What is this? No? This is not the last drone. This is actually my first mini drone. Well, i’m, not constantly. This is my first drone ever, but i this is cheerson cx 10. I do not consider the mirror. This is a micro drone. I mean it’s like tiny, smaller than a mini drone, and i consider this one. My first mini drone, which is a dwight, dublin or dwi dabalin, and i got this one. Last year after i got 12 of my sons, the snap tane mini drones and i was enemies of their fun and then got this one from amazon and i lovingly called it my alien octopus cyclops. It really looks like an alien octopus cyclops. Look at that. Cuteness factors off the charts, and this is one of my favorite drones ever i mean it’s, really easy to operate and easy to fly fits on your pocket, and i mean it is great. I just found it and then i can just you know, apply it here. So it’s very stable, as you can see, and you know it’s a perfect and it came with two two batteries. So why am i showing you this? Because the drone number 10 is a dwight double in minidrome, not exactly the same one but from the same manufacturer same company same brand, and i got this from amazon. The price was right right now, it’s selling for 28, but last friday, when i was ordering this with the box and everything with this nice case and everything it was quite an expensive.

So let me give you the numbers: it was 18.99 on sale. There was a five percent coupon, so it brought down the price to 1804 free shipping. Prime shipping. It arrived by the way on sunday in two days and the target attacks. It was 19.17 let’s see if it’s worth it. I mean if it is anywhere near the original one twilight, dublin that i got it will be, and here we go, the controller is different than the original one. The one i purchased and the shape is different as well, but it is really in a nice case. This is a travel case you don’t have to schlep around the box. This is a travel case. If you are going somewhere, you can take it with you. So come with this little hardware package and they even include some really small screws in addition to the screwdriver. So probably these are the spare screws. If you lose a couple here, you can just add that those one set of spare propellers, of course, the charger as well and just this mod. This version was one battery and it is actually integrated so that’s. Maybe the only downside of this one integrated battery versus this one came with two batteries. You basically pull it out. It’S modular and the other one is charging over here. So that’s, maybe the only downside, but you can’t take it anywhere, hey. So what i’m going to do next is start charging this and by the way, this is what i like the companies that put all the labels what each button does directly on the controller.

I hate writing, putting stickies and little tape and writing down. So this has everything, and i can only have these – are the trim, buttons and headless mode and return home take off on land and emergency. Stop i don’t have to this. Is the speed button, different speed modes and 3d flip? I don’t even have to read the instruction manual. Alright, see you soon once the battery is charged. I just want to correct a couple things that i said several of these buttons actually have multiple functions, for example, this top button. It is one key rotation and one key spin, so short press. The drone will rotate around this axis and long press. It will spin around the central point like that: the second one, a short press with initiate the headless mode, a long press, one key return function. And then this third button from the top on the left is one key unlock and then take off and landing. And this is emergency stop. This has just the single function and also the calibrate the gyro, both of the sticks go down and right, like this, the transmitter takes three aaa batteries. We are ready for the indoor test flight let’s turn this on nice, colors blue. It in the front and green at the back and then let’s turn on the controller up down, so calibration, lower right, spot sticks and done and then arming it. This one and then one more place should take off and it did okay.

I’M, not touching anything slight drift, maybe i’m, not sure if it is related to the calibration or the air currents, that’s creating good thing. It has string function. I just trimmed it out, maybe overdid it a little bit no it’s good, maybe back a little bit back. Trim slide let’s bring it closer to the camera nice looking drone. I think this will be a good night flyer and that’s before the battery deplete let’s do some a couple flips. So this button is to move it all forward nice, everything and let’s test that button. That says, like a auto rotation, okay and then let’s try the long press which is going to be spin around the point. Hopefully, that radius is not going to be too big for this little basement. No, it is good it’s rotating around losing a little bit of altitude, doing good, doing good, okay and move just to move the right stick and it’s back and let’s test the speed mode. Full speed ahead, put speed back full speed, right and left and full speed. Spin it’s losing a little bit of altitude when i’m, spinning and also traveling. I don’t know why let’s try this again center it. Maybe i gave too much trim let’s rotate no. Well, it is yeah. It is kind of moving around when i’m spinning the other side. The other way it’s moving again: okay, let’s increase the speed. This is two beeps. The second speed mode right left still quite slow, let’s try the fastest mode.

It is. It is faster, but not that fast still, you can fly indoors and even in the third. So this is probably not going to be it’s drifting a little bit again. So this is not going to be outdoor flyer yeah. It is again drifting and then i’m trying to compensate the trim, but over time i think the gyro loses the calibration let’s land it with one key landing and let’s. Do the gyro calibration again? Okay, so does it do manual takeoff yeah? It does so. You can manually take off and adjust Music. You don’t have to press that button losing a little bit of altitude and also moving sideways, so the gyro calibration didn’t help not as good as the first one. Do i dabble in that i had. I have to really trim it out quite a bit and then we have the headless mode, so it is blinking and beeping as well, so let’s rotate it around and it doesn’t matter which way i go. It is going to right left forward backward it’s referenced to its original takeoff position: i’m rotating it while i’m doing that and okay. So let’s move out of this again. Another press let’s move it far and then try a long press on the same button which is going to be returned to home. So we took off in this orientation again. I have to trim a little bit it’s moving and then long press it’s coming back.

Yes, it is coming returning in the direction in the opposite direction took off. If i rotate it, though, is it going to come still in that direction? Okay, long, press yep, so it compensates for that that’s, good! Okay, i think we tested everything except the emergency. Stop let’s get a little close and then i’m going to press the emergency, stop button and falls out of the sky. It works as well good, so i’m going to recharge the battery go outside and have the outdoor testing, unfortunately, it’s quite breezy, and this little drone isn’t, probably the weakest of the bunch, maybe except for the jjrc one, the infrared one, because even on the high speed It was moving quite slow indoors, let’s see how it does in the calibration and let’s say manual takeoff and see what it does. Oh, my it is blowing in and going away from me. Okay let’s increase the second and third most, so this is the fastest speed. Okay and i’m, flying against the breeze, when i say breeze, is not very strong, still it’s enough to push it back so i’m going to keep it close. As you see, let me see if i can determine how much of it is actually related to the gyro calibration let’s turn it on 180 degrees, it’s slowed down a little bit so it’s part of it is due to the wind and part of it is due To the calibration so i’m going to land it and then try to do the gyro calibration again, didn’t quite make it on the helipad i’m trying to put it all flat and not at an angle, so let’s do the calibration again.

Am i on the fastest yeah? I was on the fastest and it’s three beeps and it’s going away from me. Okay, i have to catch it Music. All right! I did the emergency stop. I was holding. It was getting away from me, so yeah. What i guessed was right. It is the weakest one in the wind. This is definitely an indoor mini drone, not really suitable. Let’S check the the speed is three highest speed: okay, doing a little better. I think this time i’m not sure if the wind changer, but you can, you can tell it’s kind of losing altitude a little bit as i try to keep it up and as soon as i let go, it’s moving with the wind it’s, i mean i’m full Forward and right and it’s still coming back: okay, let’s go! No! No! No go this way! Applause, all right, it’s, getting away from me, so i’m going to land it. Unfortunately, this is not a very good outdoor testing and then the wind is picking up. So if i probably took off now, it will be flying into my face. What i’m going to do is give a lot of forward trim, hoping that i can just keep it into the wind, so speed, three, all right: i’m, keeping it into the wind and it’s still coming back it’s like full forward i’m, getting full forward full forward full Forward come on, come on, you can’t, do it, you can’t lose the little drone all right pull forward and it is hovering it’s, a full forward and high speed.

So definitely an indoor drone or a absolutely calm weather drone. I cannot even do any like circuits. Maybe i can go side to side, but as soon as i turn it around a little bit towards me, it’s going to start coming back very quickly. If i turn like that, it’s coming back yeah, i mean i mean i’m full forward. So otherwise would that be nice because it has nice colors nice light? It could have been a great night flyer, maybe at night, when the wind dies down it may do better, but in this main now, okay. So what do i think about it less than twenty dollars? It is good. It has a lot of functions. You know two issues that i have with this. One is first one the battery’s integrated. You know why why just making an opening on the back and a little jack and then provide one, you know virtually one battery two batteries, three batteries or you know, sell more batteries to people who want to have more batteries. You know why integrate it into the case. You know, decrease the options. It has a very nice travel case. You know it would have been great to be able to put like four or five batteries and fly it, for i don’t know. 20. 30 minutes the second one it drifts. I think the gyro calibration is not that good. Whatever gyro they use is not that good, even indoors, with zero wind and in the middle of the room away from any obstacle.

It was drifting and i was constantly trimming it. So not one of the best drones that i’ve been reviewing, so i mean, if you like the looks, and if you are fine with a little bit of drift and if you are planning to flight at night, you know look, the lights are pretty strong. The front light which is kind of blue, led it almost looks like white so bright, and then it has green led on the back and also a red led that you see from the front in certain angles. So it can definitely help you orienting it at night which way it’s flying so i don’t know if you can see the red one but yeah, probably you can see it now. Do i recommend it? I mean it depends, depends what you want to do with it. Less than 20, although now it’s selling for 28, so it’s all expensive. I wouldn’t recommend that price, but less than 20 dollars. If you find it on ebay, you prime shipping arrives within two days. Yeah i mean if you are planning to fly indoors, that’s fine, but not highly recommended i’m, not against it either it’s, just the first one is better. This is called the d2 dwy devlin d2 and my original one, the alien octopus cyclops, is x2. I, like x2, better it’s, a better drone in my opinion, and it has batteries are compact and replaceable, and just click and click out very simple.

All right folks, day 10 is over. What is next, so next is i’m going to do a recap tomorrow and put all the drones side by side. Give my opinions. One of our viewers said that you know which three drones would you pick? Are you going to give us a video? Yes, i’m, going to give you a video but i’m going to look at it at those tendrils from different perspectives from beginner’s perspective from expert perspective. From my perspective, you know: do you want to fly indoors outdoors and then, with those scenarios i’m going to pick three for each scenario and you’ll get a better idea if you’re on one boat versus the other, you can just select, you know which ones are better For your purposes well, thank you very much for watching. Please wait for that video. The recap. The conclusion video tomorrow hope to see you again on our channel stay safe and healthy.