I am out at heroes park in meridian today and uh im going to do something today that that ive been wanting to do for a while and ive got three mini drones with me today. I have the dji mini se, i have the femi x8 mini and i have the hubsan xeno mini pro were going to put all three of these drones up in the air today and were going to look at the primarily at the video quality of this. Of the three drones now im not really going to go into the feature set on them, theres a lot of features on all three of them and theyre all a little bit different. The mini sc, probably having less features than the other, were going to shoot in the best video quality, with each one, 4k 30 frames per second, and both the femi and the hubsan and ill ill put the hubsan up to its 200 megabit bitrate. And, of course, the the little dji mini sc, its top video rate, is in 2.7 k. Now i do have the mini 2 and – and i thought about bringing it because it shoots in 4k, but i thought you know itll be interesting to see how uh these other drones compare with the with the mini sc and uh. You know the mini sc has proven to me to be a pretty amazing little product and ive enjoyed the video quality of it. So i just want to see how these other two can they at their 4k resolutions? Will they measure up and yeah? Well, just take a look, and, of course this is all very subjective – were going to do everything in fully automatic, with all three drones to make it perfectly even im not going to preset white balance.

Ev anything were going to put them all in automatic and, as i said, 4k 30 in the femi and the hubsan drone and the top resolution on the dji mini sc is 2.7 k 30, so were gon na. What im going to do is im going to just try and run a similar pattern here in the park were going to go out and do a droney kind of do a uh go around the perimeter of the park and then my intention is to do kind Of a half circle around the american flag over here in the one corner and then well go across the street out into the field, go out to the field. A little ways turn around and come back and then well do them one at a time. So the other thing that i want to point out is, i am using the iphone 11 pro max as the mobile device on this and im going to leave. Everything on on the phone ill have wireless on and everything, so i just want to set the parameters. So you guys know what were doing and uh yeah when we do the conclusion ill ill. Try and put the the three videos in in a different quadrant on the on the video here and take a look at that and see what you think now i would. I do want to say sometimes when you reduce the size of the video to put them in a quadrant on the editor that can affect things a little bit.

So so just pay attention and, like i said, look at them when theyre, when theyre in full size on the screen. As i do, the uh, the narration and yeah uh lets quit messing around lets. Get these birds uh up in the air. All right, uh lets go. Okay were going to start with uh the drone that should provide the best video based on its uh specifications. Uh the hubsan xeno mini pro its got the biggest sensor uh and its got the most uh bit rate on the video. So normally in my videos, im going to show you a screen recording going through the safety checklist in order to make this video not be an hour and a half long im going to skip all that were not even going to do a screen recording but lets Quit messing around understand that i will go through that safety checklist with each drone before i fly but, like i said for brevity, were going to skip that in the video lets get this drone in the air. Okay, weve got 11 12 satellites now so were ready to take off with the hubsan xeno mini pro. Interestingly enough, it says ready to fly on the app, but its still showing addy mode on the controller, but well take off here. 13 satellites now so were going to do takeoff on the app and im willing to bet well remedy that immediately no obstacle avoidance mode. Please fly with caution.

Yeah and its telling me obstacle. Avoidance is off im gon na go into the camera settings, make sure ive got everything where i need it. Video bitrate is still 200 and everything else is in in auto, so were good to go. Okay, let me uh turn the drone around here. So you guys can take a look at it and we are in normal mode lets, bring it forward, and that gives you kind of a good look at the drone and ill tell you. I got ta hand it to hubsan. This is the most stable hubsan drone uh that ive ever flown and ive been flying hubs and drones uh. Well, since the uh, since the 501 s and uh, and but really the original uh hubsan xeno, is the one that really had me going so im. Turning the drone to point it towards the quarter, the corner of the park and were gon na, do our uh, our uh dronie right now, manuel droni, so reverse, and up now and again, this is in normal mode and boy ill. Tell you this drone attitude mode! Okay, for some reason, we went back in yeah holy cow, the drone uh okay kind of interesting. We lost im going to start over here because we lost gps there for just a second – and i can tell you the drone started wandering around. It was interesting and i also neglected to start recording and thats the thing about not being able to do recording uh before you take off, which is you know, a common complaint with this drone.

I wish that thats something and yeah 14 satellites and we and it was still in the red there, so i dont know anyway were going to try. It again were going to start recording now. So we are recording and lets. Uh lets start that uh that dronie again im going to drop the the gimbal here before we start and reverse it up now reverse and up and again ill tell you. Ah the flight controls they have so improved. This drone im telling you hubsan you did a good job here, lets pick up that gimbal nice flat horizon okay, so lets uh were going to yaw to the drones left and were going to go out to the other corner of the park and and and were Going to do this with with all three of the of the little mini drones here so uh full forward here and at this drone thats about eight yeah about eight and a half meters per second in in full forward with this guy. So uh it. You know this is a fairly powerful drone. I think the fema is a little bit more powerful, so im going to kind of aim out towards the the boise front here and anybody that, like i said anybody that watches my videos has seen this view many times, and i like doing that because it gives You a way to compare the various drones okay, so we are going to point kind of due east here and then lets go.

Lets go sideways with the drone and and you can see how that camera looks in in basically in sideways flight and uh yeah. Im gon na i was at full stick there im easing off here a little bit to about five meters per second and uh yeah, so it kind of gives you a look at the neighborhood and and uh. You know how the drone performs, you know, looks like we might. The the horizon might have gone just a tad crooked, but not bad, okay, so uh. We are gon na yaw to the drones right this time and you know pay attention to what that video looks. Like as the drone is yawing, i see theyve done more work in the corner of the park there and you know im getting just a tiny amount of stutter on fpv. While doing that, you know just a little bit but but i will say again that the controls on this drone man, you know when i think back on you – know the original xeno and and how you know you. It was a great drone for the money in its day, but but wow how hubsan has improved their their flight controls and precision of their drones. Its just amazing so were going to go out here towards the the the flag. Let me drop the gimbal down. Lets kind of decide here how close we want to get right. There were fairly close and im going to grab a little altitude just to be on the safe side.

Lets go up about uh, 30 meters or so roughly. I think thatll keep us out of trouble here and you know i just want to stay make sure i stay above all the trees and so forth. So i am going to im going to do a manual orbit around the uh, the flagpole here so and again in normal mode uh, you know what yeah maybe well just do it in normal mode. Lets just be fair to all these drones. Well, just do them all in normal mode, so the variability is going to be the pilot here folks on whether im able to do a decent, decent orbit here manual orbit and keep that flagpole in the center frame so so well. Give that our best shot. Theyve been doing a lot of stuff at this park here you can see where that, where right directly behind us right, there is where the basketball courts used to be. They made that into a into a parking lot now and it looks like theyre putting basketball, porch courts at the other end of the park here. But this park is primarily used for uh soccer, youth soccer or football as youd call it in europe and uh, and they it gets used. A lot. Trust me on this looks like im raising an altitude there, whoa boy im telling you uh yeah. Well, that was kind of operator error there im going to move in a little bit closer, and hopefully i can do better on the on the next drone, and you know the drone is kind of wandering around on its own a little bit here.

Uh thats kind of an interesting thing there i had moved it in and i was off the sticks completely and it kind of backed up so weve got 14 satellites. We should be okay, okay, im going to continue the the orbit here and well get pointed out towards the uh, the the across the street, the field over there. Okay, that is a full orbit, and you saw the uh the kind of the error of my pilot skills there, trying to do a a full, complete orbit and uh okay were going to go full stick forward and were going to head out across the field out There and were going to take a look and uh im. Gon na, be honest with you uh, having seen the drone uh going to addie mode there earlier its uh uh, you know im a little bit a little bit more nervous than i otherwise would have been. Thats, the first time ive seen that, with this drone, so im pointing out towards the the walmart well go out their ways and kind of give you a look around so were full stick forward at about a little over eight meters per second, which translates to about. I dont know thats going to be about 18 19 miles an hour, maybe even 20 miles an hour roughly so yeah moving on out to uh the the field thats actually behind the walmart. I always think its interesting. If you look at that street, there thats behind the big walmart theres, always people that uh that park there looking for places to park so uh parking, their trailers and so forth.

So well go clear out to the corner out here and then well turn around and come back and the drone is handling perfectly. You know i. I had a couple little stutters there im at about 70 percent battery here, so this drone uh it definitely you know they. They talk about how long itll fly uh. It does well uh. You know i mean this is just anecdotal. Ive, never really done a real measurement of flight time on it, but i can tell you i can say for certain that i get more flight time out of this mini drone than any other mini drone. So were out there almost a kilometer and i you know, were getting yeah theres a kilometer right there. So im going to come to a stop and we definitely had some stutter on fpv there and, as i turn the drone around im, definitely getting a little bit of stuttering on fpv. You know im not doing a screen recording, so you guys arent going to see that and boy i overshot my vector a little bit. We are going to head straight back to the park here, see if i can get it turned around, but i will say you know, for the most part uh connection with this drone is is good, and i also want to add that, where im at here in This park, its known to be a have a lot of wi fi interference, get a lot of interference here and, like i said again, im getting stuttering as it as its coming back and now its starting to smooth out a little bit but uh.

But i just want to point out to you not on fpv, i i got a little bit of stuttering there, just so youre aware of it and its still stuttering a little bit and – and you know, i suppose you know, youre turning the uh. The angle of those uh of the antenna on the drone uh yeah and its saying it has a lot of wi fi interference, im getting a message on the screen. Although we still have 13 satellites im, not exactly sure why. That would be why we would have wi fi interference, but anyway it gave me that message, but were still uh and thats me picking up the camera. Just a tad were still in good. Control of the drone. Still got 13 satellites, so were were going to bring it on back here and well. Bring it to the park and uh again lets see. Battery wise were at 63 percent battery ill, bring it around in front of us and then well do an automated return to home just for the fun of it and see if the drone can can hit its uh do a precision landing, which is a feature that This drone has that the femi has as well, but the dji mini sc does not so yeah im watching the im watching the satellite count go up and down here we got as low as 10 and it almost seems like its its worse over the park here And im flying it out kind of in the middle of the park and im watching the donut its fun to watch that drone go through the air.

Okay, we are going to come to a full, stop right now and were going to leave. It pointed the direction it is and we are going to hit uh return to home im going to do it on the controller. So you heard that took that command immediately and the drone is uh is coming back. Im gon na hit the function button to stop the uh, the beeping. Actually, that picked up the gimbal. Let me drop that gimbal back down to the horizon, so well just deal with the beeping and lets see how well the drone does on its uh precision landing here and see it dropped the camera down it by itself. That wasnt me, that was the drone dropping that camera and it says, searching for apron and im, seeing uh its its way way off. I dont know if you see the drone out there uh, but it is. It is way way in front of us uh and it obviously did not find the uh the the uh, the landing pad were gon na. Let it land because its just gon na land in the grass there and it stopped recording. So it will turn on automatically. After the aircraft takes off, you know, whats kind of interesting is now that weve landed. It has 19 satellites and really the whole flight. We were between. You know, 11 and 13 or 14 satellites that whole flight. Anyway, we landed with 57 battery. Let me get this guy shut down and uh and well grab the dji mini sc next, and i want you to take a look.

Obviously you guys can see, but were a long ways in front of the pad here: okay, the dji mini sc. Of course, this guy just shoots in 2.7 k a couple of things to note. If you look at the controller here uh there is no uh led display on there that that gives you any of the information about the drone. So anyway, thats just a side note. This is definitely a bargain drone, its the cheapest of all of them at 299 dollars. Uh lets get this thing, fired up and uh and well put it in the air and compare okay. One thing about the uh about the dji mini sc is, i mean it fired up immediately? It uh it found satellites, uh immediately and uh yeah i mean the pre flight check. It said it was ready to go, did not require any kind of calibrations or anything. 2.7 k, 30 frames per second everything in full, auto so were going to start recording, which is cool. You can start recording with this guy while its on the ground. So i wont forget, like i did when i first took off with the with the hubs and drone, so uh lets go ahead and take off. We are in p mode, which is normal mode in this drone. Im gon na hit take off on the app take off. The home point has been updated. Please check it on the map and you know in typical dji fashion.

This drone is just i mean its just solid as a rock, so lets spin it around here notice. It was a little bit faster yaw than what i had with the with the hubsan drone that i just flew, but lets bring it in here, rock it back and forth a little bit and you can get a good look at the drone and lets do just Like we did with the hubsan drone and lets uh lets point it out towards the corner of the park im going to kind of move it away from us a little bit and and drop that camera down and kind of adjust. My vector just slightly there and uh yeah, you know one thing ill say this this. You know this old style. Controller of the dji drones has its advantages. This is so easy to hold. Now, like most people, i dont i dont like the mobile device down below, but it sure is easy to hold and easy to pinch and easy to control and nice and light so uh reverse and up now reverse and up – and those are just my observations and Boy this drone – i mean you know i i was making comments about how well the the hubsan drone, how how much theyve improved their flight controls. This thing is just buttery, smooth im, just telling you i think, thats about how far we were out there with the with the hubsan drone and thats me picking the gimbal up, and we got a nice flat horizon again were going to go off to the drones.

Left see if i can do a a reasonable facsimile of a of a yaw here and again, i i just cannot say how much i appreciate. Djis flight controls were about 30 meters high, which i think is a little bit higher than i was with the with the hubsan drone, but anyway, full stick forward now, and i think we got up to about eight and a half meters per second with the hubsan Drone – and this is getting close to that at about – i dont – know almost eight meters per second and again. This is in normal mode, so pretty close, and by the way i had a just a little bit of a small stutter on fpv there, which is uh very unusual for uh for dji, but uh. This is uh. This is also just a wi fi drone. Well, they call it enhanced wi, fi and im kind of moving over so that we can kind of get that same view and uh yeah. So thats the same view that we had with the with the hubsan drone and and well do the same thing with the femi lets. Uh lets yaw back to the right and well go sideways, see if we can kind of go out about the same distance as we did with the other drone, so moving sideways now, and that will kind of give you a look at at how the drone handles That i think we were at about five meters per second or so with the with the hubsan.

When we were moving sideways, i got. I inadvertently went a little bit faster than that at first im. Looking at the horizon here, i thought it looked a little crooked. There earlier very small amount, but its looking good now and were going to stop right there and again i i what i will say is: i ive got this picnic shelter in between me and the drone, and i saw just a tiny bit of stutter on on Fpv very, very slight, but but as we move uh as we move sideways here, you want to just take a look at that. Video quality is what were primarily interested in here and im. Getting a sign that says aircraft signal, interference and again ive got the uh. Ive got the and im going to drop the gimbal down. I think we did that with the hubsan. I cant remember for sure so were going to move sideways here or excuse me. We did not move sideways here, did we we went all the way around, so i want to try and get as close to the same as i can. We just we went all the way around and we went to the right out to the flagpole. So let me pick that gimbal back up and were going to go out to the flagpole here so lets move on forward. Here and again, i cant remember how fast we went with the hubsan, but ive just got the stick all the way up, and the drone is just about right above me now and im a little bit off on my vector, so thats me moving it sideways.

Lets get the camera down a little and we, i think we were closer to the flagpole than that with the uh, with the hubsan im gon na move sideways just a little, it seems to me yeah we were. We were closer than that. I feel like so yeah that looks good about there and were 30 meters high and again im going to attempt to do a manual orbit around here so well see we can do see if i can do a better job uh with the dji drone than i Did with the hubsan and its uh again, you know im in normal mode. You know you if, if you normally, if youre going to do this, youd – probably put it in uh in a slower mode in film mode or cinema mode, you know, depending on the drone, whatever they call it, and i can see already that im im kind of Moving out a little bit on my uh, its so hard, not to cross couple when youre doing this and i i apologize and i always brag about uh djis flight controls but and theres a lot of guys that are better at this than me and i think Im a a little bit smoother now im going a little bit too fast now and ill. Tell you guys not as easy as it looks with any drone, so yeah we just about completed our orbit there and theres our orbit. Okay! So lets pick up that camera get back to that rule of thirds and we will head out across the field just like we did with the uh hubsan xeno, so full stick forward and were just gon na cross the road here and again im trying to show You guys, you know, i i fly this the the around here a lot, so you guys have seen this area with a lot of different drones, and so it can again.

I think it can kind of give you an idea of uh of how these drones look, and you can compare one thing im seeing right now is that i think we have a little bit of a tilted horizon on on the drone here. In fact, theres. No doubt its its very slight, but its definitely there. So, no doubt no doubt about it and again well, just uh well run behind that giant, walmart and well go clear out to the corner out there. Just like we did with the with the hubsan drone. I will say this drone seems to be holding satellites uh better so than the then. The hubsan drone did im getting an aircraft signal, interference, warning on fpv im, holding the controller up and again. This is a wi fi drone and then, if were looking at battery no doubt this thing is going through battery faster than the hubsan drone did were already at 63 battery, which is plenty to get through what we want to do here and yeah im getting uh That weak signal and a little bit of uh stutter on fpv but were going to try and go out to that yeah and we rc signal lost, so i suspect, yeah its going to go into automatic return. So uh im going to click. Ok on that, and so we lost a connection there immediately lets uh lets see how quick we get it back, yeah and its back, although uh i still and its its in return to home, you can hear the beeping, but i still dont have fpv.

I kind of had a frozen screen, although i do have control signal. I can see that its coming back. I mean ive got its counting down its about 700 meters away lets see how quickly we get that fpv back and you know like what ive always said is uh. This is a great place to test drones because its a challenging wi, fi environment theres. A lot of wi fi here returning home were about 500 meters away and still no fpv, and there we got it there. We got it. Its coming home were just gon na were just gon na. Let it do its thing. Its coming back at uh over 10 meters per second, so its not wasting any time and its on a direct path to us. So well, let it well let it come back over the park and then im going to cancel that return to home, trying to cancel it. Okay, we got that canceled and then im going to uh, just like we did with the uh with the with the hubsan drone, were going to go out here into the field and again its sure fun to watch that drone go flying over the top man. Well, take it out here into the field of ways i cant remember how far we went with the hubsan drone, i think about 150 meters, or so something like that. Maybe 100 meters, maybe not quite that far so uh well compromise well go out 120.

There a little over 120 and then were going to hit return to home, and we are going to do that on the controller and were going to get that beeping as we do from dji. I wish there was a way to to stop that im going to drop the camera down, as we come back here, just for the fun of it, and this drone does not have precision landing so were going to let it land as long as it doesnt. Try and land someplace look at that. Its pretty close on the on the target, so thatll tell you that the gps accuracy of this drone its funny to see the difference in these drones, the hubsan struggled with gps. This guy is having no problems, although this guy struggled with uh with signal uh being just a a wi fi drone and the hubsan did a little better on that. But it looks like this. Guy does not have a precision landing uh uh within it, but its gon na hit its gon na hit pretty darn close and it picks up the camera and look its uh, its two legs on the pad and two legs off. So, even without precision landing that the that the hubsan possesses uh, this guy did much better and im quite sure, thats related to the gps issues. We saw with the uh with the hubs and drone okay uh. Let me get the. Let me get the femi drone and well get that guy in the air, hey folks.

This is a little bit of a redo here. Youll see, i have a different shirt on so for the flight of the uh femi x8 mini uh im. This is actually the next day, so the flight that i did yesterday for this video uh i messed up. I had the white balance on the camera set on sunny day and at the outset we set we, we said we would set them all on automatic. I realized that mid flight and i changed it, but then i didnt start recording again so were gon na do a little redo today and uh today is is uh, probably 10 degrees cooler, its uh, its kind of cloudy and its a little bit windier. So youre going to see a few differences, also youre, going to see my corvette in the background im, actually on my way out to the racetrack today, uh for uh for a race but uh in any case uh. Let me get this bird in the air. Okay, ive got everything, uh fired up and the drone is reporting ready to go. I also uh. Yesterday, the drone asked for a firmware, update so im going to show you that right now, so that shows you the firmware package that were running and were shooting in 4k 30 everythings on automatic, including white balance, and then we have video quality set to high. So thats the highest bit rate so were going to start recording right now, maybe yeah whoops i started and stopped.

It lets. Try that again a little bit of a delay on the uh on the phone here. That was interesting. So we got uh. We got video started uh all right lets. Uh lets do a takeoff uh on the app so uh takeoff right now and theres the drone and its going to go up to about four meters high or so uh thats, typical of what uh of what femi does uh. So we its got weve, given it a good enough. Look there lets, bring it back down and well bring it in front of the camera here and its getting blown around this drone gets blown around by the wind. I keep having to push it forward. I ran into that the other day when i was up in the mountains: Music, okay, little buddy, hang loose lets stay still here for a second lets, bring it in so of the uh three drones uh that were uh testing. Today, this guy has probably got the last least its probably the least stable. Now that doesnt mean that its unstable, because, as you can see, look its hanging there pretty good right now, its just a little bit different and not you know just not quite as stable as the hubsan or the dji but uh. But we can maybe ive lost connection here well now, isnt that interesting disconnected it says, and the drone is going back to land. I have absolutely no uh no control of the drone.

Well, that is crazy yeah i would i i pulled on the sticks and and nothing happened and look its its dropping right down on the uh on the pad well, just off the pad and it mowed a little grass uh. I have never had that happen before, with this guy and im not doing a screen recording but ill kind of show you here i had absolutely no control with the sticks and it just showed disconnected, and it was right here so i dont know thats weird uh. Im gon na cycle, everything well try it again now: okay, so ive got everything cycled again and its were waiting for the drone to connect and boot up now, whats unusual about that is. If it was a problem with the app and with the cable, we would have lost uh the fpv and control on the phone, but we would have still maintained control uh with the with the controller. So i dont know i dont know what that was. Uh thats really weird, were were back in business here, so im going to uh im going to start recording right now and lets uh lets take off again and lets hope for a better result. That was bizarre Applause and okay im going to let the drone rise to its uh, normal height and well turn it around bring it back in here, drop it down yeah. The first thing that i noticed is that i didnt have.

I had no control. I was trying to bank the drone and i had no control and i thought well what the heck is that and then i noticed i was disconnected very, very strange, uh and ill be honest with you, disconcerting thats, not what you want to see happen with a Drone, okay lets uh lets drop the uh the camera down here a little bit and lets do our our droney so reverse, and up now – and we are in normal mode – and this is a very powerful drone, as you can see its uh its moving right along Uh were in reverse at about eight meters per second, so lets see lets go out there, aways thats about it, and i think thats higher than we were, with the other drones im going to drop it down to about 30 meters, roughly 31, so thats close enough And let me pick up that gimbal get that rule of thirds just a very hint of a tilted horizon, not much, but as i yaw, we might see that a little bit more and lets point it towards the uh towards the corner of the park here and Im going to move the gopro around so that the the mic is facing me and were going to move the drone out towards the corner of the park and im going to try and hold it at about eight meters per second, which is about the speed that We went with those other drones now.

If i hit full speed with this guy, it would go in normal mode. It would go up to about 11 meters per second now. Whats, weird is we. We got a great signal right now. No problem at all. Uh lets move around and uh and get our kind of the same view that we got with those other drones. I think thats about it and uh and then yeah lets uh lets yaw back the other way and were gon na move sideways here a little bit. Well ill tell you guys that still is bugging me that was sure a mystery uh. The way the drone disconnected there so lets move sideways here at about five meters per second, a little more then or so uh. I have to tell you this drone. You know. I i do like the controls on it. You know when its in close is it as stable, probably not but uh, but it sure handles nicely and all three of these drones do really uh so uh okay lets uh were at the end of that and you saw and im. I know i noticed on my uh my my signal strength meters at the top. We were in the yellow a little bit uh, but i i want to tell you. I am where im standing right now: im right, shooting right through the the picnic shelter here so thats uh. That could cause some of that, and i think we saw that.

I think theres also some wi fi interference there, because we saw that with the the dji mini as well uh. So okay lets lets move forward here and lets uh lets see if we can get towards the uh uh the the flagpole here and well see if we can do the same rotation around the flagpole that we did with the other drones and im trying to kick It up to, like i said about that eight meters per second and the drone is right. Above me, the yard around here and drop thats me dropping the gimbal down, lets uh im pointing the controller towards the drone drop that gimbal down a little bit more. I think we were a little closer than that with the other drone. Okay, thats got to be about right, so, okay, im going to try my my manual orbit around the around the flagpole here Music and this drone, and you see me struggling a little bit with yall there. This drone. I noticed that it takes more stick input on the uh on the bank than the other drones and boy. Then im kind of messing up that yaw a little bit. I did a much better one with this drone yesterday were not doing too bad there. I i missed that yaw a little bit. Okay, so yeah were almost there yeah. That was not bad. I guess so thats your thats this! This is all uh. This is all pilot induced anything.

You can see anything you see here and it looks like i moved closer as i went around, which is really easy to do, and im im backing it up a little bit here and well move around a little bit lets see were still at our same height. So thats good thats, where we want to be, were going to head out to the field across the street just like we did with the other drones and uh and were gon na go over there and run out to the to the corner over there by the Walmart, so that was me adjusting the yaw and yeah well move on right across the street here and uh. I am seeing a fairly significant uh uh tilted horizon there, but its also windier today than it was yesterday. So take that into consideration, and obviously i see it a little bit better on the because i have the grid lines on my fpv view, then you might just see when youre looking just at the video might be a little bit harder to see. Although i think this one is significant enough, im sure that youll see it and thats me adjusting the yar around to kind of point it out to the corner over there. And i have to tell you, i dont know what happened earlier, but we sure weve got a good signal now and mind you. The drone is only 31 meters high, so uh, you know its not like were way up high in the sky, uh, which you know a lot of people when they do those range tests thats what they do and youll see thats a favorite spot for truckers to Back their trucks in they a lot of folks park at the end of that street ive noticed uh.

You know, i guess its people that dont have room in their neighborhood or whatever and a trucker. You cant blame him, hes, probably visiting home and looking for a place to park, so were out at uh, 800 meters. This is right about where i lost signal. With this drone. Yesterday, yeah yeah, there we go, we lost fpv and we lost connection so thats right. That was almost identical. Yesterday, yeah and its moving its turning around, we had signal back there for a second but its going into return to home. So the drone is coming back to us lets see how close it gets before we get uh fpv and signal back yeah, so ive got telemetry back. I had telemetry for just a second there im holding the controller up and again i want to point out – were only 30 meters high, so you know im quite sure that had i run the drone up to like you know, uh 60 meters or so we probably Would have maintained connection through the whole time and thats. Just kind of part of this test is to see how the connections worked on these drones and uh yeah. So, okay, weve got weve, got fpv back so at about 600 meters, so thats pretty good. So the drone is coming directly back to us at about nine meters per second everywhere. We lost it again, so its popping in and out here, im holding the controller up so that its got the best chance of maintaining that control.

The other thing that happens with a drone is when you turn it around: it changes the aspect of the antenna on the drone, so you know that affects the connection so uh anyway, like i said im not complaining about this uh and i did ascend to its 35 meter return to home height. I see there, which is good uh because, like i said we had it so low uh. You know it was about essentially 100 feet off the ground, so its not like it was way high up there and so losing a connection in this kind of a challenging wi fi environment. I dont see it as a problem, so im going to get out of fail, safe return there and clicking okay. So we are going to run the drone out to and im going to drop it down again here and were going to run it out to out to the park just like we did the other drones and then well do a return to home from there and The drone is looking good up in the air there ill tell you. You know we had that initial problem and i do see a little tilted horizon again here now and im going to attribute that to wind lets see, i think, with the other drones. We went out about 120 feet so were going to stop right there and i am going to hit return to home on the controller. Show you right here and the drone immediately took that uh that that command and its coming back to us – i turned the gopro around here, so that you guys can see the landing yeah weve got that on the screen.

There better pay attention here and drop the gimbal down, so you can watch uh watch whats going on and again it returned it ascended to its 35 meter height, so lets see how what kind of a landing we get here see if we can get a precision Landing this is just uh kind of an added added thing here, just to see just to see how it does uh landing pad not detected so well see if it finds it here, its a ways off. So i i dont know you never know yeah it hasnt found it so i dont think were gon na get it yeah, no were not gon na get it im gon na pick up that uh camera, so that you guys can see where the pads at and Where were at here, Music get you a good look at the corvette out there that corvettes going out to the drag strip here in a few minutes and were gon na mow some grass and were landed in it. It didnt detect the pad im im, not sure why uh, but anyway so uh on the conclusion, youre gon na hear me probably talking about the flight that i did uh yesterday, but it was similar enough so uh anyway, i i hope you, i hope you enjoyed This so the other thing i wanted to say is: i do appreciate it shuts off video when it lands – and i dont know if i pointed it out earlier, but i wanted to point out the controller on this drone.

I really like the way your mobile device is in between the two sticks. It just works really. Well, it gives you access to all the buttons on the side of your phone anyway. I just like that one. Okay on to the conclusion: hey: okay, guys, heres uh heres, all three drones that we flew today. I i had a good time uh doing this, so i hope you guys uh enjoy it, get some benefit out of this video. So we started with the hubsan xeno mini pro. You know the drone flew okay, the the the issue that we had initially is that i forgot to start recording and thats one of the things with this guy, because you cant start recording before you take off. You got to remember to do it as soon as you take off. You got to remember to hit that record button, so you know thats kind of an issue and a lot of people have mentioned that as something that they dont like and, of course, hubsan. Does that to to manage heat within the drone? That said, we probably had the best control signal with this drone of the three. Interestingly enough. You know i initially got out there and, and it went into addie mode – and let me tell you, the drone was starting to wander around and i could have flown it back. It wasnt there wasnt an issue, but it very quickly got enough. Satellites went back into gps mode, but gps was an issue with this guy.

We never had. I dont think at any time more than 15 satellites until we landed, which was weird once we landed all of a sudden. It had 18 satellites but throughout the whole flight. It was between 10 and im going to say 14 15 satellites and most the time it was around 12 or 13 satellites, and it did give us a satellite. It called it. Gps interference warning a couple of times so thats interesting to know, but we never lost control signal with this guy and we did on the other two drones. Uh we went out the corner had a little bit of break up on uh fpv, a little bit of stuttering, but but other than that it did fine, so uh and again we shot in 4k uh 200 megabit bitrate. We did the the best that this drone uh would do and uh, and so you guys will see that video and again, while were doing this conclusion, im gon na, have those videos uh running up above and next to me here, so so. The next drone we flew is the bargain of the three the dji mini sc man. I really like this drone. Its just got those phenomenal dji flight controls, and i know its got the old style controller. I got to be honest with you. I kind of like that controller, its lighter weight, its easier to use highly recommend this drone for any beginners. If youve never flown a drone before you can grab this dji mini sc and for 300 bucks, you can take great video and have it up in the air in no time now.

That said, we did with this guy. We had a few a little bit of stuttering on fpv and again this is just a wi fi drone and then, when we got it clear out by the across the field across the road, we did eventually lose signal and we got we got signal. Well, we got control signal back fairly quickly, fpv didnt come back till about. It was out about 500 meters away from us and we got fpv signal back, but but the drone uh flew great uh. You know again its. This is only 2.7 k. 30 frames per second, so statistics. Why? And i think the bit rate on this thing is, like i dont know, 45 or 50 – something like that: its not a really high bit rate on the video, but i will put djis quality of their video above anything. So you guys will see and you you can make your own uh decision, uh again uh. You know, i think it. I think it performed uh very well and for the price at 299 dollars. It definitely checks that value box and i can recommend this drone to not just beginners but experienced people alike. I just always have a ton of fun when im flying it, but again understand that its a wi, fi drone and then finally, we flew the uh, the femi x8 mini, and i always get confused on these names. I always want to call it the x8sc, no thats, the other drone ive got a couple of those.

This is the x8 mini uh and uh. Let me tell you, i am pleased with this drone uh. You guys all know the struggle that i had early on with the femi mini drones uh. I had problems with uh, the the i hate to say, but the first three of them that i had my initial one. I dropped it and i broke this front arm. That was my fault completely, but even that one i had problems with the gimbal moving around a little bit uh and then i i bought a second one. My friend jet martin basically had his the one that he ordered he had it sent to my house, and i bought that drone from him and uh. That drone was just never correct. I i always the video on it was pretty decent, but i always i could not fly it uh. Well, even right here at this park i would be 100 feet out and i would lose a video and control on it. So theres, clearly something going on with that guy, but i want to say, is you know i published that video femi got a hold of me and they said listen. We we want to send you another drone, because thats not the way thats supposed to perform. They didnt even ask for it back. They just sent me another drone and that third one uh it had decent connection, but if you guys saw that the gimbal was wonky as heck on that thing, the gimbal would just check out every once while and go all over the place again.

Fema got a hold of me and they said yeah no thats not right either lets uh. If you send that one back to us well, send you another one, so i paid to have that one sent back to femi and – and they sent me this guy and this one seems to work pretty good. So i couldnt be more pleased and – and i bought i paid 319 bucks for the initial one that i bought and uh the i think you can buy this drone now, for i believe 369. So it still represents a pretty good value and it does shoot in 4k 30, and it has a lot of those features that a lot of people are looking at. Looking for, besides the automated features, which all three of these drones have, the you know, the quick shot style dji calls them quick shots. Automated features well to do an automated orbit, a droney, a spiral etc. The the hubsan drone and the femi drone also have tracking which a lot of people really like and theyll both do gps, tracking or uh visual, tracking or active track, as it can be called sometimes, and a lot of people ask for that. You know in a mini drone, i dont know if thats for me its not exactly necessary, but but i understand why some people want it, and i guess, while were on that subject, the only one of these drones that has obstacle avoidance is the hubsan drone and Im going to tell you its, i just dont, know that its necessary on a mini drone, uh and yeah so ill.

Just leave it at that. The the uh theres a lot of things that come with that obstacle avoidance, particularly with the hubsan drone, as is it, can make the drone. It puts more load on the uh on the processor, so it can cause other problems. So what im going to say is when youre tracking, with with either of these drones or when youre in any of the automated flight modes, pay attention? Because if you have it in automated flight mode, you can just go and go sideways right into an object or something and the drone isnt going to see it. So you just need to pay attention to that, and particularly if youre, using any of these drones for tracking, you may not have your eyes on the drone the whole time because youre on your bicycle or whatever it is, but pay attention to your area so that You dont just drive the right, the drone right into a building or a tree, or something like that and if youre changing elevation thats the. I guess the other thing i should say say. For instance, you were going up a hill on a bicycle im, not sure about this guy, but i do know the hubsan drone wont take elevation into consideration. So you you would, you could actually fly it right into the ground in a situation like that, i cant say for certain with the femi drone, but i suspect its the same.

So those are things youd want to pay attention to. In any case, the whole point of this was to look at the quality of the video thats. Why we made this this particular comparison, so you guys will have seen it already. I havent seen it yet so yeah make up your own minds and yeah. I hope you enjoyed this. I had a lot of fun putting this together and i had fun flying all three of these drones. I i enjoy flying all three of them, so uh anyway, see if i can get all three of them in my hand. At the same time, here uh yeah, that did it uh, okay uh. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out, and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel most of all. I really absolutely appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and we will see on the next one, the hubsan xeno mini pro, the dji mini se, and the femi x8 mini all right.