So stay tuned. Okay. So, if you're not familiar with the sky, do it's had a lot of buzz. This drone has a lot of cameras built onto it and has the ability to do some really amazing, tracking and following and avoiding obstacles. The Mavic air also has the ability to do some tracking, although it has fewer sensors and fewer cameras on it. It'S still quite a competitor, but what we're looking at today is how well it can land in the exact same spot where it took off from so what we're gon na do here is we're gon na do a test. We'Re gon na fly each one three times up and out same distance, same altitude and then hit return to home and let them land on their own see how close they come to from their takeoff point at the way we're gon na measure. Their takeoff point is we're actually going to draw an outline around them on this white board here and we're gon na see how closely they come back and land on their takeoff point now, I'm going to use two different color markers so that we can tell the Difference, but what we'll do is do a series of three flights with each and then we'll kind of see how accurate each one landed. So let's start with the sky. Do two here, I'm, going to set the MagnaCare over here out of the way and I've already got the controller, so I'll go ahead and turn the sky do two on Music.

All it is calibrating I'm going to take a blue marker and I'm going to draw an outline around this quad so that we can see exactly where it started, trying to go sound effect for drawing okay. It should be really clear where the Stadio took off from each time: that's the directness facing so I'll, set it back there and it's a little slot. So each time we'll see how closely it lands to that spot. Okay, so I've got it in position. It'S gon na hit fly now. It says it's starting the autonomy engine Applause; okay, I'm, going to let it hold here for ten seconds: nine. Eight, seven, six, five, four three two one and now I'm going to go up and take it 200 feet in the air. 500 feet away is the goal so 213 feet up: okay, it's, five, ten away getting the high winds warning I'm going to go ahead and hit the return to home button launch point, and here it comes alright. Now, we're going to trial and E Music see where it lands; okay, that was so far away that I can't even draw a little thing. So I'll go one two, three four: five: six, seven eight about eight feet: eight and a half feet away on number one. Let'S try again and see if it can do a little better. Okay, it says ready to fly number two. We put it back in the same position, the first time we missed, or the drone missed by about eight feet to the front of where it started so let's see if it can do a little better this time.

So here we go starting the autonomy engine and hold down the takeoff button damn and give it 10 seconds just to kind of get its bearings Applause. Alright, now I'm gon na go up once again, we're going 200 feet in the air and 500 feet away. It'S interesting there seems to be a little bit of a lag from when I let go of the stick to when it actually stops doing what I tell it to do so. Look if I push the stick down and then I let go of it. It takes a few seconds before it stops going down same thing with up alright, we are at 205 feet up and 509 feet away and go ahead and hit the home button. This is working off of Wi Fi, not off of a key sink or anything like that. So it's, definitely not as good of a connection, is clear of a connection between the controller and the drone. Alright, it is overhead it's, coming down Applause, Music Applause, Music. I also wonder if maybe it doesn't want to land because it sees stuff in the way it sees us in the way that's why I moved back here this time. Okay, once again, I'd say it's, probably, and tape moved out of the way that time 1. 2. 3: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 and a half 11 feet away from where it started this time. We'Re going to take off do the same thing and we're gon na both get out of the way and see if it was us being in the way that was causing it problems, Music, gon na, let it just hang out for 10 seconds make sure all the Satellites are locked in it's got its bearings seems to be holding right over its takeoff point now so that's good.

So all right up and out, we go Applause. Okay again I overshot the height because because I let go of the stick and it kept going up. So I'm, at 225 or 226 I'm gon na try and drop it down a little bit all right. 485. 495 500 feet away 218 in the air drop it down to 200. Okay. So that seems good it's telling me high winds again, which I wouldn't again it's. Breezy but doesn't seem that bad, but I will go ahead and hit the home button and say launch point and then this time, Kate and I will clear ourselves away from the landing area so that it cannot be distracted by us coming down pretty fast Applause. Okay, it looks like it might do a little better, this time, I'll go ahead and hit the land button. Okay. Well, I have to say that was a lot better, just off the left side I'm wondering if that was because we were out of the way. This time and we weren't the first time first, two times, let's do one more with the sky do just to see. So it was probably about me putting a half away I'd say so. Let'S let's give it one more shot. Music. All right, we'll, give it 10 seconds, give it some room check my battery level. We still have 64 battery, so we should be good 205 feet up and 503 505 feet away 207 feet up 504 away, it's kind of drifting around a little bit and we will say, come home when you let go of the stick like if you're, if you're Climbing going up you like to with a stick, it keeps climbing for a while.

I mean like another 50 feet. You have to let go of the stick pretty soon before you want it pretty far before you want it to stop before it will actually stop so that's, not super precise, with this remote control, all right, it's right above us, we're gon na back off away from The landing pad it's coming down it looks like it's over to the right quite a bit. Actually now, maybe it's seen it and hovering I'm going to go ahead. Hit land Music looks like it's, trying to it's trying to get close, but once again off the off the mat so three out of four times it was pretty far off and one time it was about the foot, foot and a half away. So I think that's a you know we moved out of the way and again I get that that might have been the issue the first couple of times that we might have been in the way. But I don't understand why that would be a good solution, because, if you're trying to land in a limited, smaller space like like a boat or just a small area – and it has to be precise and it can't get close to you and tries to land, you Know 20 feet away from you that doesn't make any sense. So let's see what the Mavic two air Mavic air to can do all right, so the sky, do we did it four times actually eight feet, ten feet, four or five feet, and then a foot and a half to the side, the in fairness twice out of Those times we were not, we were standing pretty close when it was trying to land, so it might have detected us and tried not to hit us, but we weren't that close.

We were. I was back a little further than this, so I felt like he could have landed, but when even we got out of the way it didn't even land on the board. So now what we're gon na do we're gon na try the same thing here with the Mavic air two and I'm gon na go ahead and draw its own little square, so get look. Doesn'T didn't, like me, pushing on the button don't push on the button while you're doing this. Okay, so draw some props very round. Hopefully it'll still fly well okay. So there is the take off point for the Mavic air, too Applause. Alright, let it sit here for 10 seconds Applause, all right, and here we go up to 200 feet and out to 500 feet now, when you let go of this, stick, it stops climbing, which I really appreciate so I'm ready. 199. Take it up over 200, a little bit 201. 201. Past 500. I'M at 609. So you know what just to challenge the Mavic air to a little bit more we'll. Do this one at 609, hit return to home and see what happens coming back there? It is same amount of breeziness, as we had earlier Applause Music. It says something here on the screen hold on area under aircraft unsuitable for landing, that's interesting. I hit okay, I'm gon na just pull the stick straight down just putting the throttle straight down and that's where it landed.

I don't know why it thought this area underneath it was unsuitable for landing unless it thought. Maybe it was water because it's so bright and it's white, I don't know that's interesting, but it did return to a hover right above it and then, when I pulled the stick down, landed right on the spot, so let's try it again and see if that was Just an anomaly or if it happens again, so you can kind of see that was the front of the drone where it landed the first time so let's try again go ahead and spin it up Applause, just gon na let sit for a minute 10 seconds. Actually, Music, alright, once again out up and out height of 200 feet distance of 500 feet, yeah overshot the distance just a little bit it's at 560. Let me back it up and I overshot the height a little bit I'm at 300, I'm gon na bring it back down to 200, 545 and 200 on the nose, bring it home and this time I'll get the camera out of the way, still very visible to Us especially over those white clouds, it shows up pretty well coming down let's watch it rotate back to its original, bearing Applause, Music Applause, Music, dealing with some wind and see. If I get any sort of message about once again area under aircraft unsuitable for landing control aircraft to to land in safe area, okay, so once again it doesn't like the spot it took off from so I'm gon na just bring it down just straight down with The stick it doesn't like it caught a little bit of wind on that one and at the end you could see it just kind of jump over a bit.

You can see. I also marked on it oops, so yeah let's mark on it again all right. So I think what we need to do this time is: let it take off from this spot and then we'll move the white thing out of the way and put put something else in that spot to indicate where that was so I'm gon na. Let it take off from this white thing again, the third time this time I'm going to move the the white poster board out of the way when it comes back, but I'll have my pen sitting right there to see if it lands on the pen exactly Applause. Okay, now wallet submarine I'm gon na take these two pens and I'm going to try to place them shake, and you just pull the pull the card out right there, alright, so that is, that is a successful landing if it touches those pins and 200 feet and 500 feet 200 foot mark height wise, and we are at the four ninety five. Oh two mark distance, wise, alright, bring it home Applause, Music, Applause, Music, all right! Well that time it landed and I'd say it's touching where it originally was. You know if you have the outline there but it's a little off, but still pretty pretty good, all right, so there you have it. What did we learn today? First of all, we learned that about sky do that it doesn't seem to be able to land in exactly the same spot that took off from it came back.

It was close. It was within 10 feet each time I'd say, but you know 10 feet is to 10 feet right. So if you're looking for precision landing, I don't think the sky. Do is the one for you, especially if you're in a tight spot, where it's gon na see you and not land close, because it sees you there it's one of these kind of catch 22 positions where you want it to land close to you, but maybe you Maybe you're on up here, so you can't, move off the pier very well or so. What you probably have to do with it is bring it up back, close, cancel to return to home and land it manually and then the other thing I learned about the sky. Do that I really didn't expect was that it did not. It does not fly very precisely with the remote control when you're going up and you let go of the stick. It keeps going up for a long ways before it stops or if you're going forward, and you let go of the stick, it keeps going forward for a long ways before it stops it doesn't it doesn't. Do that immediate! Stop that the the Mavic does so that's another thing that I learned that I'm not thrilled about. I know it's operating over Wi Fi, which is not as good as ah q, sync, but still I've, flipped long drones like the original Mavic air or the spark that do stop.

When you let go of the stick, so that was that was a really odd thing that I discovered now on the Mavic air I got ta say it did a great job. The only thing that was weird was it didn't want to land on this white paper. It said this area unsuitable for landing and I think what it saw was what it thought might have been water. It might have been programmed that if it sees this big reflection coming off of a surface that's, water and don't land on it is my guess. I don't know that for a fact that be curious, if you want to put it in the comments, let me know, but it did land close to the area. Well, it actually hovered over this and then when I pulled the stick down, it landed pretty much on point each time and then the third time we moved the white cardboard out of the way and it landed pretty precisely as to where it took off each time. So the point is it's return to home is very, very solid. Thank you to everyone from the last video who commented and told me that I need to hover it above the area and let it sit for a few seconds before I take off in any direction. That was good advice that seemed to work not saying the sky. Do a bad drone I'm, just saying that it doesn't do return to home as well, and it doesn't fly as smoothly and as accurately with the remote as the Mavic air.