If you didnt know, is a mcdonalds that serves items from mcdonalds global menu had no idea this existed. You know those times that i wish im sure a lot of you guys wish that mcdonalds will bring global menu items to the us. Well, here it is and the menu changes all the time. So i have no idea which global menu item is in there right now lets go check it out Music. So here it is soon as you walk in theres a bunch of kiosks to order and, like i said its, not every single international menu item, they change it. I i hear frequently – and i have no idea whats on this menu today: okay, so global favorites, theres, a triple onion burger from south korea, home style, chicken from the netherlands, sweet potato fries also from the netherlands, out of stock sprinkle, doughnuts ill start: okay, uh pistachio, Mcflurry white chocolate mcpop, i dont know whatever pop is. I want one so lets get this home style, chicken, sweet, potato fries. So this is spain, make pop mix and the rest is just mcdonalds: regular menu, oh blueberry and cream pie. I think yeah shamrock shake grape jam interesting there we go to make pops make pie. My cafe pie. I think this is the chicken. This is the burger. So this is the onion burger. It looks like crispy onions, some mayonnaise cheese, beef patty on a lettuce. Oh also purple onions here as well: sweet potato fries.

This is a home style, chicken, fresh lettuce, bacon, swiss cheese, fried chicken patty on the bottom. These are to make pops basically its a donut hole with cream stuffed inside, and i know this is not an international menu item. This is mcdonalds kind of its kind of a new newer menu item. It came back after five years, blueberry and cream pie all right. So lets try this the korean onion burger ill. Get my complaints out of the way fries are extremely soggy. I mean i just ordered these not crispy at all. I feel like the patty itself is a bit dry with that said, flavor wise! This is a delicious burger. I love the crunch of the fried onions on top. I like the raw onions bringing a bit of bite. The sauce is good. The cheese is good if only this patty was a little bit more juicy. This will be an excellent burger but yeah, i see the potential, but the extra crease is really not there. Sweet potato fries just like their less sweet, cousin super stale theyre, not even hot anymore, the home style chicken again good sandwich done in, but the dried chicken patty bacon is good. Its crispy, the outside the chicken, still retains a nice little crunch, but that patty is dry. I think the sauce is some sort of spicy meal. I mean again. Flavor is good. I like the bun, i love the bacon. I dont know if its, because i came here an hour before they closed, maybe if i would have came here when its busy so theyre making fresh ones.

This would have been really good, but no matter how good the flavor of a chicken sandwich is, but when the chicken is dry as robert had a sense of humor, its not good im excited to try these little donut holes. I mean i get what they are. A little donut hole so it doesnt make any less exciting. Oh yeah, like just a little bit of cream inside a doughnut hole, rebrand it as a make pop. I mean its not bad its airy, its fluffy, probably pairs really well with mcdonalds coffee melted chocolate inside not bad hard to mess this up, though this im really excited for blueberry cream pie. I know this is not an international item. Like i said before, this item did a whole gone snack thing disappeared for a few years came back, but i feel like its gon na be good. This is delicious. Finally, an alternative. I mean theres no mango peach pie from singapore, but its delicious rust is nice and flaky. This is probably the warmest of the food ive gotten tonight. The blueberry and cream is good. This is good Music dinner time here in chinatown friend barbecue. This is a chain now these things been popping up all around the country thats. Oh, this is really cool. Its kind of overflowing a little bit theres a hot pot, filled with 30 different skewers. In addition to the i think, close to 30 or 40 that i ordered also garlic, eggplant and barbecue leek, it gets pretty good.

I love the eggplant lambs a little dry, though so this comes in a set of 30 random skewers theres looks like oh tripe, theres seaweed theres fish, cakes. I think its good. If you come here, definitely eat this first. Otherwise, this flavor might just be overpowered by the skewers flavor, but look at this sitting and spicy and nummy broth. It just feels really good on a cold day. Oh, this is really good. The nokia mushrooms, wrapped with i think fatty beef, and i ordered this grilled scallops and noodles and garlic wheres, my scalp, though thats kind of a small scallop. This tastes really good, though this corresponding some pizza a little dry. This is very, very nice spicy potato salad. I hope thats how i order. Sometimes i cant control myself want to call nice spicy skewers, just like hot or ramen its really going to make you feel good. Tofu skin yeah definitely do the hot pot before the other scores. This is going to be a warm belly kind of night Music hi. This is a continuation of the last video i did here at mcdonald university. I think that was several weeks ago back again in chicago and the international menu items here have changed. Also, im here for breakfast, so lets see what they got all right. Breakfast lets see here. This is the international item they have here, its from korea, avocado egg mcmuffin, okay, matcha mcflurry with oreo heck. Yes, thank you thanks.

So much it is wait. This is water! Oh there, it is thank you so much. Ah, i mean worried. I thought, for some reason like was a ronald mcdonald magic trick where he turns the flurries into water worst trick ever here is the avocado egg mcmuffin its basically just an egg mcmuffin with avocado and some kind of chili sauce, and i dont know why this would Be something thats on the korean menu thats more american than korea? What that said, it was probably one of the best egg mcmuffins ever put in my mouth. Avocado is nice and creamy, the egg tastes actually fresh biscuit is nice and toasty. Sauce wise is a little sweet. I dont taste any spice, oh okay, its hitting me a little bit like its hungry, a little bit like a fraction of a taco bell, mild, sauce, im thinking. This is some sort of gochujang sauce that they put on this. I wish it was spicier, but it is pretty tasty with the egg and ham and avocado also got to give mcdonalds some credit. Usually they just take different ingredients and kind of kind of ship them around and call it a brand new sandwich. At least they did add avocado in here and thats, something they dont usually have so baby steps. This im really excited about. This is the matcha mcflurry, and this is from japan. Look at this. I think crumble, cookies in this as well Music.

This is good. It looks like matcha syrup they added in here. It just tastes, really really artificial. I mean it has a little bit of matcha flavor, otherwise, just tastes like something coming out of a squeeze bottle with that rabbit in the front if they just use some sort of real matcha powder and blend it in with this, would have been so much better. Im going to show good its a mcflurry, so it cant be that bad, but he definitely missed on this one all right. I came here about 10 oclock, so right now, 12 minutes to lunch see what they got. Then bacon big mac, nick spicy from hong kong taco, shaker fries from finland, and we got the matcha mcflurry from japan all right, so taco shaker fries from finland, so avocado mcmuffin from korea, taco shaker fries from finland, wouldnt that be from mexico. Are they big on tacos in finland? I dont, i dont, know all right, so they give you a seasoning pack. Take your bag dump. Your fries in i just want to say: fries are super fresh, this time super fresh right out of the fryer. They taste how you would expect mcdonald fresh to taste amazing mix shaker goes into the bag, shake it up there. It is. I didnt really expect about this. For freaking awesome. I mean it helps greatly that the fries are so fresh. Oh, the seasoning tastes like im eating fajita fresh, you taste, the spiciness from the chili to smokiness from the paprika theres, some really aromatic herbs on this as well.

It tastes like a delicious mexican dry, rub from finland im happy yet confused lets just get this out of the way at local mcdonalds. Big macs dont usually come with bacon. This is on the global. I dont really understand the globe icon. Besides the beside the big mac and theres, the bacon, three slices of bacon, puts this thing on the global menu. I think i mainly got it because ive had a big mac in a long time. I just missed having a big mac. I also missed the days where big macs were actually big, the bacons actually a really nice addition to the big bag. I dont know why they dont just make that standard across the world. I mean this thing is actually really crispy, and that goes really really well with that tinder patty and, of course, an awesome, big mac, sauce seriously mcdonalds for making all your big macs. Finally, they make spicy from hong kong, so sesame bun, pretty nice sized chicken, cutlet mayo. I dont see a spicy sauce, so im guessing the cutlet itself is gon na contain the heat its a nice sized sandwich, its a freshly made sandwich. I can feel the burning heat of the chicken through that bun im thinking. This is gon na be juicy. This is awesome, awesome, also not as spicy as the spicy spicy mixed chicken from dubai. Really crispy outer breading. You can see the chilies right inside the outer shell and look at this juicy patty.

This thing, i think, if you get one thats freshly, made its pretty much everything you want in a spicy chicken sandwich, one of the best chicken sandwiches ive had in mcdonalds. In the u.s for sure yeah, everything was great today, except for that artificially tasty matcha mcflurry, but hey whenever a mcdonalds flooring machine is not broken. You can actually get a mcflurry. I count that as a win, all right, gon na finish up and uh dessert. This place is supposed to have some of the best pies in chicago, so they got savory, pies and sweet pies and biscuits whoa. They got biscuits and gravy. Oh heck, yeah, Music. Three dishes are here: look at this. This is a fancy, biscuits and gravy whoa. Look at this nice, beautiful runny egg on top. That is absolutely gorgeous sausage right beneath that freshly made biscuits. Oh this thing just crumbled, biscuits and gravy that is so freaking good. Oh thats so freaking good, wow, amazingly rich and peppery. What is this other flavor im tasting here? Oh its sage, that just makes it so fragrant. The sausage is delicious. Look how crumbly the biscuit is. I grew up eating biscuits and gravy in the midwest in college. I went to uh truman state university, where a whole town, like a population of like 15 000 people, number one restaurant in town, this place called pancake city and they had this biscuits and gravy special. Where literally just give you this giant plate of biscuits and gravy.

For like three bucks, i cant even just stop eating this. This is so good and i pretty much ate that every single day as a late night snack. So i have this love for biscuits and gravy, and this is just absolutely magnificent also with a creamy egg. On top the texture, the peppery flavor, everything about it and its just amazing ive said this: after moving to new york, best business and gravy in the midwest, not even close next dish, this is the buffalo chicken pot pie. Look at this look how flaky this thing is in this blue cheese and buffalo sauce in here. So now your typical chicken pot pie for sure Music whoa. This thing is just so: funky get this only if you like blue cheese, a lot, because you are getting a ton of fun from that giant pieces of chicken. The crust is deliciously flaky, peas inside as well, but definitely a whole lot of blue cheese flavor. I think its delicious ive had melted blue cheese over steak, which i think is awesome now to blue cheese over chicken pot pie. I, like it ah thats more of this hot sauce Music whoo i mean the texture is so nice flaky crust on the outside. A little sweet pop from the piece, delicious chicken filling and, of course, that punk wow im a fan of this. Finally, thats sweet pie, chocolate coconut, i didnt know it was gluten free until after i got it, i think i never had a gluten free pie before Music, a little dry shavings of coconut on top creamy dark chocolate, filling on top of a light.

Crumbly crust and salted caramel drizzled on top as well. I seriously think theres not a bad food item on this menu. I really wanted to try their shrimp and grits as well, because someone got that – and i sneaked a look that looks so yummy too but and gravy mind blowing pot pie exceptional and this is so freaking delicious. I cant put this down if you like, pies, if you like any sort of comfort food, come try, this place out, you wont be disappointed. I just got back. I dont know if you guys ever tried this before but start like coke, but maze literally tastes like im drinking glitter, who are those graham cracker bear things anyway. Like i mentioned in the beginning, this video is sponsored by hellofresh ive, been talking about and recommending hellofresh for years and theres many reasons i do so number one reason its absolutely delicious. I havent had a single recipe, a single meal that i didnt absolutely love. Usually when i get it, i just cook it all im telling myself like ill eat some now and save it. For later. I can never savor for later. I just eat everything and one of the reasons is so delicious, because hellofresh recipes utilizes produce that goes from farm to your front door in under a week, which means their spring menu features the seasons freshest flavors. Also, i really dont like going to the grocery store, like i said, no self control.

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