What do you know about them? Theyre fun, theyre cool! They can fly if youre a videographer if youre a photographer. I know that you want some shots, that just cant be achieved using a normal camera, so drones can achieve lots of things aside from flying. Of course, this drone features lots of camera options. There are tricks that you can use and yeah its just very cool ive tested this drone out a few times now here in our neighborhood and yeah, because we cant really go out that much because first of all, we have the pandemic and the only spare time Flying this drone is on sundays and we have lockdowns here on sundays, at the place where im at so i havent really flown this out on the field or on the beach, but yeah testing. This out was quite a ride and really enjoyed flying this drone and im sure that by now you have seen lots and lots of videos talking about this little guy here, but im just going to share it to you, my own opinions about the drone. So, first of all, this is a light drone. This is the first drone that ive owned and yeah its very light. Its compact has this trap so that you can safely uh buckle in the propellers and guard the drone, so that it wont keep flapping around your bag or whatever. Then it also has this gimbal cover camera cover. This is the camera right there.

I bought this as the fly more combo, so tips guys if youre going to buy this drone, its a very good option that you should opt for the fly more combo because it comes with three batteries and this strap. If you will only buy the drone, you wont have this and also the three batteries. You will only have one battery, you wont, have charger and thats just about it. If you buy the solo one, but if you buy the fly more combo youll have all this stuff and it comes in a nice box. Its really compact – and it has this very intuitive and ergonomic controller. It has the joysticks down below right here and you can connect it through your phone if you want to fly it also, this comes with the latest focusing technology of dji, not unlike the previous generation dji mini 1, which comes with a wi fi configuration so youll Have quite a bit of a reach using this drone than the previous one, so the previous one was a decent drone. I havent tested it out, but looking at the reviews, its a fairly good drone yeah, but this one is even better. I also bought some accessories for it. First, i bought this hood for the camera, so that you wont get those sun flares flying and the sun is really up high there and the most important accessories that i think that you need which i bought for this drone would be this.

This is a cheap, but works really well nd filters right. This is from sunny life and we have six nd filters. We have nb4 nd8, mcuv, nd32, nd16 and cpl right there. So ive tested this out also with the drone, and it really works just fine, especially if youre flying at noon and you dont want your footage to be so busted and you can keep all the details flying the drone manually and operating the cameras manually. Also, if you already have the drone, you should buy one of these nd filters. There are much more expensive independence than this one, but for me, just works. Just fine and right now lets look at the footage that i shot using the drone all right: Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music. So if youre looking for a drone out there, that is very much capable of doing what you desire to do. Then. This is a very, very good drone for you and its not that expensive, but for its price. You really cant complain about it works well, it works in the air and its also lightweight, and you wont worry about getting it certified or registered. But for me, even though it doesnt fall into the 250 grams category of the drones you have to register, i still opted to register myself as a drone pilot on the cab yeah. I still registered myself and im still waiting for me to get certified as a drone pilot im really encouraging you that if you want to fly a drone, you should be careful that you wont violate any rules and regulations that the cap implements and itd be really Willing, if there are trainings or i could get a license from flying the drone just to be sure and also know the rules and the regulations that they would implement on flying these mini quads or drones once again, if youre looking for a drone that really suits Your needs and thats not really expensive, and if you want to get more creative, this drone will just suit your needs: youre a photographer, a videographer, a hobbyist and youre.

Looking for a compact drone, i highly recommend this and i really suggest that you buy the fly more combo, because youll have more accessories than the solo version.