In this video, we have the neome nh320 skywalker drone in the box. You’Ll find an instruction manual, a pack with a screwdriver, a full set of spare props two extra 3.7 volt 300 milliamp hour lipo batteries and two usb chargers. You’Ll find a controller that requires three aaa batteries, and the drone, so here is the nh320 propellers are fully protected with the prop guards you have your power button on the top here here is the third battery that comes with it. So you get three batteries with this and two chargers, but it’s 2.4 gigahertz. It has a built in gyro for stabilization, three different speeds and it also has headless mode and it does the flips and rolls so. I can’t wait to get this out and check it out, see how well it performs so let’s try turning this on, see that led light up okay, so the power button is not working, so the battery must not be plugged in so let’s open this little battery Compartment up, oh, it is tough to get into there. We go oh there. It is not plugged in so you have to plug it in before. You can turn it on which we have to take the battery out to charge anyway, but i would like to turn it on and just check out the lights, see if there’s any other lights just besides the one that is on the front okay, so it does Have lights to kind of orient yourself as far as which is the front rear? And then you have two green lights for the sides.

So this does look pretty cool and i can’t wait to fly it so i’m gon na charge these batteries up, which it’s really nice, that it does come with three batteries: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So i have the neon e all charged up and we’re gon na fly it around and see how well this thing flies or how terrible it flies. I don’t know i don’t know what to expect. Also let’s talk about this cage that’s over the top of the propellers there. This cage can be removed. So that way you can replace the propellers. But right here you can just take the screwdriver that comes with the drone and just push the cage out through there and then it’ll pop off. It is important to now. This is for headless mode if you’re going to use headless mode. This is the head of the drone, so you’re going to face it forward because that’s how it orients itself with the controller so let’s turn the power on and you can see the leds are flashing on the back. There turn the controller on the way to bind. It is up down and then you’re bound. You can also calibrate the gyro by down and to the right and then you’ll see that little red led flash and now it is calibrated so to take off all you. Do this is the one key take off and also one key landing, but you just press the button it’ll arm the motors it’ll just sit there spinning and even if you hit it again, it won’t take off.

The only way to take off is, if you hit up cool, has a little bit of punch there. So this is the first rate, the y’all that’s about max y’all right there, and so it does have three rates. This button right here you hear the two beats. That is the second rate which the yaw picks up and the speed of the drone picks up and then hit that again and the third rate and okay moves around pretty good. Also, if you haven’t noticed it is altitude hold so there you go it’s holding pretty well and then, as you can see, it is drifting a little bit and these buttons right here are the trim. So you have your left and right trim and then your forward and reverse trim. So i am drifting to the front let’s hit back and there we go now we well. It is kind of drifting a little bit, but it could be from the ceiling fan. So let’s go into headless mode, quick, headless mode. Is this button right here? Okay and it’ll beep all the time, so it doesn’t matter which way i’m like facing see. I can, i can even spin in circles and it doesn’t matter – it’ll go whichever direction you push. So let’s get out of headless mode because that is annoying and the last thing we have is the flips and rolls which is this button right here so let’s see how well let’s come over here, a little more.

I keep drifting away just a little bit there. We go okay, so let’s hit this and let’s do a front flip. Okay, so it does raise altitude a little bit and then it does its flip. Let’S do another front flip, not a bad flipper. Let’S, do a side roll that was to the right that’s to the left and well let’s finish it off with a backflip so yeah it does pretty good flips and it moves around pretty good too. So you got the headless mode. You got the flips and rolls, and you have three different speeds who almost caught the cabin of the john deere there whoa whoa whoa where’d. You go, i kind of lost altitude there i didn’t hit down. So i don’t know what happened there. Yeah, not a bad flyer. This thing flies pretty good, so you can fly this outside and i did have this outside and the reason why i’m not outside is because this does not fly outside too well. I was even flying on what seemed like a calm day, but it just wasn’t as calm as i thought it was, and the slightest breeze made this thing struggle, but indoors i mean this thing flies pretty good indoors. Let’S do some flips before we run out of battery because once low voltage is detected now there it kind of lost altitude. I wonder if the well there there it held so yeah, i don’t know what happened there.

Maybe just a little fluke there. Oh there. It is that is, low, voltage has been detected and the leds are blinking. I don’t know if you can see that or not, but the leds are blinking. So that is your low voltage detection, and that means you can’t do any flips and rolls – and that means this thing is about to land by itself, because it ran out of battery so i’m, not really impressed with the battery life that i barely got through the Whole demo, and and now now, i’m blinking, so we’re just going to fly this around and see exactly how much battery life i get out of it. Oh there it is. Oh, it got a little bit of strength. Yet, oh there it goes that’s it. So that is the neome the skywalker, so that was the neome nh320 skywalker and well it didn’t fly too bad. It was a pretty stable flyer. The only thing that i can really complain about is the battery life. I didn’t get the normal six to eight minutes. Like you do on these drones, i only got five and a half minutes, but you do get three batteries with it, so that is a plus to that, but a handle great you have the altitude hold. You have headless mode. All that stuff worked pretty well. I am gon na put this in for the march giveaway, so how the march giveaway is gon na work is, if you want this to be the march giveaway, then go ahead and smash that like button, because at the end of march, whichever rc that i feature That has the most likes that’s going to be the giveaway for the month of march, so we’re starting march off with this, so stay tuned for other rc’s that are going to be coming up on the channel this month so to enter the giveaway.

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