There. There are like actually electricity cable like right by the road. However, in here this is like um, i don’t know what it is, but it’s like a park. It is a wide big, wide open space i’m, really super happy to try out the active track. The home point has been updated. Please check it on the map. Take off the home. Port has been updated. Please check it on the map. It was a beautiful day and i decided and of course i brought my mavic air too. So one thing i never really got to try until now is to actually track me on my bike and so easy to do on my drone by actually just putting a square on myself and then press active track. And then here you have the choice either trace, which will follow you from the back or parallel, which is supposed to follow you from the side. So i chose parallel because i’m right by the ocean open space and it would have been nice if you can actually follow me in parallel. However, i realize it’s actually following me at 45 degrees to parallel, so it’s sort of like at the side at the back from me. So it’s not quite the angle that i wanted Music and while i was walking it was tracking me totally fine and one thing that was amazing, that it could still track me while i was blocked by a truck Music. But i must say one thing that was a little bit disappointing is that it couldn’t follow me.

If i was quite far, i wanted to capture my movement from a distance, but it could not. Do i had to bring the drone quite near me so that it could track me, but i was a little bit scared of the electricity wire post and everything. So if i want to try active track, i have to find a very open space. Music. This place is amazing, i’m, actually, really amazed and i’m quite happy with the acting track. I’M, not 100, happy with it. Luckily, i got a beautiful open space. I was trying the trace, which followed me from the back, but it got way too closer than i expected this california weather it’s, like 90 degrees, it’s, making me hot, and he has the same effect on me – it’s just something about the way that he’s making me Feel my insights are out. I just want to shout his name, my body’s, giving up on me cause. I don’t know what to do with my fingertips. I wan na run through his hair but i’m trying not to stare Music um Music. So i have the insta360 stuck here on the magnet. I do have the necklace inside the jacket and i’m just gon na control it and then try to do hyperlapse here and one feature that i haven’t used very much. But i really enjoyed today was using the zoom feature, so here there are lots of birds and the big birds. Luckily you know they’re not scared of drone or anything.

So they were peacefully. You know minding their own business, but i still did not want to get way too close to the bird, because you know these birds are big and they can definitely take the drone down. So what i do is zoom in and because once you’re zoomed in it’s a little bit harder to navigate through, because the change of movement really shifts the angle. However, i could use the point of interest poi feature and then it got this beautiful Music shot. Music, Music: oh, i got carried away a little bit with finding the birds and i almost dunked my drone into the water, but luckily i saved it just before going into the water and i still managed some beautiful shots of the birds he’s hot and he has The same effect on me, i act a little dumber when i try to get a sniper Music. What a fun day, i tried all kinds of active track in this open wide space. It was such a happy day filming everything with my drone and i haven’t even decided what kind of title i want to give to this. Video it’s actually show you guys this beautiful scenery, this open space, where i don’t have to wear a mask because there’s hardly anyone around here, but i wasn’t while i’ve been really happy with air 2 i’ve been a tiny bit disappointed because it didn’t actually active track. Me from the front like while i was riding bicycles, that would have been superb, so maybe it’s better.

If i just have a friend who can actually uh fly, the dress room, rather than do everything myself and also navigate to it, had to be really close to me to actually track me. To be honest, i actually wanted to film myself tracking myself in the open wide to actually capture the beautiful mountain range that we have around here, but i couldn’t do that and it scared me a little bit because there are some wires around here. But you know it still tracked me well in this bright orange jacket that i’m wearing i wore it, especially so that the drone can pick me up pretty well, because my bike is just black anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed this little bit of sunshine. In my drone, videos and i’ll come back with other interesting tech review, gadget, review, drone shots and everything. So please don’t forget to subscribe like the video and see you Music on a saturday night.