Okay. This is taking some time. Um. Okay, um, sorry about that guys. Sorry about that guys! Yeah! Here we are so today, i’m going to be reviewing drones. Yeah, you got me right, actual drones working so, as you can see the drones um, they have health like any normal mob and they’re. Pretty short, the drones are also spawn eggs if you didn’t notice that, but the drones are not used without a controller. Now, for a controller, it should be right there. This is a controller, so what you want to do is take drones from creative. Okay. Let me just go to that plane. I yeah here then: oh a voice, that’s perfect uh! This is this. This is perfect, guys um let’s go into that relates a bit and we’re here. So what you want to do is place down your drone. Okay, you got ta. Take your remote, you wan na tap it yeah, and now the drone is on. So it can go up, look at that guys um! So, as you can see, it’s completely working, you can go in circles. You can go wherever i want actually, but what’s very fascinating about this drone. Sorry, oh my god. My throne is okay, so what’s very fascinating about drones is my favorite part at least about them. Is that you can just use them for spying? You know look at this. Okay, guys what they can do. They can use bonds, yeah hold a small thing and i’m gon na place.

The drone right there don’t fall down. Okay. Now i am going to make it fly up. I should go up up yeah, oh my god. The audio okay and now i’m gon na make it go more fun bomb. It yeah! Yes, yes, yes, come back, come back, come back, come back; okay, okay, okay bomb! It i’m gon na destroy this entire village: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Okay, guys hope you enjoyed the video goodbye.