My name is paul and today were going to be talking about the mavic 3. Music Applause. Now i know were a little late to the party in getting out our review, but in waiting this time we have learned so much about this drone, which is absolutely critical, because i think dji is playing a very strategic game against their competitors. When this drone first came out, the mavic 3 was probably the most awkward drone ive ever flown from dji, but in their new recent firmware upgrade they have made it a lot better on the sticks. Now, what is the issue? Why does this drone fly so awkwardly compared to other dji drones? Well, two factors: number one is the fact that when you get the mavic 3 or the three fly more combo, you get this crappy remote and you really do not have a lot of settings that you can change things like games. Dont have any gains on this remote yeah. You can change expos, but no gains. You cant turn off landing protection. You cant reduce a lot of the settings that make you able to fly drones like this for subject. Tracking and honestly. I think if you have the rc pro remote, you have a lot more, that you can see and that you can change and considering the price point for this. Drone dji is really selling a prosumer drone to consumers and this little remote. Well, this is a consumer remote.

There is such a hot game right now between domestic drone manufacturers and dji, and i think djis plan is to allow more and more features for this drone over time. Right now, the mavic 3 does not have an sdk, but thanks to a droneu member, we found out that dji is launching the sdk on this drone in the very near future. Whatever that means. Why is that important? Well because it means that were going to be able to use third party applications to do things like mapping, advanced motions and scalable jobs for commercial drone. Pilots see heres the thing in the new firmware upgrade that came out with this drone just last week. Frankly, the amount of features has already gone up, the way that this drone flies its already better, because when we first got this drone, it really sucked to fly. What is the issue? The issue is that the yaw is being prioritized on the command inputs over the roll and the pitch. Also, it does now do naturally, banking turns to make those nice beautiful shots. You know, but before it really didnt do that. Yes, we have this micro, four thirds sensor and the photos in the video are absolutely unreal. The amount of detail that you get when even shooting mountains really far away is absolutely incredible. This zoom camera that you get is literally better in zoom capability than the mavic 2 enterprise, dual advanced. We just pushed out our mavic 2 enterprise, dual advance versus the autel evo2 dual enterprise and honestly, that was a much better zoom camera than the evo.

But this makes that look like childs play seriously, so i dont think its gon na be long before we have a mavic 3 enterprise, because this drone is absolutely incredible. This drone is so quiet and honestly, i would argue that it is probably the best surveillance drone ever built. I know youre like wait. What a surveillance drone dji! Yes, literally – and i should put this video uh in this review, flying over the parking lot and theres covid testing, uh literally down the block from us. No one could even hear or see the drone, and you can zoom right in to see like covet tests being done its unbelievable, but that also means that, as drone pilots, we should have personal responsibility to just be cognizant of uh. The zoom capability, dont use it erroneously, dont use it nefariously either. Look as drone pilots. If we dont want to see our rights reduced, weve got to act responsibly. This drone would actually be absolutely incredible for power line inspections for roof inspections. Cell phone tower inspections would be really really easy on this and frankly, this might be the next best construction drone, but also with construction, because you have this crazy, zoom camera youre going to be able to look in much more detail when things are going on. Public safety would love this drone because its so quiet and you have an incredible amount of zoom. I also like the fact that we can shoot 4k 60 with this bird and its really unbelievably beautiful.

4K. 60.. I also love the fact that dji cannered the arms instead of cantering the motors, so your prop wash, is more in an x shape, which adds stability. It also adds agility and the other thing is its extremely quiet drone, and these props dont even have the little winglet tips. They dont have the weird tips that were used to on some of the other mavic drones. So i think this thing could even get more quiet to be honest with all of you, but at 60 70 feet you cant even hear the drone. We were testing every aspect of this mavic, 3 and weve had it now, for almost i want to say a month or a month and a half and we were able to manually, fly a mapping mission. We did a single grid over the parking lot, so the photos were able to calibrate, and the number of points that i got in the point cloud was astronomical. It was its just awesome. The mavic 3 images, when imported into pix4d mapper uh showcase that there already is a library, as i click next notice, selected camera model. It already shows up as a hasselblad camera model. Even if i click edit, you can see that pix4d is showcasing a global, shutter readout. This is the same as a phantom, so ill go ahead and run this and show you the results. And, yes, we were actually able to utilize those images in pix4d mapper.

So this drone is amazing for mapping except theres, not a third party, app that we can use to control this drone, which is why i think, if youre a smart, commercial drone pilot. This drone has a lot of opportunity. But only if you are smart in the way that you buy the drone. So this is not the cineversion. The mavic 3 senna has a one terabyte ssd and allows you to film well in apple prores, honestly thats pretty cool, but for me, youre not going to be flying this drone on set and most of the clients that would want that apple prores are finally going To be at the top end of your production at least top end of your clients for production. Honestly, if youre a smart drone pilot – and you want to get the most out of this drone – i would recommend – do not buy the mavic 3 cine rather get the mavic. 3 fly more combo and yes, youre going to get the crappy remote. The key here is to buy the rc pro remote on top of that package. This will save you about a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars, depending on what accessories that you buy. So yes, its not going to have a huge onboard storage, no its not going to shoot apple prores. But you still get the dual cameras on this drone and by buying that rc remote. Well, now youre going to have a lot more commercial capability or professional capability to have more settings to control this drone, but heres the thing.

Many of you know that when we use the smart controller for things like the mavic 2 pro or the mavic 2 enterprise, dual advance, that smart controller theyre amazing and they work really great on hot days. But you cant really add third party apps sure you can do it, but they never run smooth. They always glitch and pretty much theyre useless. If you buy the mavic 3 fly more combo. Yes, youll get this remote, but by buying the additional remote yes youll have the increased capability to fly more jobs, do inspections and commercial work. The issue is with the rc pro remote. I have a feeling that its going to be just like the smart remote, where you really cant add those third party apps, which means having this crappy remote, might actually be really valuable. Once dji launches that sdk and you do have third party apps, because we know some people already working on them – youre going to be able to use them on this remote with your phone, just pull up the app boom and youre good to go now, thats, where The mavic 3 cinebuyers got screwed because, frankly yeah you might have to buy this remote if you can find one and if its available, because i couldnt find one uh and youre not gon na – be able to use third party applications seamlessly and easily number one. The biggest thing is, this: drone does have a mechanical global shutter.

It can map its just that without the third party apps, you have to run all your missions manually, which is very difficult. That said, i do expect those third party apps to be available by the end of the first quarter of 2022. So if youre like me and youre a commercial pilot – and you really want to get the most out of this drone – you want to shoot inspections. You want to shoot nice cinematic stuff and you want to be able to map with it. Well, i think you should buy again fly more combo yep you get this remote, but also buy the rc pro remote and boom thats. How you get the most out of this drone because, yes, it is awesome. This is a great camera. Payload the gimbal look at the drone, its not on but notice. The gimbal is not moving. They have a new cool little lock feature so that the gimbal doesnt move when you turn the drone off when it comes to batteries and flight time. Frankly, how many minutes of flight time are you going to get well what i get up here at high altitude and cold temperatures youre going to get a lot more! So, honestly, its not even worth me telling you how many exact minutes that youre going to get when it comes to being a commercial pilot, though what i can tell you is that there is enough battery power to complete an entire inspection or mapping mission and then Go goof off with the drone after that mission.

There really is a lot more flight time on these new batteries and, frankly, i would say its awesome. The charger, though, that you get with the fly more combo dji its garbage its good. It flies or charges a lot faster, its still garbage, though, in my opinion, still recommend colorado drone chargers, Music. I know a lot of the complaints and other youtube videos have been like. Oh the user interface of dji fly sucks. I totally agree um its over simplified. So i hope dji understands that, because theyre charging enterprise prices already for this drone that they should uh have more enterprise like features, and i believe that those are available on the rc pro remote that you have a lot more flexibility than the fly app. The fly app does not show you battery voltage. You dont have a lot of camera settings to adjust, for example, if youre taking a lot of photos and yawing the bird. The drone has lock gimbal when capture on now thats great for mapping, but when im also trying to film video that feature should not be on, and yet its still on so youre yawing and your cameras not quite moving, sometimes its a glitch that i found. Also you cant control things like precision landing, which i absolutely hate, because i want to hand catch the drone um and you cant turn off other features on obstacle avoidance. The obstacle avoidance on this drone is unbelievable. Public safety would love this drone because its so quiet and you have an incredible amount of zoom Music um.

You cannot subject track with this drone. I track some cars and anytime that you want to come across the cars to come on the other side, because the yaw is prioritized over the roll. You literally will lose the vehicle at even 30 miles an hour. Youll lose the vehicle and you wont be able to catch up thats. Why, again, if youre doing action, sports youre on set, keep the inspire 2 keep the alta x. This thing is not replacing those drones, i would say the mavic 3 actually is awful for subject tracking as a whole, so boats planes, cars and action sports. I dont think this is the drone for you. To be honest, this is an amazing tool for drone pilots and i would say, if youre looking at buying a mavic 3 just going to recap, one more time buy the fly more combo, but also buy the rc pro remote. You know a lot of people would say: oh just buy the mavic 3 cinema and that might be for some of you. But honestly, if youre like me – and you are a true drone pilot at heart – you are a true business owner, a true entrepreneur, and you know why bootstrapping a business is so critical. Just buy the mavic 3 fly more combo and then buy the remote youll. Save yourself about a thousand dollars, youll open up a world of more features and as soon as those apps come out that work on sdk youre going to be able to map at very high quality with this bird.

So i hope you enjoy this review for the mavic 3. were going to be having a dont crash course on this drone weve got the cinna on the way in so so make sure you, you catch that and again thanks for joining me. I know there are a lot of mavic 3 reviews out there, but again in just one month, the entire game has changed because a month ago i would have told you not to buy this, but now its like huh, you can do roof inspection cell tower inspections, Power line inspections, the zoom camera is unbelievable. You can map with it manually right now, uh and that honestly makes this a very valuable bird.