Today i have this jjrc bng minidrone that i got from ebay for eight dollars and 64 cents plus tax free shipping. It cost me shipped to my door, nine dollars and 18 cents that’s, pretty damn good less than ten dollars for a fully function, ready to fly, rc drone, let’s, open it up and see what is inside and if it is a good one for less than ten Dollars here it is nice little box. Jjrc is one of the well known brands for lower cost drones and mini drones. I think it’s, a chinese brand – and this says mini drone with dual charging mode i’m. Assuming what it means is, you can charge it with a usb adapter as well as you can charge it directly from the controller when you are out on the field, so let’s open the box and see what is inside and they have the reason they call bng. It’S, like they have a blue version and then green version. Here it is the blue version, and if you watch yesterday’s video the day, one review with the eachine e009 being reviewed, then you are probably already saying: hey wait a minute. This is just a blue version of the same one: let’s put them side by side and they look very familiar don’t. They i think they have exactly same dimensions and same body but different souls yeah. I mean this says jjrc. This just says that this doesn’t even say issues just says drone and even the battery looks very similar.

Is it integrated i’m trying to figure that out, it should be able to remove no it’s removable and the one from yesterday was a 200 milliamp hour battery 1s it’s a little tight in here i’m not supposed to move it. Maybe but i want to check it’s coming out. Oh the reason it was a difficulty coming out is because it’s there’s a little sticker jjrc. This says 100 milliamp hour. Is it smaller, maybe i’m, not correct. Does this say no? This says 200 milliamp hour battery, and this has a smaller battery. I mean you can see the physical difference, and this looks a little puffed up i’m worried about that. Puffed up means that it may have just died from overcharging or over discharging. Let me bring my voltmeter and test it. These batteries usually come from factory about 40 to 50 percent charge. Let’S see this is my cell meter for these kind of types of batteries and unfortunately it is dead on arrival and that’s. The reason – probably it is puffed up like this – it is not supposed to be and look it’s, no sign life, no sign of life. That is a little disturbing. Maybe it was like an old stock that has waited on the shelf for too long i’m. Not sure. Now they say you should not. You know, charge your dead lipo batteries, because the internal resistance increases and it starts causing issues with a lot of heating.

It says dual charging, but i don’t see a charge. Cable, so let’s open this up. Maybe they they tucked it in in here. Sometimes they save space by tucking things inside no, i don’t see anything either. So there is the charge: cable, okay, so there’s a charge port here i guess you just connect it over there and then probably we need to have a separate charger to be able to charge it. So in the manual it does not list a charger, probably that’s. An optional accessory and that’s how how they sell it for less than ten dollars they cut cost anywhere. They can probably that little charge is maybe at a 50 cents, dollar, i’m, not sure so, that’s, probably how they are, making it less expensive all right. What else do we have, of course, the that little prop remover tool is missing on this one Music and it just they provide four spare propellers controller and the battery nothing else so i’m, just wondering if i can for testing purposes. If i can fit this 200 milliamp hour battery here and test it with this one, it should fit, because this should be the same size. If you look, i mean it looks very similar, but there is a stop here on this one. Do you see this is from yesterday? The battery can go all the way down here all the way down here and on this one. There is a heart stop here where actually, there is this little infrared detector that probably detects the signal coming from the transmitter, because this is not 2.

4 gigahertz, but this is an infrared. They are very flimsy compared to this one i mean i paid all over 10 and for this one i paid a little less than ten dollars. I will take it this one. Every time it came with everything needed larger battery nice 2.4 gigahertz transmitter every all the sheet, bang there’s the charger. Everything – and this is very flimsy – i think there is this – is this – should be trim. I don’t know what these are. I have to look into it anyway. What i’m going to do is i’m, going to bring one of my chargers and connect the battery and see, if actually not this one, this one and just see if it can can come back to life. This is my little one cell lipo charger from another small rc airplane, so i’m, just going to connect it and see the light turns on okay, so the light turns red. Of course, we are not going to know until after about half an hour if it has any juice or if it has any life in this, i may just i don’t know send this back or just put a claim on ebay, saying that it came with a Dead battery, while i’m waiting for the charging to end i’m going to put the batteries into the transmitter, it takes four double a batteries. Okay, the light is blinking it didn’t make any sound light is blinking, it doesn’t have a beeping, but just for testing purposes.

I’M. Going to connect the battery from the other drone the eachine drone over here. So let me turn this. This doesn’t even turn off. Do i have to keep it pressed okay after a couple seconds, keep it place to turn it off. I think it’s, a safety feature. So you don’t accidentally turn off the transmitter while you’re flying it that doesn’t want to go in here we go. I can apply it like that, but at least i can test it and turn it on the transmitter up down Music. Its reaction was a little too aggressive and, of course it was not balanced. So and now the light is kind of blinking stop blinking. Maybe it needs a calibration and of course, on the other one. Everything was labeled on this one it’s, not labeled, nothing is labeled. So it definitely shows that’s a cheap, now i’m, not going to say, inexpensive but very cheap drone. They really made the buttons more complicated than they should be, so it looks like it almost looks like a three channel drone it’s, not so this is throttle. This is a right bank left bank forward backward and they put the rotation right and left rotation on these two buttons. So you control them by pressing it’s rotating right it’s on off controls, it’s not proportional, and it looks like there is one key take off or one key start, this middle one and that’s good for altitude hold version.

I don’t think this is an altitude hold version. If i, if the battery is not dead, i can check it and then this one over here is one key landing, so you press it, it should land slowly and this one here is the high low speed control, so high rates low rates. I don’t know how many there there is, because once you start it go up and down it, doesn’t have any beef sounds. The light goes on and off a couple times, but i don’t know i have to test it and then there is a calibration and that’s. How you do it? Is you press this button that long press on this button for calibration yeah? I know well kind of strange and then in order to charge, you basically connect the battery on this to this port here and then this turns green. It means that it is charging, of course we are not sure. With this battery, so let’s wait a little bit and see what happens. So i think this battery is dead. The reason is, after five minutes charging when it did have no juice. I connected it. It was showing 76 percent and, as i am waiting, the percent is dropping. You see that now is 68 and just a draw on it. So 67, within the last 20 seconds, it dropped from 76 percent to 67 percent. So this means that there is very little capacity it’s, just showing some form of life, but some spark but that’s not real, so this is just going to go to zero.

If i kept it here for testing purposes, i can connect it here and i think the the lights turn on briefly and then they will extinguish, because you know this doesn’t have, and also this is very difficult to put in okay, so let’s see if it’s going To actually take off or not it’s supposed to have over 60 right, so up down, let’s see full power and it’s dead already see nothing Music. I pull it down and then do it again. Just now yeah. I think this battery is dead. What i’m going to do is try to find something of similar size, and that will balance with this little drone. Ah again, that stupid sticker is stuck inside, so it’s just pulling the plastic, so this stickers they had to brand it right jjrc who cares anyway, not very happy so far. Here is my trusty scale and let’s weight these batteries and to see if i can actually use the one from ishii so 5.36 grams, the jjrc battery and 6.11 gram is this one. So there is a less than a gram difference about 0.7 grams difference, or so not much. So i think it can handle it as long as it does not offset its balance because it cannot go all the way in. I installed the battery from the eachine drone and it is sticking out a little bit on the back, but the calibration function should take care of it. So let’s do a gyro calibration, just long press on this button and the lights should blink, so they blinked fast and stopped.

So it should be ready to go. Let’S see want one key takeoff. Is it going to work so i’m going to press this button? Maybe long press, nothing this one, no okay! I guess this is uh. Doesn’T have the barometer the altitude hold function, so i have to do it manually, Music, Music. I think i know the reason i was flying it backwards. Stupid me, but uh on the other one. The battery is on the back, so on the so i was assuming that’s the same configuration now. This one has the battery on the front, so i got kind of confused about that orientation and, of course, this little detector that’s infrared detector should be facing me. I should have known that will be the case. It’S embarrassing. All right, let’s try again Music. So do you see i’m, giving a signal whoa? I didn’t really increase the travel that much it just jumped up. So this is definitely more difficult to fly. I mean you have seen my flying skills. Although i’m, not an expert on drone flying. I was flying yesterday’s drone, fine, i’m, going to recalibrate so press this one long and then the lights are blinking, but the controls on this one are very slow to respond. Music and it’s kind of on on off Music, the only thing that’s, proportional and Music come back and down again yeah very difficult to fly. I mean, if you want to work on your flying skills by all means, buy it.

If you can fly this, you can fly almost anything, but this is uh. You know. Even hovering is difficult, i’m going to recalibrate again and now it’s, not even responding. Okay, i have to reset the whole thing. I guess is it broken i’m, not sure? Oh, the battery, i don’t know how it happened, but the battery connector popped off from its socket due to the impact let’s. Do this again up down and then do the calibration long press? Okay. So it should be good to go so it’s kind of on off. So you give it wow, wow, don’t don’t. Come that way, yeah. It is not reacting very fast i’m. Giving a signal like it takes a sometimes reacting, sometimes not like right now, it’s it’s kind of like on off switches. I don’t know why they put sticks. They could have put probably little buttons and the throttle has like a has a really bad spot. Okay, whoa – and i mean i wasn’t even pulling that hard. It just went into the that super fast mode and just kept coming. Okay, i’m going to cut this short, because this is not going anywhere so i’m, not even going to try flying it outdoors, no, not even indoors it’s, not flying well. So final verdict, easy don’t buy this. It is not worth your money, even if it is less than ten dollars instead just buy the other eachine e009 drone, especially if you like the the the shape of it.

These are exactly the same shape and you can find it in green and blue blue. Is your favorite color, so this is not worth it. This is all technology. This is not well done and probably that dead battery was not the fault of the company, it was probably an old stock sitting somewhere and then depleted itself, so i’m not going to put on it, but it doesn’t fly well, it doesn’t really fly well and the Controls are too rapid, especially wise to a kid yeah i mean they all have probably have fun crashing to the wall. They need to furnish into people at home, but this will serve the purpose much better. I’M. Sorry, i wish i had something good to say. I really hoped a sub 10 drone could actually be satisfactory, but it is not so i’m just going to use it as decoration all right folks. Thank you very much for watching, and the second day is over now, please stay tuned for tomorrow for the third video and again i’m, not going to tell you what i’ll be reviewing, you have to wait and then watch stay safe and healthy.