Mile an hour winds, uh were gusting now about 40 45 50 miles an hour down here. Um ive had to wait for it to stop raining its been a bit of a miserable day. To be honest but uh. The plan is, as usual, fly into the wind and then fly home with the wind ill, be putting the mavic 3 up against the two pro id like to do more drones. Ive only got an hour of daylight. As i said, i was waiting for the rain to stop, but um anyway, going to try and do both at the same time, because obviously the wind can gust up and down weve got a little lull, for instance, just now, so the idea is, if i can Actually get both going at the same time same direction same height, i think thatll be a fair test anyway. Lets see how we get on teddy down Music Music right lets, get this boy up so obviously putting both in sports mode no point in messing around in normal mode. Today: Music right im, going to take it up to around 40 meters fat hell! Why not? 50 meters, bang on 50 meters, both of them up. We go so to avoid possibility of crashes. Gon na do one at 48 meters, the other at 51, give myself a 10 feet right, ive been pointing in the same direction. Okay, that looks the same and off we go okay, mavic. 3.

Goodness me, that is a fast thats going very fast. Goodness me, okay, thats, very impressive. Have us going there? Okay lets! Stop there. Okay lets turn it around because it moves the is the old mavic. 3, drifting a bit, oh, he is thats, not so good. Turn that boy around you can see the old uh mavic 2 is not holding his position very well, although he is trying to go back again, which is pretty pretty good right. This is a little bit more with the wind now lets get them both going. Okay, the mavic that is a fast fast like a rocket okay lets line them up. Do one more test just for good measure right both pointing the same direction, both at the same height lets go both in sports mode and off we go now. Mavic 3 is like an absolute rocket. You can see them both, but i mean the mavic 3 has just left it standing mavic 2 pro being blown sideways quite considerably and slowing right down. I picked up again right, so i can see the mavic 2 pro being blown back by himself right. One down lets go well, my goodness me what a uh, what a test that was um and for the first time i can honestly say the wind was exactly the same for both model drones, as i was testing them there, both at the same height, both going In the same direction, two probe being blown off of course, a little bit there, mavic 3 was just like slicing through butter.

They have obviously beefed up the motors considerably. Here did a four way wind test a good few months back. The air 2s was what i perceived to be the winner of that particular contest. Some of you did mention that the wind could have gone up and down between different models, although i did do each model twice on that particular wind test, but uh today, both times, i did that wind test both models at the same height, going in the same Direction and both times mavic 3, absolutely slicing through, which gives me fantastic confidence for putting this up in in very uh poor weather like today, if thats what you have to do, but if you are going to go flying in strong wind, remember the golden rule, as I said always fly out into the wind, so it can be blown home with the wind. Um anyway, look hardly got any daylight left. This is just a bit of a fun wind test, but it really has impressed me um very, very impressed with the mavic 3.. Be great when we get all the missing features, then itll be a complete drone.