This new drone absolutely destroys the mavic 2, the flight time alone in the mavic 3. Compared to this old thing worth every penny todays flight – i i rate when i thought i was going to be like okay, its time to land. I still had over 50 battery life left, so i mean what can you say other than wow and for all of those wildlife lovers out there? I just want to let you know that i do get close to some birds, Music, but i could either shoot them with this or shoot them with something else. In this video, i do test out the the slow mo capabilities, the 120 fps, and i also theres one shot that i use the zoom lens just because i havent really found it practical yet because it does get a little bit grainy when you zoom in so I still have yet to find a reason to really use that other than it. Maybe if im doing a roof, inspection or god knows what else there are some features and functions that i think are missing, especially when it comes to the controller. It has less buttons than the mavic 2 its, but just complaining about that feels so silly with with the new drone that ive got this absolute beast of a machine if theres any other type of footage that you want to see me get. Let me know down in the comments below also, i encourage you to like this video, as it has actually helped with uh.

Youtubes algorithm also feel free to subscribe. Thats totally up to you, though you dont have to. I just appreciate you stopping by. I also want to know who else has one? Who else has the dji mavic 3. I ended up getting the fly more package because i will never use pro res in all these videos. I am basically just taking from the sd card and putting it to music. I also want to know if you guys didnt get the m3. What kept you from doing it. Was it uh, probably just the price. I know i was pretty disappointed in that um extremely hefty price tag, but, like ive said in the previous video this one, the old m2 pro has paid for itself over and over and over. The only difference between this purchase and this purchase was that i got the refresh the dji refresh, because i am absolutely terrified to crash this thing. I do plan on doing more tests with the mavic 3, but man im just enjoying getting out and flying this thing.