This is the fly more combo. As you may know, DJI does not send me demo units, yet I should probably contact them again to see if I can get some, but maybe it's, because my reviews are brutally honest. I'M, not sure I do show the pros and the cons as they are. This is going to be a full series, so this initial video is going to be an unboxing inspection and setup. We'Re gon na get really close and in depth to all the parts we're going to try to set it up on an Android phone we're also going to try to get the iPad here to work with it. And if you look back here in the behind them, I have the Maverick Pro to the original maverick air there and also the Mavic Mini and the kind of the controller for the Mavic air, so we're gon na do some comparisons, also with the other drones out From DJI anyway, let's get started guys with the Mavic air to unboxing inspection and setup Music. Okay, so here we go so by the way, guys if you do want to catch the series go ahead and subscribe to the channel. I'Ll have the little stormtrooper over here to the bottom right or you can just click on that at any time and make sure you subscribe click on your notification bell, so you don't miss any of my series of videos that are gon na be coming out for The mascara, because they're gon na be good, they're gon na be very in depth.

I have reviewed all of them, guys I've reviewed all of them from the original Mavic Pro to the Phantom's. Well, mostly, all of them – maybe not the really old, phantoms and stuff. But here we go so the initial unbox let's see how it looks sliding this sucker up, Wow. Okay, so we have a nice kind of faux leather case. It looks like let's just get this out of the initial box and then we'll kind of bust everything out there's, also just one more little box in the main box and that's it so guys. This remember this is the flam or combo and I would really recommend if you can spend the extra a little under 200 for the flam or combo. You get two extra batteries. You get a multi charger battery charger strip, you get lens filters extra propellers and you get this awesome case to carry it all in. So if you were to buy all those thing separate, so you bought the initial one without the flam or combo and you were to buy all those things separate you'd be spending well over that amount. So it is worth it to get. This fly more combo I've always bought the flam more combo in all of my drones, and it really is worth a little bit extra money for what you get so just a nice pocket in the front, with a zipper over on the side. Look at that we got a handle here, a little bit of a different design.

On the case it looks like it's kind of a splash proof case. You see that little sealant there on the zipper it's like a little rubber seal and this side we don't have another one of those handles let's. Take that off real quick, so just real, quick, a little bit of a con I'm, not seeing any pockets on the outside, except for that front, pocket. Okay! So just keep that in mind definitely kind of neat there they're switching up the case a little bit see. How has this diagonal up zipper, it's kind of nice to see them change the case design once in a while and there we go so just unzipped. It let's take a peek inside okay. Another pocket inside check this out on the top. We have a zipper and there's some stuff in here. Let'S, pull all this stuff out, see what it is cool, so one two three four wow there's a bunch of stuff in there cool so a little hidden little zipper case on the very top and let's just start pulling these things out. I'M gon na save the best for last, so we'll pull out this big box. This is probably the charger multi charger and stuff. We got this little actually, maybe that's the multi charger that's, probably just the plug and all that stuff in the batteries. Well, really slimline. Multi charger there's the controller so check it out a bigger kind of controller, it's, grey and it's a lot heavier than the other ones, and remember this thing can go there claiming this has like eight kilometers of Wi Fi signal range, so we're definitely gon na test.

That and our range tests we have some decks in packs down there on the bottom or desiccant, whatever you want to call it and there it is the Mavic air Wow. I just want to check if there's anything else in this bag. Before I start freaking out on all this stuff and yeah that's, it so I'm going to put this bag on the side and let's just look at the Mavic air, real quick before we kind of delve into the other stuff, so let's focus in on this guy. Oh look at this, so man it's, just like look at the Mavic Pro back there. The design is very reminiscent. Look at this wow it's, just like a mini maverick pro. To tell you the truth. I should have called it a mini Mavic pro I don't know Mavic air look at the matter here. The original is so such a different design. Here, look at that it folds up differently. There'S the whole shape is quite different. Even the the bubble. Camera protector is more like the Mavic Pro back there, it's kind of like they just shrunk. The whole Mavic Pro down wow, look at all these sensors, my goodness so remember guys this one can do forward and back sensing. This is the original air here see how it has two sensors in the back two sensors in the front. This one also has the two sensors in the front and then the two sensors in the back are here: Wow, pretty awesome so anyway, here's the dimensions let's.

Just put them like side by side, so you guys can see it's a little bit longer than the original Mavic air. Okay, and look at the width this way or the height it's a little bit. Thicker too and let's see the actual width huh. I want to say about the same width from side to side yeah, so that height is quite a bit higher. Look at that so it's definitely a much bigger drone and that's. Okay, I mean they have the Mavic mini. This is the Mavic mini. This is one that I've been modding for some battery mods with the help of the transplant. I don't know if you heard of his channel but check him out. I'Ll have his link in the description too he's been helping me with a lot of stuff with modding. The Mavic mini and he's also got a maverick air too, so go check out his channel he's gon na be doing some crazy mods on it. So the front comparison there now remember: the mini doesn't have any sensors, except for the bottom sensors, so there's, the air bottom. Quite a bit larger wow there's a length so it's almost like you could fit two Mavic minis in the Mavic air. This Mavic air anyway. Let'S compare the Mavic mini to the original Mavic air, not that much bigger, so they did have quite a bit of expansion in the Mavic air size. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but you know this thing's supposed to fly for above 30 minutes and gets you crazy amount of range.

So if that's the case and it's just bigger because they had to put more battery in it and make it fly that long, it also has a crazy 4k 60 frames per second camera let's. Just compare the actual Mavic Pro to. I just really want to show you guys how similar this looks. The same basic forward, design very similar as you can see the front, is a little bit more aggressive. Looking on the navigator, I don't have the battery in this one, but you can see how it's not that much smaller than the Mavic pro yeah it's kind of like they just shrunk it down a little bit, so the Front's lined up, and there is the back. So you can really see how it's and this thing is quite heavy. This is not a light drone guys. This is a lot heavier than the Mavic mini and there is the bottom, the width you know a little bit wider, but I would say the mean size. Difference is gon na be the length you see that look, how much longer that is, but yeah it's just kind of like a mini pro since we're in the comparison mode. Right now, let me open up the controller boy I'm, just mangling, this bag – I'm – not gon na, be putting it back in here. I guess: okay here it is so the Mavic air 2 controller. This is quite a vast split from the original here's.

The original Mavic air controller, now everything in general about this drone, is bigger, and now some people may like that some people may not, but the case it fits in as long as it fits in the same size case which it does. I think the case is a little bit higher than the original case, but overall, very similar in size to the case. So as long as this all fits in there, you get the fly more combo you're, going to be set with everything in one package, bigger in every way, it's thicker. That way, it is even a little bit wider. This way you see that lining them up on the side, it's wider, that way, it's taller and it's heavier now this. The reason this has these up here is because i modded this with the four Hawks antenna that big XR antenna. So you can get super range with it, maybe that's the comparison on the controller, so I hope you can see the difference there it's quite a big difference, so we're gon na get right back to the Mavic mini we're gon na inspect this really close up. But I just wanted to unpackage all this other stuff here. This looks like it's going to be the multi charger, so three battery multi charger. We got. Where are we gon na plug in the batteries here, and this looks like we're gon na plug in the power? Brick there and just a couple of pads on the bottom, so it doesn't slide around very simple, remember in that top pocket.

We had all these little things and you scoop these over here and let's just inspect. All these little guys looks like maybe a mole hi. Oh, these are all of the controller plugs to go from your phone to your controller, so this one is a USB type c to the micro, USB cable, on this side Wow – and this is a USB type c to USB type c interesting. So I guess the controller is gon na have now USB type c, which is gon na, be a welcome change other stuff in that little pocket in the bag. Here we have a regular USB original to a USB, see tiny tiny bag. Here we have two extra controller sticks. Those are the aluminum with the rubber on the sides. Let'S see what's in this one hub with two USB outputs plug the battery into this we'll check that out in a second, and you can use your battery as a charging station for us. So your controller or your phone kind of cool last bag in that little mini pocket a little case, ooh the ND filters, so that's, one of the reasons you're gon na want to fly it get the fly more combo to is. They include this three back in here and man. Those are so nice looking that little case is just some immaculate to did a really good job on the fit and finish of this little case, this is an ND 256 see on the bottom.

There just snug right in the rubber in there really good so and they really did a good job. The middle is a ND 64 and the top is an ND 16. So, if you're trying to get it like photos, probably not the best, if you're shooting video what these are for, is if you're trying to get photos, you have to really keep in mind where the sun is during the day and if you're shooting you want. The drone to be angled a certain way for how the Sun is out and then you're gon na be able to get like the best possible photos you can for the conditions. I don't really use these much because I'm, not like super into photography and stuff, but at least it's something that you get in the package where, if you were to delve into using them, you could really boost your photos and stuff. I don't know if these are polarized, but if you're shooting like through the water and stuff polarized filters, will really give you a cut through the water kind of like polarized glasses, so let's just get this thing opened for some opening the wrong side. This looks like it's gon na be all of your documentation. Oh there's extra propellers in there too let's just make sure we get everything out of here. So remember. The flavor combos always give you a bunch of extra stuff included because you're paying the extra money so it's kind of, like a bargain thing, one two, three four: five: six extra propellers three manuals, a QuickStart guide user guide and just the flam or combo booklet looks Like we have another six propellers Wow it didn't look like there was any on the drone, so maybe we're gon na have to have be using one of these packs to get started.

One two, three, four, five, six Wow. So we got a total of twelve propeller sets and the only other box we have to open guys is that large box. That was in the actual flam or combo case, and this looks like it's gon na be all a charger stuff. So let's pull all this stuff out and see how all this connects up. In words, of course, we have a battery on the drone. We have a second battery. We have the third battery. So if this thing can give you 30 35 minutes of flight time, man you're gon na be flying for over 90 minutes with three batteries and let's just check this battery out again very similar. Looking to the Maverick Pro 2 battery, just kind of miniaturized a little bit different is they've. Got these metal little Clips here see how we push that in that's gon na pop out the battery, when we need to take it out a little power button here now these ones. The reason why we're not getting anything is because you have to charge these fully and that's kind of a good safety measure. They want you to charge the battery all the way first for the life of the lipo battery, so you can't even use it without doing that flipping it around here just looks like a normal battery. There is the connector there now let's see what the specs are on this guy. Probably can't see this because it's amazingly small, writing eleven point: five: five volt battery so essentially that's a three s: high voltage, 3500 mAh battery.

Next up we got the charger, so basic charge, brick. Actually there is a USB there, so we can charge our controller separate while we're charging a battery there's the connector to charge the batteries directly. You can put it on just like this to charge one at a time, but we got the fine work humble right. So what we want to do is grab our battery strip and plug this guy in right. Here you've got that here's our plug to go into the wall, undo that, of course, just a regular figure. Eight plug plug it right into the power brick plug that into our wall, and there is our battery multi charger bank and look how this works. So very simple: you can only fit in one way, one two and then the third one's gon na go right there, but the third one is in the craft right now: okay, guys we are zeroing in on the Mavic air, so we're gon na save the best For last I'm, going to go through the controller real quick before we get to the actual drone let's just see what this is all about. So we have a power, as you can see, they gave it to us about 50 charged home button, that's return to home, and they went with a switch here now in the middle, which is tripod mode, normal mode and sport mode Wow. So they finally took away the P mode and the cinematic, and now it looks like they're just going with something that's easier, understandable, tripod normal in sport, so very super slow, normal flying sport super fast, but hogs, more power and probably turns off some of the sensors.

When you're going that fast, the control sticks here are hidden actually down in here. So man they really every iteration of their craft. They just start to improve everything. So that's, one cool thing about DJI is man they just really. They take what might have been a problem and users feedback and they seem to be pretty good at improving things. This is like a rubber encased soft rubber in there, so these things are not going to fall out anyway, just screw the sticks on there. We go we've got a button on the right side here that looks like switching, maybe between camera and video and there's function, button their sticks, don't click down an in video and a photo button here, and then we have our gimbal spring loaded just goes a certain Extent Springs back, that's, our gimbal, pitching up and down, of course, and this is where we're gon na get into how to clamp on our phones. So how do we do this? Okay, so this thing's pulling out Wow? So just the big spring loaded deal here and it looks like you: can't really do anything with this top piece: it's just how it is it doesn't turn or flex or anything or tilt. So that's that – and it just comes straight out like this – these little guys that look like bumper buttons – those are just rubber channels to fit your device in. So your phone or your tablet are just gon na rest in there.

Looking where we connect the cable here we go so you see this cable is wrapped around inside. So this is how they're kind of storing their cable here and it is plugged in – and it comes already with a lightning adapter – see that there for Apple devices. So it is a USB type c for the plug in of the controller, oh that's refreshing, because they've always had that kind of weird proprietary square, port, okay, so here's my phone. This is a one plus sixty and really gon na have to be careful of the power buttons right. I cannot press any of these. The volume buttons that don't have access to them and the power button. I can't access the power button on my phone it's right in between there, so to get it. This is this as centered as I can get it with this phone, but as you can see, no extending or tilting at all it's, just gon na be straight up. Just like the controller is so in order for you to view it you're gon na have to move your screen just like this, and the antenna guys is gon na, be right up here. So that might start to be a little bit strange when you're trying to fly long distances and keep this thing kind of pointed at the craft. And if you need to do that, it might be a little difficult to see your screen while you're pointing it at the craft so I'm, not sure.

I really like that that might have been a little bit of a con. They there because we're not getting any adjustability here now. Let'S see this is the one 60 phone. If I pull this open I'm, not even sure that's gon na fit an iPad Mini in there yeah, I don't think so. Let'S just see how this works so placing it in the same spot phone would be yeah, so that does work not quite as clamping quite as stiffly as one of those other type of controllers with the clamps on the sides. But it looks like it is gon na work, and then we can try to put our iPad in here. Put the iPad like that. Tighten everything down just tighten this stuff down and let's see how this thing kind of holds the iPad. So, as you can see, it's a little bit loose in there, but it is holding it so you can effectively use an iPad. You see that guys and you can tilt it with your own custom bracket. So that's the way you would connect an iPad and it does work. I would just be careful of really shaking it around and twisting it all around, because it might fall out. Okay, guys so enough, dilly dallying with all the other stuff let's get into what we came here for right, which is the Mavic air to press the knotch to remove gimbal protector before turning on the power, so just take that sticker off don't need that! No more so it's a fairly simple design, you just kind of stick.

Your thumb in here hold the front and then it just kind of bends and pulls and pops out. So there we go there's. The camera definitely want to be taking off these little protective plastic things before we get started with this camera, you can see we have kind of one on each side of the motors there. Speaking of the motors. Look how tiny these little motor motors are super low profile and one more little protective strip. We want to remove on the very bottom of the camera, so there we go there. It is the gimbal. We got some cooling fans – oh there's, one more little guy on the back, pull that off too. You see how we have it all mounted up inside. There kind of dampening the whole deal. We'Ve got a single motor up for our pan movement that's. How far it extends it goes all the way, past 90 degrees that way, it's going up, that's the maximum can go up and then downwards. Yeah Wow goes all the way, past 90 degrees downwards and, of course, the roll that's. The roll looks like Motors gon na hit the top motor at its maximum roll, so a fantastic looking camera with the cooling on the back. Keep that thing nice and cool, because it can do remember 4k 60 frames per second let's pull this guy off. I should let you guys know: I do have the other two batteries charging on that multi charger and the AR can only charge one at a time – they're not gon, na all charge at the same time.

So what DGI does is they charge the battery that's? The highest charge first, so you can top that off and get flying faster and then it switches over to the next battery that's the highest and starts there. Let'S open this guy up so same deal, legs go out, go down, fronts, go straight out and the backs come down and check that out right on top a dsb, so the air sense technology. This is using it's, like you, can take these stickers off supposed to be something like a network where it can detect. Aircraft and aircraft can detect it so there's no collisions no possible collisions. So if that gets all working up and running I'll be pretty awesome for safety reasons as well. So as you can see, there's no propellers mounted up there's, just this foam here, so let's pull off all this foam. Well, we have those guards off let's. Just take a look at the motors, so no naming on the motors it doesn't have that spring loaded twist lock that they're known for some nice cooling on the bottom they're got the feet here: there's a light on the outside of each arm. There'S our legs that come down no padding on the bottom at our screws, they're holding in the motors you can see and there's our arm coming all the way back now we can see some wiring there just a little bit in the inside. There tell you what, before we mount the propellers let's just keep kind of looking around the craft.

Here we do have some more protective coating here, let's peel this off that's, probably just for shipping, so that the arms didn't scratch up the body. So we have this on both sides, some more here on the inside of the arms. We want to make sure we take all this all off guys before you get up there running there's the bottom. This feels like that magnesium, possibly because this is a heat sink and the metal should dissipate it so there's our visual sensors to detect the ground. That looks like a LED light for landing. It looks like we don't have any sonic sensors on here, so we just have vision, and then this looks like a laser. These two here should be like a laser to help us with our height that's. All it is for the bottom. We got these two little feet. These are kind of just plastic, not rubber. Moving over to the back there's, our two optical sensors for rear detection, the vents, they're gon na be cooling. This off really good there's screen vents over to the side. Here you can see there's more venting, vent there and then there's one there, and while we have it on the side, there are these two ports, so one port is going to be for our micro SD card four onboard recording. I think this one does have a certain amount of storage on board and there's our other side. That is a USBC type of port if you ever need to connect it to your computer, so essentially that is it just want to take off the battery real quick.

Just pull these things comes out very easily there's inside the battery bay, a little battery connector and, of course, all the information. There got a lot lighter without the battery so that's. The main weight of these kinds of drones is the battery until they have some kind of newer battery technology. Okay, we now want to put on some of these propellers so I'm, just taking out a random package see that motor there has the little silver lines there. You want to take the propeller that has the silver circle really just making sure we take the two tabs slide them in the slots, pushing it down, turning it until it locks and you're gon na want to kind of move it both ways. While you hold the motor and make sure that's locked in there see how the other two motors that are diagonal from each other don't have any of that silver on the outside, so those propellers are gon na, be the ones with no silver on them and these Ones twist lock, counterclockwise the other ones pushed down twist locked clockwise these black ones go counterclockwise, just make sure they're locked. So there we go check it out guys. I got all four propellers on and I still have one two three four five, six, seven eight so I'll have two full sets of propellers and the one that's on there now. So if you get the flam or combo, you got all this extra stuff.

In case you crash Nick some trees or whatever happens, you have two sets of extras all right now that we're all set up didn't really need these stickers on here. I guess that's for people that want to know how to unfold it there's only really one way. You can fold it if you did try to fold it the wrong way up. You see how that's not gon na work. The arms just gon na hit the back arm, so you need to just back arms in first like that boom boom and then the front arms just like that. Just like the other Mavic Pro let's make sure we have a charge. The battery I'll charge up the controller. Let me get the phone on let's boot, up the application and just see if there's any difference really in the app wow guys, so that took the better part of an hour to get the controller charged. As you can see. Just tap there, we have full charge on the controller and at the same time I was charging all the batteries on the battery charger and that one is charged too. If you'll notice, they change the lighting a little bit on the battery. Now it has just little dots instead of those little lines for battery charge state. Before we get this thing running on the app I just wanted to show you, I forgot to show you guys how to change the filter. The one that's on here is just basically a little ring.

You'Re gon na have to give it a little bit of muscle to twist this, but you want to hold the camera very still so you're not like pushing it really hard all over the place, and you want to grab the lens here and just push it to The left counterclockwise, you see how that kind of pops off a little bit kind of like how the propellers go on right. It'S, like a push lock but you're, not really pushing in and out you're, just twisting it and you're gon na grab your ND filter and make sure the DJI logo is on top and just put it right in the same slot there you can see how that Just drops in it's completely flush, but it is turned a little bit to the left. So then we just want to push in a little bit, not too hard and then twist it until it can't twist. No more and there you go that's how you put on your ND filters, and you can really just see how that filter is really dark in there now and you can barely see even see the the lens or anything okay. So it is finally time to power up push it down, so you hear a satisfying click, of course, power on the controller. First, I do have the correct cable plugged into the controller, as we saw before, and the phone is mounted so we'll. Just click click and hold the controller until you hear the sound and then we're gon na click, click and hold the drone.

Just like all DG is click once you see the power icon, but you got a double click and hold you're in a fan. Come on, there goes the gimbal and we're just gon na wait till that thing. Powers up this is gon na be good to see. Also, if this thing needs updates and how good it is at updating, looks like the lights are on solid, now, plugging it into the bottom. I already have the DJI fly app installed on here. All right, I have no auto launching so let's just go right into the DJI fly application and see if we have a connection Wow so just turned, it turned my phone upside down. Let me take it out and switch it around since this is the USB see. We can switch orientation if we need to. You can also do that with the Apple lightning connector and with this phone I'm gon na have to have the plug in on the left side and let's see what we get so allow DJ fly to access Mavic. Yes, I guess I'm gon na have to figure this out figure out. I thought there was only they use the same app as the mini we're gon na have to check that out. So this is good to know. Maybe you're gon na have some of these frustrating problems. If you already have connected the DJI fly app to the Mavic mini, this might be good to know I'm gon na go ahead and try the iPad.

Ok guys. So you can see my frustration with getting the Android cell phone to work, but I figured out how to do it. The rest of the video you're gon na see me showing the application the iPad. The problem was, I had to uninstall the DJI fly out for some reason, maybe a little glitch in a bug in the software. For some reason it didn't want to switch over to the Mavic air 2. So that was the problem. All I had to do was uninstall. The DJI fly app reinstall, it relog in to my DJ account and then, when I plugged in and got everything up and running, then the Mavic air, all of a sudden appears and everything's working fine. So again the rest of the video you're gon na see with the iPad, but it does work with the Android. You just have to do the uninstall and reinstall in the app. So hopefully they can fix that for DGI fly app users. That already have say the mini they're gon na get very frustrated when they try to plug in their Mavic air too and it's not going to allow them to use it but that's how you do it. You just have to do the reinstall anyway, on with the video okay guys so got the iPad up here. Got the Lightning adapter plug plugged in I'm. Gon na have to figure out a way to extend this cable to use the iPad and that bracket up to see what kind of connectors I have around, but for now we're just gon na.

Do it like this plug in not feeling any kind of vibration or auto launch going on so we're gon na have to just in open up the DJI fly app. I haven't used the fly app yet on this iPad, so this gon na be like a fresh install set. All photo. Permissions would like to access your photos. Yeah yeah do all this stuff access your location I like to put just while using the app agree to all these disclaimers location info. I just leave it all on I mean what can they do in China if they get your information I'm, not sure improvement, project join or not I'm gon na put not now, and we need to login or register our device. So I already have a DJI account. So I'm gon na log into there real, quick logged in there's, a user guide. If you want to start it let's go through that real, quick and it's going ahead and showing you all this checklist and stuff. So watch those. If you can okay, great it's sensing it's the Mavic air 2 in here, so so what we need to do now is it looks like we can do an update. We can also press activate over here on the bottom right, so Mavic err to unable to take off firmware, update required 177 0.6 megabytes, so let's just go ahead and do the update all right so now it's saying downloading up there on the top left.

I don't have the SIM card in this tablet. Right now, I'm, just off the Wi Fi at home, so you're gon na need some Wi Fi, at least when you first get your DJI products to activate them and do your updates. At least you don't have to have it any Wi Fi in the field or cellular connection, unless you want that real time maps to come up while you're flying so there's gon na take a little bit I'm gon na. Let this go and we'll come back when it's just about finished. It has been about five minutes. It looks like we're at about 52 really was taking a while in the beginning there to start and now it's going a little faster. We can also click on more here and we can actually have a little gauge here and it tells you more information on the update. So this is going to be update, version 1.0.0, one 30 and it says it's fixing occasional issue where video was abnormal when recorded to aircraft and it optimized the smart returned to home, alright, so we're at 70. The drone just restarted once now keep in mind guys this is going to be a process. So when you first get this you're gon na want to designate one full battery to just doing these updates because, as you can see, it's taking a while it's already been about 10 minutes, and this is how far we've gotten so far it just rebooted on its Own there might be a little bit frustrating just waiting and nothing's happening, but you know just give it some time before you do anything now.

I'M, seeing the controller you see the blinking there there we go so now our ticker went up again again. I didn't touch anything so in your mind, if you're thinking, man, something might be locked up or not going correctly, just just wait. Give it a few minutes, even if it's stuck so now, we're going pretty quick, it looks like it might be. Updating the controller now looks like it's, probably gon na, be the end process here. So, probably, due to both drone and a controller update all in one there we go, we got a check mark firmware installed, so we are ready to go I'm, not touching anything it's doing all this on its own. We need to activate so, of course, read all that if you can I'm just going to press agree, go ahead and activate so now, it's basically heard a beep and the drones rebooting again. Ok and it's telling us what's happening restarting to complete activation. So what it's doing is it's binding this aircraft to your account I'm going to X out of this I'm, not going to do the refresh right now, so they have several pop ups. So try to get you to buy this DJ. I care, but I don't want to buy it. Ok confirm alright, so that was just a disclaimer to confirm that you're not gon na have it here we go we're all set, so you saw how long that process took it's quite a bit of a process.

So again make sure you use your first battery on just to do these updates and we're ready to go so let's go fly and there we go. So you can see that the video is working there's, a latency on the camera. Now this is the newest iteration of DJ eyes, Aki sync and video that's, a pretty good latency man rotate this little roller on the bottom. You can see we're going up and down with the gimbal looks like they preset it pretty slow, that's, usually the setting the speed I like it. I usually set the gimbal rotation speed to about 10 and it looks like they're pre setting it to that now does have, I think, it's eight gigs on board, so you can use the onboard storage if you pop in an SD card. You'Re gon na want to do that if you're gon na do any length of recording so here's all the video settings here, let me bring this iPad up a little bit closer highlighted in yellow it's in photo mode single shot. We have 48 megapixel selection. We have a smart selection, a EB selection. You can change that between three and five and then, if we click on this one down here, that is kind of our shot burst. So three, five or seven it looks like you can choose. Video we've got normal. This has HDR check it out cool and then we have slow motion so check that out.

We have slow motion, but it defaults to 1080p and we can do 120 or 240 also in 1080p. Okay, so it's gon na bring your resolution down. Hdr can still do for cable, only 30 frames per second. You see that those are selections. So if you don't want to use HDR near normal, then check it out, we can go all the way up to 60 frames per second, so keep that in mind go into quick shot unable because we need to be flying and see that on the bottom aircraft Needs to be in flight, so we can't do those. We also have hyperlapse, and this is cool because it's kind of like a time lapse, while it's flying here's our selection menu. Here we have a free. We have a circle course lock and a Waypoint, so you can do time time lapse, while you're doing these motions, while you're flying so pretty cool. You can get some really neat shots where it's moving around and doing time lapse. So you see how it tells you what mode you're in on the pop top right. If you hit that we can go into all these other modes like on the screen and check it out, it's doing an auto exposure and focusing see that click on a black thing see how it's brighten it up doing auto exposure type of deal. So you can do that when you're flying battery percentage, so it's gone down to 76 percent.

Since we've been doing all that finagling and updating there's. Our sensor indicator on the left, that's indicating the sensors on or on on the drone satellite icon and saying we have 13 to 14 satellites there's. Our connection from the drone to the controller looks like it's strong with four bars up here is gon na. Have the flight time left if you are flying that's gon na come up, go into this little options menu here, and here we go. So this is all the settings max altitude. I like to just crank these up. Of course, you got to agree to doing that because you really don't want to be flying over 400 feet anyway, but if there's like a special incident where I need to get over a hill or a mountain or a powerline, I like to just have this up. There max distance looks like No Limit I've heard some stories that this does have a maximum hard coded limit. We'Re gon na test that out in our range test for sure, auto rth altitude, so you're gon na select that if you're launching and there's some big towers or hills around, you, you're, probably gon na, want to move that up to where it's going to go up And return home above this, the structures, so it doesn't run into them, but this does have that forward sensing, so it should be able to sense them as long as you have that home on on the way home obsolete section.

So there you go when enabled aircraft hovers, then obstacles when obstacles are detected. So, if you're pushing forward it'll just stop in front of an obstacle, then there's the advanced pilot assistance, a pass which the Mavic air one had when you turn this on it'll go around the obstacle automatically. If you're pushing forward it's gon na use a little bit more battery, but we want to test that in our flight test coming up advanced safety settings, let's click on that see what that is, choose what you want to do when the signals lost usually want to Have that returned to home if the signal craps out we'll just come back to where it launched, use this option to just kill the propellers. You know when you're in the air I'm gon na, be careful with this because say you're gon na hit something or somebody, and you just want the thing to drop out of the sky as a last resort. Okay – and this is that new air sense that sticker I took off of one of the legs it's. What enabled the DJI fly will notify users if there are manned aircraft nearby and nearby airspace, so maybe that'll be kind of neat to have on so it'll. Send you a notification if a manned aircraft is near and present in the airspace your vehicle is flying. Okay, so we're gon na just try that out. This is the first craft I've seen that has this.

So when we do a review, we're gon na see how that's going and, if it's, annoying or if it's, if it's sensing crafts that are miles away and unnecessarily telling us, you know we're gon na just see how that is, let's go to control metric meters kilometers. I like Imperial I'm in the US, but she at least you have that choice. Gimbal follow motor fpv. This is gon na dampen. Keep the horizon level upper gimbal rotation rotate the gimbal a little higher. If I click that on now watch it see how it allows me to go 30 higher that's all that means usually people like that off, because they're not trying to go up you want to. You want to get back up to your horizon, but say you're in training expect something like on a bridge or a tree, or something inside that you need that height. You can always do that phone charging there. We go a lot of people. Ask me this: how do you make it stop charging your phone like if your controllers plugged in I don't, want to use the power from my controller to charge my device there you go if there's an onoff switch there stick mode mode to three different modes and Also a custom there if you want to change what the controls do button customization. So that is this little button here on the top left it's a function. Button essentially can assign two things to that.

One button by single tapping or double tapping it let's go to camera. Here are the formats you can shoot in JPEG and JPEG raw size. Four by three, I, like my sixteen by nine. We wanted to fill the whole screen, so we get a cinematic experience, histogram on or off over exposure warning where, on the screen, let's just turn that on real quick, you can see how it hatches out parts that are overexposed, so you can manually adjust your exposure Value gridlines on or off, if you wanted, that white balance auto or manually, I usually leave it on auto, does a pretty good job. You can always click the screen around to in areas like I was showing you before so that's. The eight gigabyte. Seven point: nine. In the drone itself, it's gon na be fault to that until I put an SD card, what you haven't done yet transmission. So this is the fpv video transmission and the connection through the Wi Fi, so it's already an HD using dual band. This one's pretty cool it switches between two point, four and five point: eight, depending on the surrounding interference, which you can see right here, is the graph of interference around me looks like that's it guys for the settings and options we can also click on the battery. Remember I did my Mavic mini range test and it was really cool to see the battery here and also your flight time is right there.

So this one up here is gon na show you, when you're launched this little guy is gon na. Show you how many minutes and seconds you have left to fly, but you click on the battery it's gon na show you how long you have been flying and what your voltage is here. What the battery temperature is, anyway, I think that's as far as I want to go delving into the app definitely a whole lot of stuff. You can do with this, and we are gon na do much more in our flight test. This is going to be a full on series, so don't forget to subscribe, go ahead and hit that subscribe button down there on the right. You can see that little blue stormtrooper and subscribe to the channel. If you really want to see how this thing really works. In depth and my flight reviews, I do full on park review, fly it around whether good or bad I'm, going to show them all I'm gon na push this thing to its maximum range, then we're. Also gon na do some cinematic shots. Stay tuned. Don'T forget to subscribe, so you can watch all those I'll have the playlist pop up here too on the top right. So you can just click on that and see the videos I have out so far for this and go ahead and watch those. So anyway, thanks for watching guys, don't forget in the description down below will be the link to the Mavic air 2 and also the accessories I use in my videos, whether it be flight or on the table here on my unboxings.

So you can kind of see what kind of stuff I use to film my videos anyways again thanks.