My name is savannah santiago, and today we will be talking about drones. Now, specifically the mavic 3 drone Music. My reasons for getting this drone its build quality photo video aspects of this drone. You name it, but before we begin, i would like to thank all of my subscribers thanks for staying in touch with me to give me hints tips on how i can improve these videos, for you guys and if you have not been subscribed yet, please subscribe and You may benefit from uh my reviews for cameras, lenses, drones, any content, creation tool. I will review now. The first aspect that i want to talk about is something that surprised me very much and no its not the price, its actually its build quality. The build quality from this drone is absolutely fantastic. I re it really surprised the fact that um when folded, this drone is actually smaller than the mavic 2 pro and the the battery life on this drone is man, its amazing, its like um, 10 to 15, more minutes than the mavic 2 pro. Yes, my mavic 2 pro it has been with me um from three to four years now i bought this rom when it came out and it has been a powerhouse, and i expect the mavic 3, with its build quality to be the same. Another build quality feature that really stands out when you open the box and get this drone out is its camera.

This camera is huge. They are talking about the micro, four thirds camera being larger than the one inch, but in fact, the camera that houses. That sensor is quite rugged: it feels more um heavy and that gimbal it has been improved as well, so its no secret that i am very impressed with the build quality of this drone. I also really like the color scheme of it. Like the darker gray. It feels like a more stealth color compared um to the mavic 2 pro, which is a light. Grayish color um pretty much the same as the mavic 2 uh air, 2 and mavic air 2s. But i really like this discrete more pro looking um color scheme that they chosen for this drone so now to talk a little bit about the photo uh and video side of things for photos. I didnt see um too much of an improvement, maybe theres a little bit of more dynamic range on the mavic 3. because of that micro, four third uh micro, four thirds sensor its bigger it caps more light. So you have more information to work with in post and um for drone footage. Specifically, i always like to be flying at sunsets, so sunsets um do require a lot of high dynamic range and expertise on that area. If you want to get the most out of them because of the harsh shadows, long shadows that you can get from the sun being at that particular angle on golden hour, but all in all yeah for photos, i didnt see uh quite a difference now for video.

This run really surprised me. It is a whole different story because that 5.1 k ive added up to 50 frames per second, its, so sharp the colors. The dynamic range on this uh micro, four thirds camera its a lot more dynamic range than we were getting from. The mavic 2 pro and you can really see that on sunsets, for example, you can really see the details on the sky a lot more clearer, um, those things hidden on the shadows. They can be recovered much more much more ease and um. The 10 bit color from this drone, the d log profiles, have been improved massively. I have been able to pick up um very specific areas of the video and color them, as i like, as you can see from this footage. This footage looks already amazing straight out of the camera, with a simple lot. You can achieve results that are incredible nowadays, its very important to have that large image, because if you want to crop for lets, say uh social media, you might lose a lot more resolution with 4k um, for example, the 4k coming out of drones, like the mavic Air 2 mavic air 2s mavic 2. Pro the 5.1 k. I was really surprised. It kept my footage, much more sharp when doing the crop for cell phones and social media content generation. One of the features of this camera that um its a little a little more controversial, because people are saying that um theyre not going to be using it for professional work or for paid work.

But i will definitely be using it because it really blew me away when i tried it for myself and i saw that the quality that you can achieve is oh, it is superb, and i am talking about. Yes, the telephoto camera on this lens lets. Take a look at this video clip, for example, as you can see, very rich colors very high dynamic range awesome shot about uh the sunset here in my town, my hometown of awalia, but when you punch in take a look at that that drone shot was not Possible, it is not possible with whats on the market right now. It is only possible with the mavic 3 drone, and i think that it looks amazing and it gives so much drama. It gives so much uh more details, uh when you are trying to tell a story or establish a shot of the location that you are in uh, its its its super great, its super awesome, and it really surprised me heres. Another example of where i use this and um if i didnt have the telephoto camera, i would just get this shot, but look at this. This shot is amazing, the drama that introduces having something in your foreground and having that beautiful sunset happening in your background and revealing it its really uh its its a really nice parallax effect, where you have a fast moving subject in the front, and you want to Make a reveal of whats behind the subject.

It gives what youre trying to convey in your story a lot more emphasis, and i think that its a tool that i might use in my professional work, uh and definitely yes, underpaid jobs now something that i really hate. Definitely hate about this drone um, maybe its not about the drone, but its dock controller. This controller – i have it right here, one sec, this controller right here, i think its bulky. I think it. It only has a an eight button layer, uh layout, im, sorry, but i really dont like it. You have to put your phone right on top of it um i dont know if the antennas are inside of this uh capsule right here on top, but it feels so bulky and um it it. Definitely i i dont like it the build quality. It feels very cheap um. It does not have a screen like the mavic 2 pro has um. Let me get it one. Second yeah the mavic 2 pro controller versus this brick that plastic brick, that we give you um. I dont know i really loved having this screen right here. It gave me the confidence that if my batteries the batteries on my cell phone um went out, i still had that to tell to tell me, like the drone, is how far how many feet or meteors uh? How fast are the the motors on my on my drone going and it gave us a little bit more of information and it has 11 buttons so um? You definitely can customize the button layout a lot more than here.

They are offering the pro controller um ive, seen reviews like from those from philly bloom, where he doesnt really like the pro controller, and i think that the pro controller is very expensive for what it is. I know for a fact that this may have been on purpose to make us buy the pro controller, which includes a screen, and it seems a lot more nice, but um the pro controller, its very expensive, its about more than a thousand bucks right now. So i am not planning on buying the pro controller um. I really like what they did with the mini 3 pro, where you can buy it for a thousand bucks and it will include a controller with its own screen and it looks a little bit more uh pro in that area, but for the mavic 3. I think it is a big disappointment to have such a cheap controller and um the high price of the pro controller uh, its yeah. I i really dont like this situation of that of it um. It really uh its its really something that i dont. Like another thing that i dont like very much about this drone per se, it is that, when you are in cinema which cinema replace tripod mode um, the drone moves up to 5 meters per second in the tripod mode. We used to get one meter per second, so it gave us a lot more control when um doing shots like panning moving through the subject and stuff like that right now, you have to really input uh, give it a little bit more uh like a a control Input to achieve that smooth and slow looking footage when you have a subject right in front of you, but i dont think its uh, its a big deal, its just that they could have made like a speed selection between inside of the menus.

Another improvement from uh previous drones is that when you are full speed ahead with this drone, the drone doesnt tilt it doesnt do that dribble that the mavic 2 pro used to do in sport mode specifically. Now you can full send it, and the drone will keep its gimbal when you, where you had it pointed at all in all this drone. The mavic 3 has surprised me in great ways, because for the video side of things they really stepped it up gave us 5.1 k, add up to 50 frames per second which allow us to get high resolution slow motion this time around, yes, dji improved and they Deliver more features, but they increase the price by a ton but theres a way that you can gain more value for your money when buying a mavic 3 and it is going to adorama. They have the fly more combo, but they also have another option which uh is the fly more combo, plus some accessories like the carrying case, which is very high quality. Let me show you, i have it up here, Music here. It is very rugged and its very well made, as you can see, it fits everything nicely inside of this uh, blue and black foam, and it has two floors like the first one. You put your drone, your batteries, your controller and below. You can uh store your tablet if you like, flying with tablets, your landing pads, um theres, a lot more storage on on the underneath side of this carrying case, and i really like the sturdiness and the rugged feel of it really amazing build.

So, at the end of the day, if you are like me – and you are a guy that has the mavic 2 pro – which is a drone that came out like three and a half to four years ago – and you are uh searching uh – then your next versus Your next drone uh to invest in and you are winning money getting paid for flying your drones or producing content with your drones id say. Definitely save some bucks get the mavic 3. You will be pleasantly surprised, your business, your business will be positively impacted and um. Maybe you have a drone that will stay with you for three to five next uh more years and thats, something that i think that the mavic 3 can provide so guys if you have more questions about the mavic 3.