Before. I want to give you a standard disclaimer. My channel is not intended for children. My channel is geared towards adults that can handle strong language and opinions if you are easily offended or somebody who cannot handle any level of strong language. Youve been warned, and if you comment about it down below im, going to simply tell you, i dont give a so with that being said, lets get started. Knowing the day, i was born the nurses all gather round and wide wonder at the joy they had found. Their nurse spoke up so leave this one alone. She could tell right away that i was bad to the bone to the bone: Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, baby, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, whats, good everybody, ken here youre watching original gobo. Today, we review we talk about my unfiltered thoughts on the mavic 3., now, just also to add on to that im going to be coming at this, as somebody who purchased this drone. Yes, i own a portion of drone works, which is a drone distribution. However, even though i grab these off the shelf, they still cost me money every time i crash one. Every time i pull one off the shelf, it cost me whatever we paid our distributors for these drones. So i look at this just like any of you that have purchased this. Is it worth the money? These are 2100 dollars. When you break it all down, is it worth it for the base version im, not even talking about the cine version im just talking about the base, mavic 3.

, with that said, lets discuss the build quality. Okay, so the build quality of the mavic 3 is something that sort of caught me by surprise. When i first unboxed this drone, i felt like it just didnt feel quite as solid as the mavic 2 pro or even the air 2s. It just didnt feel as rigid or robust, but after using it for a couple of days i got ta say i dont think im really concerned with it all that much anymore, its just more or less. This top portion that just sort of threw me off it. Just doesnt sound quite as rigid take a listen, almost sounds hollow now, again, thats a trivial thing to discuss, but its just something i wanted to bring up now. The overall design of this looks amazing. They did a great job with the revision of the mavic 3.. I love its bulldog stance, it almost looks mean it looks. It looks like its just here to film and get a job done, its its much more of a professional look in the mavic 3 than it was in the mavic 2 pro also, they put air vents. All over the place on this, so you can get maximum cooling, so you dont have to worry about this unit overheating. I really like that. Theres also obstacle avoidance in 360 degrees on this unit, which i think is amazing, and it makes for a pleasant flight experience. Now i did go ahead and crash this when i was in hawaii and it fell from about 12 feet high onto a railroad track.

Now, when i first ran up to it and it was on the ground, i had a leg that was bent completely backwards and i was able to pop it back into its joint more so. The gimbal was all jacked up and i was getting vibrations. But after talking to a friend, i think it was like the second or third day after crashing it. He pointed out to the fact that my gimbal wasnt in the stabilizer bracket, and that i should just be able to pop it back into place. Sure enough. I was able to pop it back into place and the gimbal stopped vibrating and it basically saved my trip so much so that i didnt even unbox the the secondary unit that arrived to me. When i was on the big island. I ended up selling that to 808 state, so i never even had to unbox it so this unit here that im using and been flying, is this very same unit that i crashed. So, as far as durability goes, i think its going to be okay, providing you dont fall from a super high height or onto a relatively hard concrete surface. I think its going to be able to sustain you know some minor damage which this did pretty good. I got some superficial scratches on it, but beyond that, its holding up really excellent. The battery design is also pretty unique. Now the batteries slide into the back side. I sort of like that.

I think that is a good design. I also like how you have to give it a firm click to know that its in place, i think, thats a lot better than the previous generation, where the batteries went up top the sd card slot and usb c port has also been relocated to the backside. To me, this is a love, hate battle because im constantly having to take the battery out just to be able to get to the uh sd card, now its a trivial thing to complain about pulling a battery out to get the sd card slot out, but its Just something that i didnt have to deal with uh with the previous drone. So if i want the hot swap, you know sd cards, because maybe an sd card was full im not going to be able to do that quite as easily, because i now have to power. The drone out. If i dont have something to get in there and get that out, the motors are all blacked out on this unit, which i think is pretty cool. I sort of like these blacked out motors um. They look neat. I mean theyre theyre, not its nothing practical with the color. I just like that. Its a little bit darker just adds to that meaner appearance. The props also had these rubber soft tips. I dont know if they did that, so it wouldnt cause bodily harm to anything or anyone, but the tips of these are softer.

So if you do smack something theyre, not getting all chipped up like the previous generation props would now the gimbal sticks out quite tremendously. This camera unit is quite large and bulbous, and this is going to be your most fragile part of this unit. If you rack – and you hit this gimbal straight on its going to pop it out of the stabilizer or even at worst case – break the gimbal ive. Already scratched this clear, nd filter so luckily enough, they didnt do what they did with the air 2s, where they didnt have any filter on it at all. If i would have did that to the air 2s, no doubt it would have scratched the main lens and it would probably render that camera useless, but because this actually has a uv filter on here. Im able to swap that out or buy a new uv filter. But the scratch is just enough out of the view of the iris, where i dont have to worry about that whatsoever. All right lets go ahead and talk about battery life on this drone. Okay, these are the 5 000 milliamp hour batteries that come with the dji mavic 3. and in my experience after flying this for about four weeks, im getting about 38 to 36 minutes of continuous flight time. Out of this now, battery life is always going to be situational and its going to really depend on where you live as to how well the battery is going to last, if youre in a higher altitude or a windier situation, the battery may not last quite as Long i found myself on the cusp of like 36 minutes in reality, when i was in kauai just because it was super windy, we were in the mountains and there was a lot of elements really playing a factor on the battery life.

But what i did find was, i can finish, one shoot and have just enough battery to start my second shoot, so it was almost like. I had five or six batteries with me, even though i only brought three batteries, which is nice because, with the mavic 2 pro or the air 2s, i wouldnt be able to do that quite confidently, especially with being out over water, where you need to know that You have enough of battery life to sustain any winds, so definitely a big up from that. Now. The battery charging situation on this is sort of weird because they give you at least on the fly more combo. They give you this little plate where you stick all the batteries in now the first night that i started charging these like an idiot, i started charging these and didnt have the battery plate connected to the correct usb usb port, and because of that, the batteries took Forever to charge, i thought there was something wrong. Then i looked at the plate and realized: well wait a second theres, a wired, usb c cord shouldnt. I be connected to that. Once i connected to that, i was able to fast charge again and with 65 watts of charging. It takes about 90 minutes per battery to charge so roughly about three hours for all the batteries to fully charge and um yeah. We were good to go again for the day. It is nice to have that wall wart versus this big hunky power, brick its incredible that theyre able to get that much power into these batteries from just a small power adapter like that, i think thats, pretty cool.

All right lets talk about overall longevity of these if these are going to suffer the same fate as the mavic 2 pro and unfortunately, its going to be too soon to tell now, these batteries are just as expensive, if not more expensive than the original version. But looking these over, i think dji took some safety precautions to make sure that these do not expand in the same fashion that we saw from the original mavic 2 pro batteries, the mavic 2 pro batteries didnt have any supports to contain the lithium ions from expanding. At the bottom, and because of that people were strapping, you know duct tape and zip ties on their mavic 2 pros when they would take off, because in fear that the battery would swell and push it completely out of the drone. But with these batteries we dont have that concern and 5 000 milliamp hours are a hell of a lot smaller than what i have on my evo 2 pro, and it just makes for a much more efficient design. I dont have any complaints whatsoever with the batteries. Other than that theyre expensive and thats, just thats inflation for you. What are you gon na do right, but battery life, if im done rambling, is pretty damn good on the mavic 3.. All right lets talk about performance, okay, performance of the mavic 3. Well, it crushes the x dynamics, evolved thats, 3, 600, all right thats it for performance its better than that.

I heard they checking for me, no one checking on me, so i had to go im. Joking im, joking were gon na really talk about the performance, and the performance is really really surprising. You know you would think that this is just such a minuscule upgrade over the mavic 2 pro, but its really not performance, wise ocusing 2 is just as great on the standard controller and i will say getting a chance to use the pro controller holy. That thing is amazing. The frames per second coming back down to the rc looks absolutely stunning. It blows my mind. I cant wait to get my pro controller in hand. Officially, i was using a friends pro controller, the other night, and it just blew my mind. I absolutely love it. I also love how how light it is and that that could be a whole separate video in itself, but performance wise. I didnt suffer any major issues with this, except for when i was flying under some power lines. I kept getting some random disconnects at about 500 feet and once i moved away from the power lines, i no longer had that issue, so that could have just been interference from those high voltage power lines when we were way up in the mountain. But as soon as i moved to another location, i no longer suffered any sort of disconnects as far as how it flies and handles the wind is incredible, even in high winds up to 20 miles per hour, with gusts gusting up to 30, this drone held its Own not once not once did.

I fear that this was going to smash the ground and and leave me empty handed when i was in the mountains, not one time that i feared that it always was able to make it back to me and land safely and thats. All you can ask for anytime, you plug a battery into a drone, and you fly it away, so it flies incredibly well. Another thing that i love about dji drones is the fact that the yaw and the expo is just perfectly cinematic and the fact that they give you that option to flip it over to cinemode to get some quickly dialed in rates is is just is perfect. I really cannot complain whatsoever about it. It just did its thing, however, a couple of times when trying to move forwards or backwards quickly. I did notice the gimbal was struggling a little bit and would flip down or flip backwards, so they still have that problem. Where you cant, like pitch all the way forward with the gimbal straight up its still going to flop down on you um that i just think is you know, unfortunately, just something were going to have to deal with with how big it is, but ultimately it performed. Incredibly well in that regard, as far as the obstacle avoidance goes, i am still undecided on the obstacle avoidance im, not convinced 100, that the crash was the drones fault. I think that was mostly pilot error, but from what ive seen and others in the space have been crashing these as well, i dont know if its a matter of are we pushing these harder than they are capable of doing or do we just need to wait For that update in january, when accusync or active track 5.

0 is finally available. Im not really sure what the answer is. I know dji demoed, some pretty impressive things in that video, and i know that i have seen some impressive things from others that do have the beta software. However, with that said its not that i dont trust the obstacle avoidance, i just wouldnt rely on it and not not. A single person should ever rely on obstacle avoidance 100 unless, if youre, using a skydio and then at that point, then youre just that that things in god mode at that point. But this is good its a great step in the right direction, but well have to revisit that when ocu or i keep wanting to call it ocusync active track. 5.0 is officially available in january. So but yeah i mean performance, wise motors, didnt really get hot didnt struggle in the wind and the ocusync was amazing. So i really have zero complaints as far as a performance perspective of this drone, and there was no latency that could be found in the camera. In in the video stream, so thats, something that im really stressing about recently is his latency in these videos, because a lot of drones, ive noticed, do have a latency factor so thats something to keep in mind now. The controller that i have been using with that is the standard rc. This is the standard fly more package. I have been using my triple tack tablet with this, and i havent had any problems with the mavic 3 and the triple tech.

Its actually been a really good combo. For me, this is the setup that i brought with me to hawaii im using my minimal amount, and i also am using that with my lanyard, which allows me to just clip a lanyard to this, and basically you know have it hands free. It works really. Quite well links are in the description below shameless plug. These are amazing. If you already havent bought yourself one, they are awesome if youre planning on using a triple tech tablet. I know this is not a performance characteristic, but i do want to take a moment to talk about this thing here. Um. This is the i guess the gimbal cover i dont know if its a gimbal cover, or i mean i could use this as a crotch guard. I mean this could be. I mean this could be a crotch guard or or i mean if i was role playing. I could nobody, what does it matter? Who? I am nobody knew who i was until i put on the mask, i mean you can do a lot of things with this um beyond just using it as a gimbal guard um. It is a weird design, but it is highly functional, um and thats all im gon na say about that as far as performance goes multifunctional. Thank you dji for this um. I like this little thing, even though i dont like it its a lets, talk about image quality now for what youve probably been waiting for, which is the image quality, and i will tell you that the mavic 3 does not disappoint when it comes to image quality.

This thing far exceeds my expectations and its probably one of the reasons why i was so critical. When i was reviewing the x dynamics evolve, see i had already gotten a chance to see footage from the mavic 3. While i was reviewing that drone and understanding that this is a 2100 dollar unit and seeing what they were bringing to the table for 3 600, it skewed my it skewed, and maybe it skewed my review because i was like holy thirty six hundred dollars. Twenty one hundred dollars – you, yes, heres – some footage that ive shot over the past four weeks with this drone: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music alrighty. So, as you can see from those clips, i think they came out just absolutely phenomenal and for the vast majority of those clips i just shot them in the standard hasselblad color profile now, ive always shot on the mavic 2 pro and the air 2s in d Log, but with the hasselblad color science and the dynamic range on the mavic 3. I just found myself using the standard profile. It was a neutral starting point. It looked good. You can expand upon it a little bit if you want it, throw in some sharpness, and you have an incredible image now i will say, with all things considering the main camera does absolutely phenomenal. Now the explorer mode using the you know the zoom lens. I used it periodically to scope things out, but its just not something that im going to focus on in this video, because i didnt use it enough and i didnt feel like the camera.

Quality was all that great out of that honestly, i could do without that that secondary camera and they could have even put more tech into this main camera, and i would have been perfectly fine. Yes, the explorer mode does work, and you can you know, sort of line up shots and see things from a far away. In a pinch, you can get some cool shots with it, but its again, not something i would use for my main shooter. Now the lens field of view is incredibly wide. It makes everything feel like its far away, even though youre so close, its incredible and the craziest thing is. They have an attachment for a wider angle lens which blows my mind, because how much wider? Would you really want this thats pretty incredible as it is nighttime images? Look? Oh, my gosh, the nighttime shots are the easily the best that ive ever shot with this. So you know i hate to keep making comparisons, but when we start talking about micro, four thirds sensors and we looked at the footage that i got from the evolve. I want you to take note of the reds and blues how washed out they were on that drone. It has a hard time with with colors at night, while the dji was able to keep a natural looking image and just make the reds pop and the blues. Look blue and it just had very, very low noise in the sensor shooting at the standard h265.

I think it did absolutely phenomenal at night and i i have no complaints. I cannot complain about it. Photos that ive taken with this look crisp look sharp its hard to get a bad image out of this drone straight out of the gate. It really is hard to get a bad image out of this drone. I i just you just cant its super hard to, but there is some limitations with this drone and primarily when you are shooting in d log d. Log on this is locked at 400, iso and 800 iso. Now my theory on that is the fact that we have two native isos. We have a 400 native iso and an 800 native iso in d log and the reason being that theyre locking, that is for the best noise performance youre, going to lock it to those iso. So you dont get color shift and or immense amounts of noise. In your video now using the d log footage, i noticed that i was able to push and pull the colors quite substantially and also had a lot of room for recovery. However, i noticed if i overexposed by two stops. It was almost too much so with this drone, i would say overexposed by one stop and youre, going to have enough of flexibility to get your colors exactly where they should be now. Dji does have a technical lot that you can download directly from their website. I myself find the lot to be okay.

However, i am working on my own lot that i feel is a little bit more color accurate, based upon some things that i have seen now. I am using color charts to develop this lut, so its going to be a hundred percent accurate once i get it all ready and complete. So look out for that in the coming weeks. I did the same thing with the evo, but the evo had far many more issues than this does straight out of the gate. But overall, i think the images just speak from themselves and its its going to be the reason why so many purchase this drone all right with that being said, lets talk to price to value and whether or not you should buy this based upon everything. Ive said: okay, so heres the conclusion: should you buy the mavic 3? Well, if you need a drone – and you absolutely want the best possible drone, then yes, the mavic 3 is absolutely for you. But if youre somebody who flies super casually and doesnt fly enough daily, i would say the air 2s is still going to be your best fit option. Now. This thing does some amazing things, but none of the things that it does is going to be life altering or its not going to make your footage better again, you behind the camera, pressing the buttons and what you do in post is going to dictate those images. So if you like, what you saw out of the camera today, keep in mind thats me lining up the perfect shot.

Thats me doing what i can in camera to get the best possible performance out of the sensor, and that goes for all the youtube videos that you watch every one of these guys that have filmed and shown you about this mavic 3 has done everything they could To try to put it in the best situation to win. Obviously, you want to make sure when youre shooting something youre getting the best possible image, and this does it 90 of the time and then theres that i dont know 10, where im just like what the hell did that do. Why wasnt it in focus so its not perfect and its not finished, so to call this video, i guess a review isnt really fair, because this drone isnt finished and i would probably say, if youre somebody whos on the fence. Why dont you wait until january before you purchase it that way, you can make a definitive decision once you see all the software updates and firmware updates fully available, because there are some things that im still clicking on that says feature not available as of yet so Thats, a bit of a bummer, a couple of things that we need to see dji add to this is a preview lut. So when you are using dlog, you can actually see the image before its graded in post. I think that would be super helpful. That burned me a few times over the past week, not having a preview lut to see my exposure officially, i would love to see something like that available or the option to sync our own luts directly to the dji app.

After all, this is the most professional foldable camera thats on the market. Today, i think you should give us professional options in that regard now, theres a lot of other things that i probably missed in this video, but knowing me, i still like to do month to month and long term reviews and updates. So i will be communicating my experience with this as it goes so, every time i have an issue or i notice something new ill communicate it with you. So if you havent already hit that subscribe button, if you can handle a uh, an like myself telling you about a drone like this, so there you go all right. But if you are somebody whos super impatient and you want to have the best of the best ill have a link down in the description below where you can get one of these today that are shipping directly from my store. Droneworks help me support. You support me. Support us just click the links below. If you want any of the that we talked about no pressure but dont buy from b h or amazon no im kidding buy from wherever the you want. I really dont care. I dont i dont care. My my rent will be paid tomorrow. I pay my rent and likes thats why its always late alrighty thats gon na, do it for this video. If you enjoyed be sure you stay original, i heard they checking for me.

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