MD#156 🚁Hobbymate 3-inch Micro Drone FPV Racer 🏁

I am unsure what this micro drone can be known as or when will probably be launched however in case you’re on this drone, test again later and I’ll replace the hyperlink beneath …


  1. Looks really nice! Love the color of the motors. 6S 3 inch!!! wow.

  2. Another hobbymate!!
    Best motors installed rcinpower!!!

  3. I like everything about that except for the camera and that it cannot be changed is a bummer…

  4. did anyone else see the face in the dirt?

  5. Pretty amazing little quad, Albert!!! HobbyMate is killing it!!! 😃
    Great flying!!!

  6. Nice flight. Is this NOT the "Toothpick"?

  7. Good looking little 3", nice quality parts, not bad.

  8. Flies nice and seems the video feed is clean. Quite a bit of break up…were you on a low power setting?

  9. is it me or is there alot of noise in the vid

  10. Would like to see your opinion on the DrL arch angel quads,they are spendy:/

  11. Nice review az alwayz mr.K:)

  12. Looks like a small version of the Skystar STX225. Sweet!

  13. Finally some new ones that are not HD…

  14. Good stuff Mr K!! Almost instantly wanted to give it a rip!! Cheers

  15. Great Review & Great drone!!!!

  16. Daaang that motors look sexy and flew so smoooooootthhhhh 😍

  17. Hey Albert, thanks for another video. If it isn't too much trouble, I really like hearing the motors for a bit before music starts.

  18. 6S on 3in….oh boy, here we go again. lol.

    That 2900kv motor looks sweet though. On a light build, could it spin a 5in prop on 4S? I was looking at the new hobbywing 1408s, there's a 2400kv version.

  19. Your RSSI stayed really strong the whole time. They’re putting out some nice stuff 👍🏻

  20. hahaha how do i win this hahaha nice vid friend

  21. Keep up the good work Mr. Kim. I really like that bird. Wish it had more camera options though. Like the v2 turtle

  22. Looks super sharp I really like it gonna keep a eye out for that thanks Albert

  23. Anybody else get lon lon ranch vibes from the song? Thanks for the video!

  24. nice review, thank you very much and have a nice day 🙂

  25. Reminds me of my XJB-145. No micro cam is a deal breaker for me. And I would prefer a solid bottom plate for this size.

  26. Looks like an upgrade xjb love the stretched x design… .on rails. counter sunk screws would have been nice

  27. I like what i see Al. Love the colors of those motors too.

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