don't need to read your user manual. However, I strongly recommend it. Everybody reads this user manual before flying. You get a nice set of bugs stickers; they always include these with their drones, that's, pretty cool you get the drum.

I got the two battery version. I got the main battery and on the drone, by the way, here's how you remove that battery. You pinch these two connectors and it pops out like so, and it slides back in, like so clicks in you get the battery charger now it's a two two point battery charger, so you can charge two batteries at once with this using a type c, USB cable Plugged into a wall charger, I strongly recommend using two amps or above wall charger to charge this or else you'll be waiting all night. If you try to charge the screw through your computer's USB port, which is only 500 milliamps it'll, take forever to charge these, not big batteries, you get the controller you get a spare full spare set of propellers you get a little little Phillips screwdriver along with this, Is a prop Olerud? It actually goes on top of these prop nuts, and then you squeeze them together, and then you can loosen them up without using a pair of pair of pliers, which would probably scratch those up, and you get four little grommets that go. I believe under the propellers, so I think I've mentioned everything. Let me go over my list here before we, we quit and go out and field that's about it. So let's take this out into the field and see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning. Quadcopter 101 had here in a beautiful day out here in the desert, practicing social distancing.

I forgot to mention something about the bug 7 here and that it has it's front lens its front. Camera lens can be bent up or down now, it's not done remotely you're gon na have to manually tilt this, in my case, like that very stiff folks, but it can't be manually tilted and the reason you want to tilt it a little bit downward is so You don't see the props in the image. I still might see some props, because this has a very wide angle lens. I think I'm gon na leave it right that for now we're gon na start with it with it at that downward angle. Over but I'm guessing about 30 degrees, 20 degrees. There get up a little bit more now I'm hoping not. The props ain't gon na show up okay, let's connect this to the controller, show you how to do that and then we're going to do a compass calibration without using the app you don't really need to do. Use the app to actually fly this drone since it records to an SD card. You can't fly it line of sight and I want to show you how to calibrate that compass without the app so turn this on let's put it on a flat level, surface and here's the onoff switch up front and pressing and holding it, and that should bring It up and then we're going to turn this on now again, if your controller does not bind to the drone, the way to get it to bind is hold down this red button while turning on, and it will bind automatically now right now, this enters automatically into Compass calibration mode – and I don't know if you can see that or not.

I hope you can see that, but there's a flashing compass signal right there and that's telling me we need to do horizontal, turns counterclockwise three of them, one two three and then we switch to nose up turns also counterclockwise one two, two and three, and that should Complete the compass calibration and that little insignia, flashing and signa goes away, and that tells us we have compass calibration completed okay, now I'm, going to connect it to the app I am going to fly with the app, because I want to see how far the fpv Goes on this, so give me a second while I connect to the 802.11 AC Wi Fi, okay, this is the MRC app available on Google Play and iTunes and right now I see I have a Wi Fi connection, FPV Wi Fi connection, and we also have 12 Satellites on the air seedy screen, I can see that which tells us we have sufficient satellites to fly so we're ready to actually to go now. But before we go, I want to set the video to 2.5 k resolution we're going to do the first flight to 2.5 k and then we'll do follow on flight and 4k and the reason I want to do this is, I am going to upload this to Youtube the review itself in 1080p, but I'm going to also include links to the raw video from the drone to show you, for those of you want to see the difference in quality quality between the 2.

5 k and the 4k. So keep that in mind. Folks, okay, we are in 2.5 K mode and am I stuck the video recording by pressing and holding this button here and we got video recording, started and we're going to unlock the motors by pressing this button here and then spin up and then I'm gon na Press the automatic takeoff button we'll see the stability of the drone, well it's very stable, so we know the compass calibration is correct, so let me pick it up a bit higher get into the video and say I'd, like my shirt today. Folks, thanks 1 for today. Ok, I'm, looking at the camera it's pointing a little bit downward that's. What I want again, I hope the props aren't shown up it. Doesn'T look like they are on mic LCD screen, but I could be wrong so we're recording let's head on now before we head up on Stricker antennas. I got them pointed downward like such I'm, going to point them toward the flat side of the antennas toward the drone is it's going outbound to give us maximum range, hopefully and I'm gon na go a bit higher to code, because I don't wan na hit the Ground on the way, high, okay, you know where we go it's going pretty fast, I'm gon na turn to the left. Folks, I want to go this way going up a bit higher a bit higher yeah recording properly it's, not a black drone.

I can actually see it out at that distance here, let's plop it right there. What distance are we here or down on my screen, that's about 185 meters away how's the fpv FPD looks frozen, so it didn't even make it 85 metres before the FPV froze says. Not connected so we lost fpv somewhere in that ranger I'm gon na hit the automatic return turn to home. Did a quick press. I don't know if that's activated or not is it movement yeah it's, moving it's coming back, it looks like it's, climbing first and no it's zipping right back so keep in mind. You know this is not a long distance. Fpv flier I lost fpv. I don't know what range. Let me look on here to see if it shows the range, probably down in the lower right corner and Sal ittle bit to Pyke but there's the drone overhead let's. Do it let it do an automatic landing. So this little drone is not really for a long. This is flying it's for short, should range. The 500 meters, I'd say 150 meters, but again keep in mind. You can go farther out and fly it. Lian line of sight will actually just fly it until it reaches its max distance from the controller cuz. I think it's back from range is probably a lot farther than I heard 85 meters, but let's better come down. Okay, I got fpv back again so we're good but I'm, letting it land because I want to see how accurate its landing is and it's not too bad chop it up that little little weed there there's a weed, whacker and we'll.

Stop that video recording right there. Okay, so we're gon na repeat that flight only this time in 4k, so we have a direct comparison. Let me go into the settings again. Select 4k work a resolution I'm out of that start, the video recording again yeah recording is started and starting the motors again by pressing that button quickly automatic takeoff going up going up and up I'm gon na slow it down this time. Let'S see how far out we can go before we lose signal it's starting to get choppy already there and what's that distance there um 30 meters. Okay, I got it back again, this time I'm, holding about the flat end of my phone toward the drone, hoping that that'll improve reception, going on again still heading that bun still have signal. Okay, I lost it there again in the distance. This time is 106 meters got it back going forward again, so you know it's a very choppy signal the fpv on this it's, not the best okay, I lost it again. There look you leveling off and going out again look. How far are we right now? 150 meters away so it's very choppy out there at 150, going forward again raising my antenna straight up here, whoops. No, I don't want to go towards Road. I don't want to go that side of the road. Okay, very choppy, fpv still going forward. Again, though, we are at at 220 meters this time now, what I'm doing is keeping the flat end of my phone toward the drone.

The back end of my drum my phone and that's improving the FPV range, although it's very choppy going forward again, not only how's. My battery batteries, good, ok stopping again, and that seems to be about it – 254 meters, folks, so let's do that return to home again press the return to home button, and this is the range decreasing. Yes, it is so it's coming home to 2299 and we'll see when we get fpv back again. Drona is coming home. I can hear it. I can see it coming back pretty fast. I don't know if you see it up there, folks tiny little thing, but coming right over here, I'm gon na get away from the pad, so we can watch come down directly overhead right now and descending. We have signal back yet not yet. Okay, half signal back now: yes, so it reconnected. I see it again, so we got out to 250 meters that time folks and the way I did it was I kept the flat end of the back end of my phone pointed toward the drone, and our battery power is still good, it's shown about 75 percent. So let's, let it come back down and now I'm gon na stop that recording. So we got to comparison: videos, Music, okay and there we go okay. There is finally shut off and I'll stop that video recording. Okay. Now, in the interest of saving space on my card I'm gon na switch back to 2.

5 k, okay, 2.5 k now let's let's, take to the air let's see if I can start it manually by down and out but down and in no, you got to start It by stuck the motors first doctor video recording at 2.5 k, yeah pressing their automatic takeoff or the unlock. Now I might take off this time. Let'S try. The advanced features of follow me. Let'S go up a little bit higher I'm gon na get into the picture. Then in the upper left corner of the app, let me sync this up upper left corner of the app sync one more time: there's, those four boxes. There press that and select follow me and slide it to the right and not enough or okay, not enough distance II. You got to go thirty meters for a lot of these. I guess also this one too, so let's go a little further out. Let'S go a little bit higher up too let's select. Follow me one more time swipe to the right and there we go we're in follow me. So what type of following me do we got here? Well, it's, not a hubsan, follow me or is it see if it turns toward be turning toward me that's? Turning toward me so it's a DJ, I stopped following me: you're like being pulled on a string difference between Hudson and DJ at Hobson stays a compass position away from music. If it's north of your position, I'll stay there, but south it'll remove.

Is it following me versus just staying there? Oh it's following me: okay, there we go now downside to this drone. There are a couple downsides that I can see right now. First off is we're, seeing quite a bit of fisheye effect with this lens on this camera. That'S, because this camera is intended or I've designed, I can tell right it being a 2.5 k camera. It is a security camera folks, one of those doorbell cameras that's. What they're, using on this it's, not really meant for a photographic use, but it is high resolution enough that it should look good, but the other downside of that is I'm, not sure if it's really 4k, I think it might be interpolated video to 4k boys it's Following me, slow slow to react, I guess that's to keep down the jerkiness of it, but it is following me, I'm. Looking at the screen, okay, but yeah, I don't think it's really for Kia. Maybe some of the people can confirm it. Let me walk toward and see how it works, walk into word and follow me, but you know looking at the raw videos, maybe some of my experts on video might be able to tell me whether it's, true 4k or just interpolate it from the 2.5 k. Okay, that's enough of follow me let's. Stop that right there and let's also stop the video recording for now cuz. I want to bring it over ahead, bring it back toward me and from that point there I was trying to ward me a bit.

Well, you can just barely see me there imma start the video recording one more time. We'Re gon na try circle position a little bit flight and again we got to slide it now. Let'S see what it does there. It goes now. I have it set for five meters orbit. Let me find the center of the orbit. You can adjust that in the settings. In fact, let's do that this is kind of a short warbird, so let's stop that stop a little bit and let's go into settings. Can'T. Remember which settings of what they stopped, the video recording to video recording, stop. I think, it's a top settings that you can do that. You know you can't, set it there top settings camera settings bottom settings. I got ta set this on the ground hold on folks to readjust that, let me put it on the ground. You can't be fine Music and to just the like geofences parameters. You have to be on the ground level, not flying now we're going to increase the orbit. Diameter goes all the way out to 50 meters. I don't want to default, but 20 meters that's a trek. 20 meters see what that does orbit, and you also can set the return to own out altitude. Here too, as you can see, but let's come out of that confirm, update the data settings start the video recording one more time, starting the motor is one more time automatic one more time going up and 20 meters away.

You go about 20 meters away and also, at the same time, let's hit that swore bit flight and slidin slide, and there we go 20 meter orbit. Ok, we're getting a little low on battery. Let me take it up a bit just telling this below what's our blue half battery that's not really low, but there's its orbit. Folks that's, pretty cool it's working really well. I sent it out way far for this orbit, though this 20 meter orbit. Okay, that I got a warning there yellow warning, but it is real hard to see that with my old eyes that yellow warning is the battery only support the drone flying. So we got to stay closed for the remainder of the battery. Okay, let's. Stop that stop the recording or stop the follow me orbit flight, whatever fly to stop let's, bring it back toward me and for the remainder of the battery. I got a spare battery folks, we're gon na pop that in after this, but for the remainder of this battery let's fly in it within 30 meters until its batteries deplete it, and I want to see what it does once battery does deplete apparently I'm, seeing it Right now, it's starting to land let's, bring it close to see if that does land, okay, yeah it's, still showing like half battery power on mine, but bring it down a little lower, and what I want to do is I am going to turn off the GPS And we're gon na try that optical flow or sport flying to burn up the rest of this battery right now, it's drifting or is it or is it using its optical flow let's, see I've turned the GPS off? Does it stop there's a drift? No optical flow is on let's turn off the flow off, though remember quick press of this.

Oh that light just came on that light, does work that didn't work. For me. I guess it only works when it's flying okay, so let's go to high rate uh. My hundred dude hiring again oh hold this button down here. Weren'T high rate right now, let's for the remainder, the battery it's flying high rate, see how fast it'll fly. Yeah reasonable. Well, let's do a flight overhead here coming down lower Music. Now I mentioned a fisheye effect on this. You know mjx and I don't know this is the first attempt I guess in the under 250 gram class, with the brushless motor and good for them. For doing that, you know, I hope all the others try to do that, but what they need to do next, what they really need to incorporate along with this high resolution camera here, okay, there's, a low battery returned home, but what they really need to do is Incorporate some type of image stabilization now now it's going to where it originally took off for my mother out here in the desert for that second takeoff, but some type of image stabilization, either a mechanical or in this you know, incorporating a 250 gram, would be kind Of difficult, although it's been done, I guess by Matt or DJI, but a simpler, cheaper way up. I think to do it is this? Do it the same way they did with the tallow and that's incorporate a microprocessor, a high speed microprocessor to do electronic image image stabilization? That would put this over the top and really make it a popular drone.

In my opinion, they have that. I don't know why. The head didn't do that you know only only the Telo right. That was the drone. I can think of that. Has onboard image stabilization, all the others there's others that claim electronic and the way they do. It is through your phone, but that's that's, just a waste. Okay, come on shut boy with on a low battery return to home these batteries. These motors slow down slowly now let's do an emergency, stop just shut it off. They'Re shut down, throttle down. Okay, that last motor don't want to stop, though these last three motors and I don't – want to put my finger in there. Okay, mjx there's a little bit of a issue there, and that is a low battery shutdown or return to home. The motor doesn't want to seem to stop what's up with that. How about returning home press to return to home button? This motor is still spinning, but I can't tell if it's, but I might turn it off this way: shut down. Okay, I'm Jax there's. One little issue with your your drone: I'm gon na pull the batteries what I'm gon na do there we go that's at a time in that these are spitting a real low, idle speed on that low battery return to home. So you might want to look into that mgx what's, causing it okay, that's the flight time you get with one battery let's pop in another battery and try some other things with this particular drone.

Okay, we're back, I got a second battery in there. I already did the compass calibration also, I remember if you turn off the GPS, turn it back on whatever you turn this off: try to pin yourself to turn it back on, because if you don't fly with us without the GPS and it starts drifting away. First thing to check is to make sure that GPS is on so we're good to go there. What I want to do folks is, I want to go into maps map mode and the location here and we're going to try Waypoint flying and to do that. We'Re. Now, before I came out here actually one before I connect it to the drone, I connect it to my date and network first with the app open and went into the map mode here and what it does. Is it downloads the images, the maps into the phone's cache before you connect to the drone, because once you connect to the drone you're not going to be connected to the data network for most phones at least, and you will not be able to see? But any map information, okay, that's, how I'm seeing map information is I connected this first without connecting to the drone and then downloaded the apps by scrolling over the area where I was and it remembers that is what I'm trying to say: okay, let's go into lower Right corner see that little finger pointing and we're gon na click on that.

Oh, we got to be flying first, okay, so let's start the video recording then first and put it in the air starting the motors automatic takeoff growing up a bit higher. Actually, I want to go up to about that height because some of this elevate, this land goes up as you move around okay, now, I'm gon na select pointing and let's try the first one click there and then click let's go over here. Well, I guess you can only do one with that. One let's try it again: the second one, the middle one let's, try it yeah yeah and then there and there and then back toward us near us right there and then we're gon na hit, submit, submit and then slide it one does view there. Let'S go back to the map view. Let'S see how it progresses along the track, and also am i recording and mob, is in I'm, not sure hold on. I hope, it's recording in mob isn't, if not almost started up, let's go into the second boy that's. These real dice doesn't it going to number three turning go into number four should be go into number four, which is overhead don't turn there and go to number five or actually number five is right by me. So should come back to where my position or or near me at least – and here it comes okay – so did that actually rather nicely, this come down a bit we're going to do another one let's land it and get the other land button, and what I want To do this time, folks I'm, going to raise up I'm gon na raise up that camera lens so that we can see more horizon.

You are going to be seeing more prop in the video I'm sorry, but that's the way it is so it's that's up a little bit better and stop that video recording too, and also I want to make sure mob is in, was a coordinate. We recording a hold on folks, okay, mob isn't is recording, so let's go back to our position and this time let's send it a night on a further mission. First off we got to get back in the air again, so starting the recording, again yeah recording to start at starting motors again going up one higher okay, it's up there let's go a bit higher and go a little bit out further again, I don't want hit The ground as it's doing these missions, okay and this time let's go see what this white thing is over here on the map, no let's go back to that select in the second one. What is this white thing on the map over there and this time? Let'S? Go see what these two white things are on the map over here and anything else. We see it looks interesting on the map. Let'S go back down the road again to there and then come right back on them again: okay, we're close to home and then hitting submit, submit gon na hit, submit let's let's delete all those something's, not right here, let's try. It again went back to our position. Selecting that I want to go to see that first and then I want to go over here, let's, try that and then this thing here and this spot here and then come home and then hit submit and slide at the start.

Okay, there we go wait. Point machine and how's my battery by the way 34 summer, good they're, going over to see that thing first and then going off in that direction. The Waypoint to zoom out a bit. So we can see that there. So this actually does wait for it's rather well. I'M surprised, but again, yeah um mjx would have. This would be over the top if they did include onboard image. Stabilization of the video using a microprocessor on board the drone that is going to wait, bring it up the weight up, so they're gon na have to eliminate something else. Maybe that camera I don't know or not the camera that ya eliminate the optical flow. I don't think that's really needed on a GPS drone, maybe eliminate that L big bright light on the belly there. I don't think that's really needed either. Okay, most people who don't fly these at night. They flying during the day for photography, so okay that's the mission. So yeah, if a MJ considers including electrical or electronic stabilization, this could be a real winner being under 250 grams. Okay, bring it closer again, let's! Try the photos on this thing. We haven't done that yet, okay, stop in the video recording, then turning it. This way here so the Suns in my eyes and let's go back to this type of you coming down lower. You got to get up real close to this thing, because that wide lens and we'll take a couple photos here.

So you can see me, go up a bit higher and one more three photos showing you: the camera: okay, starting the video camera one more time, Asst, oh let's, put it on the ground there's. One thing I want to do next: I haven't done yet and that's rocket again that camera can be tilted up or done what we're gon na do. Folks is tilt it all the way down. Supposedly you can go 90 degrees down. So can it my controller down on the ground first, okay, so it's 90 degrees done for this next view or next video I'm starting the video camera. Your camera is started, starting the motors taking off there's our landing pad going up a bit higher getting under it. You see me and away we go rock to take off, I like to twirl it as it goes up going up up higher in future. In this space. Okay, I think it's reached its max altitude. Let'S come back down I'm gon na give a little forward movement. It'S coming down a little forward moving, you do some throttle. Okay, we're gon na go a lot more forward movement, it that seems to help come down faster when you go forward for some reason. I don't know why, but these drones they come down faster when you're going forward. I speed forward and we're going to land it one more time raise the camera back up again, all the way, all the way up and we'll do some high speed.

Flying with this. I think I've demonstrated all the main advanced features of this. Let me double check that after I land it, I just come on generally not there Music, whistle and button don't try to land emanuelly folks press that land, but it doesn't for some reason, does a better job and let's see the motor shut off. The motors are shut off this time. Okay. What? If I missed, have I missed anything: let's go in here orbit headless boat for lying. There ya go there's, something we can do and that's enough in a way using headless mode. For that I am going to tilt it's, like 30 degrees. Down pointed that way. Cuz I wanted to go. I want to go that way with it and stop the video recording started again, starting the video recording again and taking to the air in the air. Let'S get up so you can see me okay turn it toward me, select headless mode and sliding it now, since it took off pointing in that direction, pushing forward. It should go in that direction. Let'S! Try that up and away there we go green shots. I love screen shots up, put away crazy shots and it can do it will go away up and away like the ending of Easy Rider. Ok from there I'm still a return to home and also first turn off a headless mode. Now, this modes off and automatic return to home, pressing the return to home button see how it does step back it's coming back I'm gon na go toward the Sun let's see whatever I forgot to mention.

Oh I'm, charging you this thing charging the batteries with this. This uses li hv batteries and when plugging that into to my charger, it took me like four hours to charge those batteries to get that last 0.2 voltage instead of 7.4 volts. This is a seven point, six volt battery and they get that last seven point two voltage to get it up to seven point: six. It took me four hours and the way you can tell this is fully charged the lights, blink green. They blink, while it's charging and when it's fully charged the light, turns solid green for each battery in its charger. So if it's blinking green its charging, you know it's charging it's trying to get that last 0.2 volts to seven point six volts, but once it's fully green is fully charged and ready to go again. You'Re going to need to use a 2 amp wall charger or better don't, go trying to charge this in your computer. It'Ll take a couple days to touch these Li HV batteries. Ok, let's! Stop that video and what haven't we done. Oh yeah! I want to go high speed flying around the area, but pointing up the camera. So now again, we are going to be seeing a lot of blade in this one because I'm, I want to be able to see the horizon while I'm going forward putting the drone on the ground starting the video camera one more time. We still got a lot of batteries, so this should be good folks, setting high rate, oh we're in high rate, ok let's set it in alright.

Then then we're gon na go explore the area. So let me put my glasses on because I'm gon na be flying mainly line of sight with this one, because the fpv is choppy on this. When you get out to distance. Ok, your video is recording starting motors hitting automatic takeoff. You know let's just fly it around the area going up higher and explore the area see if we can find any wildflowers desert wildflowers out here today, so yeah it's a nice little drums what I'm seeing so far, let me adjust the antenna downward point toward that Drone is what's going up, but we're gon na lose fpv here shortly, but overall it's actually nice little drone again under 250 grams. No registration needed with this. That is the big thing about it. The biggest thing about it, the best thing about it, like the Mavic mini, also not no registration required. This one is cheaper than pneumatic many, but again this one does not have image stabilization. There we go low battery and aimbot past 300 meters let's see if it actually comes home on its own. Not dear far away, am I not 300 meters 150 about a 40 meters, but if you're greater than 30 meters away – and you reach the halfway battery power on this, this is true for most mm JX drones. For some reason they come back and they won't. Let you fly farther than 30 meters away for that last bit of battery so that's.

What we're gon na have to do here and that's it's a low battery return home. It brings it back in. I think I can turn that off right now. No no you're! Still doing it, let's bring it down, but you died. Okay, just flying around 30 meters let's see if we can run into a geofence when we're going out going out going out, buying where's the geofence, no geofence it just okay, so you can't still fly past 30 meters, it's, just warning you that's that's good! You get an annoying beep, it brings it home. Let you know that batteries getting low, but then you get an annoying beat for the remainder of the battery, eventually I'm gon na keep this. In close, you know, within about 30 meters, 40 meters, but eventually it's going to do it's a little better return to home. And again I want to see if that does the same thing where the motors keep running. That'S that's, not good, coming around. Do a high speed over me, Music, yeah FedEx over the FedEx truck a Music beautiful day out here in the desert today, it's good high higher rate. Okay, now we're in high speed, high rating finish out the battery had high rate. I speed flying zoom cool trying to gently turn. It use up the last bit of the battery here go up the gully a bit now you know this. They claimed 15 minutes of flight. We um it's.

Actually, I guess it's ghastly pretty close, but really that's meant for hover. You know if you're flying in a hover, I don't flying hover folks, that's no fun I'd like to be moving over here, Music with our ad coming around Music it's, a smooth flyer. This little thing smoothly fast, stop it there we're gon na finish it ACK. Okay, there we go return to home it's, not doing it returned home it's just doing a landing, so we're gon na hit land right there, Music, the motors gon na shut off yeah, shut, shut off that time, and I think the video or the video still recording Let'S, stop the video the video recording it stopped, and let me turn this off like we're. Actually me turn this off first and that is off and then turning this off to stop the annoying beep. So that is the bugs 7b7. The little under 250 grams drum meant designed so that you don't need to register with the FAA or or whatever organisation do that in your country for aviation neat idea again, the downsides are see of it or its wide angle lens. You know this is a security camera, in effect, folks, is what they put on here: wide angled lens security, camera, but it's high resolution wide angle, lens security, camera, so that's good, but that leaves that enables the company to think about incorporating an electronic image stabilization. You can crop that widescreen down and electronically stabilized the video, so it doesn't bounce around, like you probably saw my flight fine so well.

I hope you enjoyed the b7. This is quite cut through 101 setting up high quadcopter 101 here again hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that Subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot out so give it a try.