I know i promised in the last video that i’ll be giving you a recap for the 10 day mini drone review challenge, but i changed plans so today, actually i’m going to give you one more mini drone review. As a bonus, this is the 11th drone of this series and the reason is because it arrived yesterday, so i just wanted to put it in the mix and also the second one. The jjrc drone was not that good. Do you remember the one with the infrared control that turned out to be a dud? It didn’t fly well, and i couldn’t recommend it. So i just wanted to add this and also redeem jjrc name. So i got this from banggood and it came in this nondescript packaging doesn’t have anything doesn’t say anything and it is a jjrc r010, so r010 mini drone it’s over here it came with one battery the controller i’ll give you a close up very quickly, but just Monitor the ladies out, so i got this for 10 and 83 cents from their china. Warehouse shipping was 2.85 and total. I paid 13.68 for this delivered. I ordered it on may 31st. It was shipped june 1st and it arrived yesterday june 11th. So it arrived within like 10 11 days from china, which is which amazes me. Probably it came by playing i’m, not sure, and the other thing i would like to point out is this is also sold. As i have seen, videos red paws are 0, 1, 0.

. So apparently, this is manufactured by a company, a manufacturer and sold under different brands, basically rebranded and sold as jjrc or red paws, and this exactly looks like so far i can tell in terms of boxing and everything like this eachine e010. I mean the. There is a lot of similarities right, r, zero, one, zero e, zero one, zero for e. You know e for e sheen, r, j, j, r c. I i don’t know i mean this is same size i’m. Looking underneath same frame and on this one the frame is kind of a permanent. I mean you can probably take it off, but you have to you really pull it out, but this one looks like it can be easily removed. So i can probably attempt it now, but yeah i mean just look. I just removed the top. If i probably remove this one, oh yeah, this is also removable easily and well. It is not exactly the same because the the boards are different. They, the one, is red and smaller, the other one is green, but in terms of the frame i mean it’s, exactly the same frame, the propellers are the same size. The prop guards are the same. The battery holder is the same. So i guess this is just going to be a very similar or almost identical, mini drone to this eachine e 0, 1 0, and if we take out the controller, this is green. This is red and the texture is all different.

Is the size a little different? No well, this has these buttons, okay and it makes things easier, probably, and then this doesn’t have buttons, but i was watching some videos. These are the you know different buttons. You basically press the the sticks in to get that functionality and on this one it doesn’t have that clicking so some differences, but it looks like very similar drone, so here it is all the contents, the little mini drone, the controller one battery. I got the one with only one battery and then one set of spare propellers, the small flip screwdriver and the usb charger, and it came with two manuals: one, english, one, spanish. So what i’m going to do now is start charging the battery right away, because this may take a long time and i want to go out and test it soon, because the weather is really nice right now. So when i connected it, there is no light and i’m. Assuming once i connect the battery, the led red led light is going to come on as you can see, and then, when it’s fully charged, this will go off and let’s see how many batteries does this little transmitter take. It takes three aaa batteries. Just a quick correction: there are not two but six manuals here, so this is german chinese french on this one and then spanish, italian and finally english over here. So six, not two. I just connected the battery.

As you can see, the lights are on, the red is in the front. The blue is on the back and i am going to stop calling this jjrc because everywhere on the manual even on it, says red paws. The way it is advertised on banggood is jjrc, but this is red pulse. I haven’t seen jjrc branding anywhere so i’m going to continue red pause r010. So let’s do the internal indoor testing. The battery is connected i’m going to turn on the transmitter. So it says on to bind the drone to the transmitter. You go up, wow! No, you don’t have to do that for strumming. You have to go to travel up and down, and i didn’t have to do it. So this is interesting. So, usually, you have to go all the way up and down, and here not you don’t have to but i’m still going to do the calibration. Oh here we go okay, lower left without pushing all the way to the corner. This left stick. It did the calibration, as you see just the light spring, so let’s see it’s going to do the other way because in in the man it’s showing both weights – oh no, now it’s doing. Okay um! I don’t know what the difference is, because when i do this okay, let me try. It did like a quick, hmm, interesting, very finicky. I don’t like this this transmitter by the way, and i i never like the the push button sticks.

I prefer the other one. The eachine e 0 1 0 controller, where you have the flip and headless mode functions over here, yeah it’s it’s a better way of doing this anyway, let’s fly and it doesn’t have altitude, as you can tell from the let left, stick being all the way down. It’S the throttle. Stick not lt control, stick Music. Okay, so it is flying let’s, bring it a little closer, so you can see it better, yeah kind of touchy controls, but it is good if you are flying outside or you want to fly they’ll sport, and this is supposed to be the slow speed. 40 percent. Full right left, i’m doing for you it’s still quite quick and then let’s increase 200 percent. It has only two settings and it’s this button, so it beeps twice that’s too full forward and full backward it’s, quite even quicker, but i don’t know if it is hundred percent. I mean compared to forty percent yeah. It is moving good, so this will fly in wind light to medium winds. I think and let’s try the headless mode first. So it is this left. Stick pressed in. It should start coming in the opposite direction of the take off direction. So if i press this, it is coming kind of and then in order to stop it and now it’s in the headless mode. So it doesn’t matter, so it goes from return to home to headless mode, as you can see and i’m going to stop to hit this mode by pressing, again, Music and now it’s, just regular mode and then i’m just going to do the flip, which is i’m.

My finger is like looking for this, but it is not there, so it is a right stick pushed in and here you pull it or push it anywhere. You want the pitch on y axis i’m, sorry pitch and roll axis. Here we go. I actually pressed in and left accidentally so it’s kind of difficult control, there’s a front one yeah. It is flying good, it’s it’s. It has quite a little power and speed. Let me put it again back to the slow speed one beep on that little button Music. This will be a good second or third drone mini drone and i’m just going to land it. Oh, what happened interesting, i didn’t do anything. I did not do anything. All the lights went off, all the lights went off, hmm and the battery is still connected. Let’S check the battery voltage, but it was, it was full let’s check the battery voltage 25 wow it. It was 95 when i connected now it’s showing 26. i’m, not sure if it is related to battery, but even if it is bad, usually it doesn’t turn off the lights like that. It will blink first and then land the lights will be flashing fast. At least that’s what i have seen with other drones, let me connect okay, so it is binding again, i don’t know what happened. Did it overheat or something? Of course i have to turn off the transmitter and then turn it back on yeah.

That was a freak thing. I hope it’s just a one time thing, because the connector wasn’t loose or anything i was just getting ready to to land it and it just cut off completely. There was no power at all i’m, just hoping that was just one time thing: okay, now i’m going to recharge the battery and then go outside to fly what a glorious day. Folks, it was raining yesterday and the whole week was really hot and humid. Today is very comfortable upper 60s there’s, some slight breeze. The rain clouds have passed perfect time for testing out this red pals, r010 mini drone and let’s see how it can do. I am. I have bound and adjusted everything, so it is ready to take off. So this is just regular mode it’s coming out faster this way, because the wind is blowing towards us a little bit as you can see as soon as it turns this way it is coming fast. This is a very nice little drone. You know to to practice practice your skills inexpensive, almost indestructible, unless you put it on a on a tree. Okay, it is, it is in the headless mode. I accidentally pressed the left, stick so it’s in the headless mode, let’s test the headless mode. So this this way i’m going to rotate and it doesn’t matter it still should go. You know when i pull it it’s coming and then i push it’s going away from me and then left and right it doesn’t matter.

If you try rotate, you know. I keep rotating, as you can see, i’m going right and left forward and backward it’s still doing the same thing: okay, so regular mode and let’s change the speed by pressing this button. So, oh again that that hold same thing happened. I press that button. It almost feels like it lost control and it has no lights. This is unnerving. If this is the case, it may be a defect. Maybe something is overheating and cutting down, because right now none of the lights are on so before they were blinking slowly and i don’t see any lights blinking right now, so it completely cut off and it has a freshly charged battery so i’m going to take the Battery out turn off the transmitter, put it back in it’s a little difficult to reach the the plug. Unfortunately, so now the the lights are back on flashing let’s put it here it on it beeped, so it should be ready to go again, i’m going to put it now to no. This is the flip mode. Sorry, this one, i think i know i’m, not sure. If this is also serving as emergency stop or something, but the light should not go off so two beeps, it should be on the high mode, all right, let’s fight a little more and then see. If that that the same thing is going to happen. It is definitely flying a little faster now nicely covering distance quickly, slows a nice and close pass and let’s fly it backwards now and doing some little tricks coming back.

This is full speed and now i’m going to take it back to single speed. Let’S see one beep and then you could see the angle change so i’m, going to the same two beeps, the angle increased so it’s banking more forward and it didn’t turn for us for a second i’m, not sure why it did not respond. Maybe it was at the edge of the range so i’m going to go farther and see if i can bring it back, so this is still flying and then i’m flying backwards. Now it is coming back okay, so maybe i wasn’t pushing really hard, but it is, it is flying really nicely. As you can see, it is like a really nice looking drone. Oh, the same thing happened. Folks, it just cut off it just cut off again and there is, there is no lights, so that means hey guys i’m making a video i’ll talk to you in a second i’m making a video for the channel. Sorry, all right Music. So what i’m going to tell you is, i can continue this review, but right now i think this is a defective one, because this is like the third and fourth time, it’s happening so i’m, going to try again, but i don’t have too much hope what i’m Going to do is i’m going to reach out to banggood customer service and say hey. This is defective. I will also include this review video and, if i get a new one which is not effective, i’ll do another review.

I just want to give it a fair trial, so let’s do this again turn it on. It should come on put it in high mode, and i want to do a couple flips. So the four flips you just press this one and again backwards. Flip let’s bring it back a little bit, so you can see it is easily i’m going to do a left flip right now, oh and it just fell off the sky again and then no lights, yeah it’s, definitely a defective one. There’S no way around it because everything seems to working except something feels like overheating and then causing it to completely go off i’m, going to put it again on high mode this and now there’s something wrong with the gyro. I let go it’s going flying away. Maybe it is, it is the wind i’m not sure difficult to tell with these little little drones, okay, let’s do a couple flips and see if we can replicate that that issue i’m going to keep continue flying, it is coming really slowly and then i didn’t do That jump and it fell out. So there was some control issue. It was going up down um, not within my control and it just cut off completely again, so this is definitely defective. I have never seen something like this. On other drones, i mean they i’ve seen one motor go off or something like that, but just cutting off like that suddenly in the mid flight is not normal back indoors let’s see if it is going to do the same cutting off again.

So i already bounded. Okay, it did it again: okay, it did it again and again so it’s definitely a defect. I had so many of these cutoffs their frontier defect, so unfortunately i cannot give you a final verdict. I mean so far. If those glitches are not happening, it seems a very, very nice drone. I got it for about 13 14. It is worth it given that it is working properly now i’m going to reach out to the customer service of banggood. In the past, i had good experience with them. They’Re always lived up to my expectations and either compensated me or sent a new one, or something like that so i’m going to do that, and i will do another video if they sent me a replacement drone. So far, yes, it is a very nice drone. However, it is not as good as eachine e010 because the controller has uh the the buttons. I prefer that to this one anything else, i think they they’re identical or very similar in terms of performance. In terms of looks and size, size seems to be exactly the same. This was a bonus video because i just received it and then i wanted to add it to the mix after the 10 day challenge. So next, i’m really going to do the recap or the conclusion, video and i’m going to add this as well, with the assumption that this were working perfectly without all those glitches and then give you different scenarios.

If you are a beginner, if you want to learn how to fly race drones, if you are an intermediate flyer, if you want to fly fly only indoors or outdoors i’ll give for the different scenarios, my picks and then you can make your own decision. If you are on the market to get a mini drone, maybe like this one or maybe easier to fly or maybe something a little larger anyway. Thank you very much for watching, and i hope you are enjoying the summer months, if you’re on the northern hemisphere and the winter months, if you’re on the southern hemisphere, hope to see you again on the next video until then stay safe and healthy.