So today we’re going to be doing another toy review today, we’re going to be toy reviewing a new drone. I got okay, let me show you something. I flew it. It broke right here see this here. I’Ll show you the drone, but see this. I just put this closer. This broke broke so i’m, not mad because it hasn’t interfered anything with the drone. It just looks different so i’m, not mad with that. It still flies perfectly so let’s actually review the drone first we’re going to review the controller so i’m going to take off this until we’re, actually, actually i’ll just keep it on. This is the eachine um drone controller. It is really nice it’s. This is i’ll review. The buttons it’s backwards so, but this usually, if you were looking at it your way this would be the way it’d be facing, but your thing is backwards, the camera’s backwards. So this is up down and, like you, it’s, not side to side it’s. Turning around and stuff, and then this is side to side move forward and move backward. This is going up and down, and then this is this is take it’s backwards, but this is takeoff landing and i don’t know what this is actually wait. Uh, you don’t need to worry about these two and then these are all trims basically and down right here is how high you want the speed to go. It goes up to three and then right here you have to press this button and you have a couple of minutes.

You have about 30, maybe 15 seconds to do a flip to do any flip side flip this way back flip front, flip it’s really awesome, and this if you were probably looking at this and like what is this, this is a tripod for the camera that i’m Going to show you on the drone and if you want to get this drone, i will put i don’t i’ll, put the link in the description, so yeah it’s a it’s, a nice drone. I mean like it’s, not too big, but this was dollars yeah four. It was supposed to be fifty, but i got ten ten ten percent off so let’s actually review the drone, and this takes it just if you’re wondering this takes three triple a batteries. Okay – and i will show you the charger when i show you the drone, so this is the drone. It doesn’t look big, but it’s a really nice drone see you see the broken part right here, but it does no effect to the thing so you’re perfectly fine. If you accidentally break a little side and it flat, these are the propeller pieces there’s, four wings, if just if you’re wondering it’s about who cares long um, this is how you turn here. I’Ll show you how you turn on these. So this is how you turn on the remote see there’s a little power button right here, ta da and then this is how you turn on the drone.

The mine’s basically dead. So when we’re actually gon na do the fly review piece i’m gon na have to um do it later, but i you’ll just see it in two seconds after so. This is how you turn on the drone. It has a little bit of battery left, so i can show you how you turn it off. So you see if you kind of see the in the light right there there’s like a power button, you want to hold that button until it’s going. Am i following? You i’ll go like that, so it’s not really blinding you because you’re not as complicated, so it should be blinking like this. Then, when you turn on the controller uh hold this up again. You have this controller on. You need to okay, so i’m gon na show you this okay. I can’t figure out how to set this up like that. Okay see how it’s blinking like that, watch it. If i level it out it’ll make just i go like that level. It out just need to turn it on again now, it’s level see now it’s, not blinking. All you have to do is swipe up and swipe down, and that will turn on the drone and so that’s, basically review and stuff. But the last thing i do before we do, the flying part is the charger. So actually i do need to charge mine. I will show you how you charge this because it’s kind of weird.

So this is the charger it’s not long, but if you have something like i do in here, it’ll be perfectly fine. You’Ll, be fine with that. So i am going to show you how to test it and yeah okay. So we got the charger right here, so it doesn’t come with a cube and that’s pretty much fine. So if it’s backwards here – okay – so you just go like this and i don’t think you can see that well but i’m gon na put this in. Let me see so see down here, wait um! This is hard. I feel like this i’m, just gon na put it in actually because it’s gon na take too long. Okay. So now that i put that in we have the charger right here, it’s plugged in so we have this right here. We are gon na, go like this. So basically it’ll come like this. The drone has a piece right here that you want to slide out so see, so i will get my mom to open this and then i’ll show you it: okay, okay, sorry for the way, not a way for you. Okay, so i got the battery out. So basically, your drone will look like this she’ll be like. Why does it look like it broke and it didn’t it just. Has the battery out so basically you’ll. Take this battery out and you’ll see a piece that looks like this i’m gon na bring this.

This way, please all the way over here. Basically you’ll have this you’ll see this, and then you just stick the piece in that it measures to, and you got the battery charging so i’m gon na. Let that charge for a little bit and i will see you after that’s charged so thanks for watching not really bye, bye, but i mean like yeah, so, hey, okay, guys! So now we are gon na be doing a test of the drone. So let’s turn it on. So, as i said, you see that blinking you need to get it stable. So now um, our camera girl, is going to follow the drone. So let’s do this. Okay, so you have to press this button to take off and it should be taking off like this it’s a really. I just pressed that i pressed um a drop button when you press the drop button. That means it just drops right away, but if you just press the normal um, if you just press normal land, it won’t do that, so it flies really well so i’m gon na turn up the speed and look how quick that goes here. You might not be able to see that well, it’s, really nice flying here, i’ll bring it over hey guys, thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video.