s military drone washed ashore there. Today, local 7 news reporter andrew perez is live on the scene with the breaking details of very unusual sighting, andrew yeah unusual, and also a little bit intimidating, you’re walking out on the beach on this beautiful day, and you come across this bad boy right here. Just washed up on the beach, everybody was pretty shocked. Some though getting a really strong warning, as authorities just started. Moving in, i want you to take a listen coming back that’s, an officer there, yelling there’s a bomb on the beach there’s, a bomb on the beach move back so turns out. This is a giant military device that washed up on shore no word a word starts spreading rather really quickly here in the area of boynton beach, the u.s air force responds ocean ridge, police, also deputies, all keeping people back while they work to secure and identify the Device which we know it’s got fuel in it. It’S got other devices attached to it, visitors and locals. They saw this thing from a mile away, so i’m coming down from the car, and then he comes running back up and he’s, like hey there’s, a bomb on the beach you’re, a miss on the beach. I was like what do you mean it’s like there’s? No one even around here so come walking down all of a sudden. Some people stop us and, like hey, look there’s a missile right over there and they’re blocking it off.

So we start. How can we get close to get some pictures and see what this really is, so it turns out, after some investigating police determined that this is an air force, training drone the air force just telling us a short time ago that they actually shot this thing down About two months ago, it says on the side, usaf aerial target and it seems to have some damage to the back, which appears where it was shot down. Officials cleared it, though, and said it is now safe to allow people in the area again, while the air force now figures out how to remove this device when to remove this device from the beach. However, why it stayed in the water like that, if they couldn’t find it how it washed ashore in the first place. All of that remains unclear more to come for sure that’s.