Now in box this guy a couple of days ago, but it's been raining like cats and dogs and I haven't been able to get outside and start flying it so today's the first day that actually is pretty decent it's a little overcast so I'm sure the video Is not going to be the greatest, but I can't wait to get this thing up in the air and see how it performs so I've got the drone over there with a fully charged battery in it. I'Ve got the controller here turned on fully charged. I'Ve got an iPhone in the cradle with a little longer cable. To give me some flexibility and I've got two more fresh batteries in the car, so if this weather holds up I'll be flying like nuts today, but for this flight any time I fly in new quad, I was trying to find a field like this that's, surrounded By trees and the reason for that is I'm, never sure what a new quad is going to do. I trust that it's gon na fly fine, but if it decides to do something, then I'm not expecting it's gon na head off and hit a tree I'll, keep it low under 50 feet and it'll hit one of the trees around the edge, and I can go Pick it up and bring it back. I like that, because, if I'm flying over the bay – and it decides to go on its own and sort of explore a little bit we're, not actually controlling it, then it's gone right here.

At least I can find it know where it crashed and go, get it so that's. Why? I pick a field like this now I promise you once I get comfortable with it flying it here and I can trust the puppy and I'll take it out to some of the farms near me and get it down to the Bay in the ocean. So let's get going I'm talking too much and I'm really excited to get this up in the air, so the quad is ready to go. I got plenty of satellites. It already warned me to check the propellers on it and I checked that they're on the right. Actual motors, so I'll pull the two joysticks in and down that'll spin up the rotors. Oh, this is exciting. Here we go alright, so it's ready to go alright. Let me just take a breath, collect my thoughts and away. We go lift off alright. So, first time it's up in the air I like to make sure that it elevates okay, yep nice up and down real nice left and right, very responsive and I've got it in normal mode, it's, not in sport mode yet front and back yeah. Okay, so it's it's sort of slow, but I expected that because it's a normal flight mode, I like that before I get into sport mode, I want to make sure it's gon na handle. Okay, alright, let's send it down field. Let me hit the record button and again I'm recording right now in 1080p and I'm doing it at 60 frames.

A second I'll do some 4k as well, but the 1080p is easier for me to end render so let's get it down field. Oh man, that is sweet that is really sweet, that's, so smooth in the air and I'm gon na do a comparison with the noise level, but it doesn't strike me as that noisy a quad compared to the other quads that I'm flying today. I think they've done a real good job with these props of really reducing that noise, where that is response, if that is really responsive, alright, so I'll do a couple figure: Eight's, alright, really nice, alright, let's! Take it down a little bit and see how it does. Alright, so now I'm going downfield let's, take it up yeah about sixty eighty all right, that's far enough downfield. Let me put it up a little bit higher man. This is so cool where that video is amazing. It'S, given me live streaming here and that's because of the acoustic technology now it's, not that far away it's, only three hundred fifty feet away so it's, not that far but again rock solid telemetry on this thing. As far as video goes and information on the quad. Alright, I'm gon na send it downfield a little bit towards the edge. Let me bring it down below those trees. Cuz I'm breaking my own rule here, all right, let's not put it down on a tree perfect. Alright, oh man, that is sweet.

You know a normal mode, it's pretty fast I'm, really impressed with how speedy this is even a normal mode. Man is this cool. This is so exciting, I'm telling you when you fly this for the first time, you're gon na they're gon na go nuts like this, because it's just that cool to fly all right so I'm right at the edge of the field where I can't yeah. I can still see it: oh there's, a couple of big Birds down there. Let me get that guy back that's. All I need is for a bird to come crashing into this thing. I'Ve only flown it once again of a bird take it out. Alright let's get it back here. Alright, here she comes alright, let me drop it down. Alright let's see how close I can land it. Cuz I'm, pretty good, landed let's, see how that works out. All right set it down. Let'S get it over here. This will be a first time landing, so don't hold it against me here. I I can't say how this is gon na go we're gon na try all right back a little bit and to the left a little bit Music there. She goes there. She goes let's see if I can hit that H. I'M gon na cheat a little on the way down boom right in the middle of the mat, that's, pretty cool, all right, so I'm, going to spend a lot of time flying this.

I just wanted to show you the first flight with the unit and honestly right out of the gate, really good. Stick control very responsive in the air. I noticed the one thing I look for in quads is: when I'm accelerating? How quickly does it break when I take my thumb off the stick, does it glide past that point, or does it stop right? When I stop it, and this one stopped pretty close to where I stopped it, you can always back off on the throttle. But I like to know that, if I'm getting close to something and gets scared, I can pull it back and actually bring it back, but it does a pretty good job of braking on its own spinning. The motors in the other direction actually pull it back. So that's pretty cool I'm going to send it downfield a couple more times, I'm, probably going to record that and then I'll take it up over those trees over there, because I know there's some horse farms on that side of it'll be kind of cool to see What that looks like and again with the cloudiness I'm, not sure how it's gon na work out there's a small plane flying overhead. So I got to keep an eye on that, but anyway, we're going to spend a lot of time out today. Recording with this thing and I'll put them on Tasha up of all the stuff that I actually capture and I'll put a folder up on the web and I'll put a link below where you can actually download those files and take a look at them yourself and Compare them, oh, the quads that you're considering just so.

You know how good the video quality is, but anyway that's the first video that I've flown with this now stay tuned. Gon na run them in Taj next, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, that's it for today – and I hope, you've enjoyed this clip now. My first impression of the brand new Mavic air 2 after flying it through three full batteries today, the fourth one charging in the car is that DJI has a real winner on their hands with this drone, because when you consider the features that they packed into this Tiny little frame for less than a thousand dollars it's really hard to find anything else on the market that compares with it and when you think about it in terms of the original maverick Pro which essentially started the whole folding drone revolution. This drone looks a lot like it, but it's smaller it'll fly further it'll fly longer. It'Ll fly faster, it's built on occu sync to technology with a brand new remote controller, which means you're gon na get rocks on the telemetry when you're flying you're, not gon na have signal loss. You'Re gon na get great video feeds back from the camera. On the front end, so you can see where you're flying it's got a pass 3.0 in it, which is gon na really rival. I think what Skye do is doing with that crash avoidance. So I'm gon na take this out in the woods and run through those scary, woods and see if this can follow me and dodge those trees, it also has a TSB built in which is really a revolution in safety.

A DSP allows me to know exactly where the other airplanes are around me when I'm flying – and I think, that's incredibly important – to keep me safe to keep the plane safe and in general it's. Just a fantastic drone – and I still can't get past the fact that they built a half inch sensor in it. They can record 4k video at 60 frames a second it's, just everything you want in a drone. So if you haven't subscribed to the channel, please consider subscribing by hitting that button down there in the lower left hand, corner and joining a drone valley family, because I have a lot of clips come in the summer that you're gon na want to see we're. Comparing this to everything else on the market, the Maverick mini the Maverick to the parrot anafi, the sky do product the Evo 2 product I've got both models of that that I'm going to compare it to so I think what you've got here is kind of that That perfect middle ground for a drone, so if you've been thinking about getting into the Hobby and you've got the budget for it, this might be the perfect drone for you and again, I'm gon na do a lot more content. To give you a better picture of exactly what this drone provides compared to the competition, but for me right now in that price range. This is the drone own this summer, so stay tuned.

Then I'll give you more details as we progress with this review, but fantastic drone now I'm gon na get back to flying because that powdery it's almost fully charged and there's a beautiful lake down that way about two miles from me.