Okay, so were checking out another camera drone on this video. So this is a new company, one that has been on the channel before l y, z, r c, and the model here is the l 800 pro 2. So i never reviewed the original l800 pro that came out maybe a year and a half ago. I think from some of the reviews ive seen, this is a model that i dont think a lot of people have done. Reviews on this is a gps camera drone. You know, obviously something like a dji whatever, but its more like a toy grade, but not quite toy grade its something in between its fairly budget in terms of the price, its 100 about 150 dollars for the configuration that ive got and for that amount of money It comes with a three axis gimbal, which is kind of rare says it has a 4k camera, but i think its only 1080p – its a little oh well find out here later in the video its a little confusing the way that they uh list out the specs On the product page, where you can check the link down in the description, if you want to look at all the specs im not going to go over every single one do a quick unboxing here. Obviously it comes in a nice little case and then well take it out to somewhere to fly and get some video footage and see how how it does so lets.

Uh open this up. First, so theres a little pocket here in the front with the zipper obviously comes with this sticker on here telling what it is. The case is not bad. You know for 150 dollar drone its a pretty nice bag got some foam in here and we got a zipper pocket which looks like some manuals and some accessories spirit, props, so heres the controller, and it definitely feels toy grade in terms of the plastics and the Gimbals and yeah it looks like it has: an internal battery got a little flip up holder here for their phone, so its obviously one of those wi fi type of uh gps drones, so ive got an extra battery here. Looks like this is the two battery version. So its a 7.4 volt about 3 000 milliamp hour so its like a 2s battery, and it has a built in charger port right here: micro, micro, usb for charging so heres. The drone itself got some plastic here. So here on the top, it looks like theres a little panel. You can pop out so theres another version you can get for obstacle avoidance. You can actually put a module on here and it has a laser obstacle. Avoidance sensor, this uh model doesnt, have that. So obviously, im not gon na be able to test that in this video got some folding props, um nice uh little tiny, brushless motors. This feels like its about the size of a mavic mini uh whats.

How much it weighs ill show you that here, a second some basic folding arms are folded out like so i think you fold out the front ones first and then the back ones and the gimbal cover has just popped off so heres. What it looks like unfolded – and this one is the second battery its in the drone already heres what it looks like unfolded. Interestingly, it says here: gps, drone, hd camera on this arm, and then here is the three axis gimbal. So pretty unprecedented play this in a 150 dollar drone and its shock mounted, so it should have a pretty stable video. Assuming the gimbals work works correctly says. The camera is an f 2.5 aperture with a 108 degree field of view. It looks like if youre on this side, you have a micro sd card slot, obviously for recording your video and you have a small sensor. It looks like a camera. The bottom sensor on the bottom bottom for, like uh, probably for more for, like uh um, maintaining the height thats, what im thinking thats, probably not for obstacle avoidance heres. What the inside looks like without the battery all right so heres. What the drone weighs um with the battery flying weight so its not under 250 grams, it felt really light, but it is not as light as the mavic mini okay. So for the rest of the stuff thats in the bag. You get spear propellers, of course, with a screwdriver and a usb cable for charging the batteries and its micro usb it doesnt come with a power, brick, so theres one manual here for the app as a qr code, where you can download the app and thats english On one side, the other side is in chinese and it looks like this is like the main manual but uh.

The whole thing is in chinese um, so yeah, no english manual – i probably forgot to put it in the bag, but i suppose you could use like google translate with your with your camera phone and figure it out thats. Probably, what im going to have to end up doing but yeah most of these things are fairly straightforward. To figure out so figure it out im just gon na go ahead and take it out to the field and just go fly it and see what happens so. Lets lets go ahead and do that all right so before we fly this lets take a quick look at the rear controller again and the buttons this is the return to home button. Gps button turns gps on and off theres now enough button to turn the controller on and off this one here is um compass calibration. If you needed a comfort, calculus calibration, you turn press the button and then do the spinning of the drone gyro calibration button. Put the drone on flat on the ground and hit that and itll calibrate the gyro. Then this button here locks and unlocks the drone, and then you have your battery indicator here. Buttons on top video and photo button is right here so uh short press to switch modes and then long press to start and stop. You have a speed dial here. So basically just adjust your rate up and down and then on this side you have your headless mode button here and then this one here uh moves the gimbal up and down all right.

So we got 13 satellites. Okay, so we have 12 satellites on the transmitter. Lets go ahead and take this off theres a strong wind. Coming from that direction out there be careful here, Music throttle up this winds kind of crazy, so you can see a tree over there. How much wind there is its drifting a little bit its dripping. A little bit backwards move it away from the tree, so the altitude goes up and down quite a bit. I think thats affected by the wind. I think the um theres, probably like a barometer in there thats doing that and the wind is uh messing with the altitude control if youre low to the ground, like this, its gon na and with the wind, its gon na, be bobby up and down. But its not too bad, considering the price, all right, thats, uh, thats, a pretty stiff wind Music lets record some video there we go yeah an idea, so im pointing kind of in the direction of the sun here was just yall around. So the uh gimbal is working fairly. Well then check out those trees behind me thats how windy it is its pretty crazy and the winds erratic too its kind of going like its coming from that direction from behind it, and then it shifts to the side. But the video looks fairly stable in the uh in the video feed. Let me uh turn the gimbal all the way down ill see if it can go all the way down to the ground, almost pointing straight down.

Lets see. How far is that not quite straight down wow, it is that wind is making it making the the drone go up and down im uh a little reluctant to keep flying in this. This wind, its pretty nuts i might have to fly this another day. Lets get a little bit of footage of me in the video Music alrighty. All right lets move that gimbal back up or the other way ill move up. A little higher lets see here saying were at uh. Well, the stats on the screen arent, showing the uh vertical or horizontal distance, so definitely some software glitches. Let me just stop that video and lets take some photos and take another photo. The video quality looks pretty much more in line with the price point of this drone, really nothing that special and then you can see the dynamic, dynamic range and sensors, not that good when youre pointing it in the sun, the ground turns all dark yeah. Well, just go ahead and start some video up again and lets just uh just take in the scenery one more time all the way around, and we have to do another flight later because it is flying kind of uh radically. But i think its almost all due to the wind and its doing the best it can all right lets, bring it down. Lets stop the video. So now a message from the sponsor of this video drone mask drone mask is an fpv goggle accessory for your dji camera drones and other camera drones.

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Lets start some video recording again here. Im gon na fly around in the third rate. Just line of sight lets see how the video looks because its quite quite herky jerky all right its definitely struggling anyways im gon na go ahead and end the flight here, all right, so a little less windy day. Today. I want to give this a try with a return to home and see how that works um but thats. The last thing i want to test all right: weve got gps locks, go ahead and take it off all right. It is drifting around a little bit, not too bad just bring it back here, theres a little bit of wind coming from that direction, so it seems. Okay and i still dont have any okay. So i have height and distance information. Now take it up a little bit here. All right, it says about nine meters. Lets go about 10 meters up now, push it away! Okay, lets see how the video looks all righty its all. Looking pretty nice, bring that gimbal down a little bit all right. So about 45 meters away uh, 20 meters, high and well sit there return the home button and see what happens all right. Its turning around going backwards looks like its coming back all right. Coming back and its not above me, it stops, but its not over. Where i am and its coming down its wow, its a good, oh its, a good 20 meters away from me, so the gps accuracy is not so good lets see.

If i take over here, lets return the home button again. Okay, so youve hit it again. Thatll thatll disable it so yeah its a cheap model. The return home is not so accurate, but it was about 20 meters, where you saw that how far away it was, and so its like right next to me and then the distance meter is saying thats. Four meters, high and 26 meters away, so the gps is definitely not locked, very good at all, all right, so thats. All i wanted to see.