We are here with the maximal drone. This is a drone synthesizer with six oscillators, its useful for creating uh ambient drone uh harsh noise, harsh noise wall, experimental music. It is a really versatile, synthesizer, its also a very popular synthesizer uh michael ricci sells these on their etsy and they have sold a lot of them. This is my friends that im borrowing, but it is a lot of fun. Uh lets dive right in uh. First, we have our power switch our volume, our tone well filter its a voltage, controlled, filter Music. Then we have six oscillators and six switches and six knobs, so each oscillator gets a pair of switches. Oh sorry, a pair of knob and switch knob and switch knob and switch like this knob and switch knob and switch. So this switch controls this knob. This switch controls this knob etc. Each oscillator is identical, but not perfectly identical. Uh each oscillator has a the switch. Has three positions and left middle and right middle is off, left is a low set of frequencies? Right is a high set of frequencies and uh lets lets just see what one im gon na turn off all the oscillators, except for one thats, the low setting and the high setting thats it thats thats. All there is to it uh, but its. The combination of this of the oscillators, with each other that create harmonies and dissonances that uh create make this such a great synthesizer, all right im going to play around a little bit with it.

To show you a bit more of what kinds of sounds. You can really pull out of this thing: Music, Music, Music, hmm, oh Music, whats, kind of cool uh. Another thing that you can do is tune them to each other. Lets try that you can kind of hear that lets just turn on these two right here, Music thats about as close as i can get it lets, try a third one Music. I got it lets try a fourth Music lets. Try lets go for a fifth and the last one Music, oh no, its, not perfect anymore. Well, it was close to perfect all right, so that is the uh i just tuned. It thats amazing uh, that is the maximal drone, but its not a harsh noise gear review. Until we bring in a friend thats right its a death metal distortion, i am going to show you a little bit uh how it sounds through distortion yeah. You remember that single boring click from a single oscillator lets add a second one. Now thats cool Music super cool lets do something that i like to do with uh. Making harsh noise wall is bring in even more effects, because nothing is more fun than when you run it through everything else and uh. We are going to run a few uh. A few effects here, uh our maximal drone through a few things. First into a death metal distortion, fx 86b, then to the electro harmonics canyon delay.

I might have it at setup, tape, delay and then uh. We got a death metal, fx, 86 and then into the mixer uh, which i might throw some some effect on that too. Well see uh enjoy so hmm, so all right. Thank you very much uh. This has been the uh maximal drone, harsh noise gear review, uh. Absolutely wonderful, synth, really lots of fun great for harsh noise wall as well as the other genres i mentioned earlier. That are not harsh noise wall. Uh uh dont forget to comment what you uh. This is a pretty popular synth. I know a lot of people own this im interested to see what people think of how i use it, and i want to see how i wonder how you all use it so comment what you think on dont forget to like and also subscribe, uh.