You get lots of advice from people. If you need it, you can show off your drone. Videos. Whatnot lets go ahead and fire and lets go up. Give you a little spinny spin, bring it back. Ive done a review with the camera thats on this, the green band on it is just for night time, visualization gon na get into a full yaw here, Music that thing cooks, im telling you this controller gives this thing: ridiculous rates. Im gon na go into a full spin, were gon na pitch downwards and get some funnel action on it, Music. How about we go ahead and just power down and three two one and just to show you when you are flying toward yourself with the face towards you, your left is going to be right. Your right is going to be left. Your front is going to become towards yourself. Your back is basically going to be in your initial heading that you took off forward so again ill bring this in closer. So you can see it so again. If youre flying towards yourself, your left is going to be right, your right is going to be left Music. If you are in the drone hobby – and you do not have one of these, i would strongly encourage you to get one amazon used to have about 100 sellers that sold these. I think theres only two or three sellers on amazon left. You can still get them from chinese companies um.

I think theyre slowly, phasing these out, though they have a whole lineup. Mjx has huge lineup of drones, but this one takes the cake. I think this one is your bare bones flyer. This is right before you get into acro, throw a 5.8 camera on us, get the feel of flying in fpv, and, as you can see, you can fly this controlled. You could absolutely fly this controlled and then you could just take off with it. The controller itself is extremely smooth um a lot of times when i get controllers and theyre smaller controllers im worried about throw range, which is your range full pitch forward, full pitch backwards, full pitch thats your throw thats. You have 100 up down left or right. I always worry about the smaller controllers: um not having enough throw, but this things precision like to show you ill try to show you. I can just lightly pitch forward and this things going forward lightly pitch backwards and its going to come backwards. Then i can full punch forward and take off run or breaks Music extremely fun, drone extremely powerful drone, especially if youve been flying stuff from walmart uh. Maybe you got stuff from toys r us. If you got a kmart still around anything, you could pick up. Retail 90 of it is not going to have this power. 90 percent of it youre going to be dealing with a brushed drone, 90 percent of it youre going to be dealing with the 3.

7 volt battery. This is a 2 cell battery. These can take three cells. I think i even threw a four cell on one of these uh. They have brushless motors as opposed to the brushed gear to gear fed motors which youll find in most of your retail settings. Guys, if you havent, subscribed smash, subscribe button questions comments, concerns put it down below uh. If you ever have any questions about anything, definitely get at me. Dont try this at home. We are going to go back here. We are going to let the drone catch up to us. Look ma no hands its, not gps were going to go ahead and catch it and kill throttle. Do not try that at home. If you have questions, comments, concerns again, definitely get at me uh. We do all things here. We do travel, we do urban exploration, we do drones, we do cars. I love me.